Approved Morgh, Jedi Hunter

  • Name - Morgh
  • Profession - Jedi Hunter, Revan's Army
  • Age - 48
  • Appearance - >
  • Abilities -
    • Mind Shrouding, Echani Hand-to-Hand combat training, extensive training in blaster rifles and their maintenance, starship maintenance(but not piloting), grifting, lying, and a knack for disappearing when he needs to.
  • Equipment -
    • Three Sonic grenades
    • A Sonic Disruptor Rifle
    • Two Mandalorian Heavy Blaster Pistols
    • Two Vibroknives
    • One training quarterstaff
    • Light armor weave
  • Brief character bio -
'One three five seven eight-nine.'
'One three five seven eight-nine.'
'One three five seven eight-nine.'

Two men stood outside of the makeshift holding cell, one dressed in Republic dress reds and the other in armored Jedi robes. The insignia of the Jedi order had been etched off the armored pauldron on his left shoulder, signifying his abandonment of the Order. The Republic soldier nudged the former Jedi and asked, "What's he thinking?"

The Jedi frowned, furrowing his brow with closed eyes, "I, I don't know? He's just, counting."

Looking through the little window of the cell, the Republic soldier scoffed as he watched the older man rock back and forth while facing away from the door. Aboard the little transport freighter, they had to make due with what they had in terms of holding prisoners, so the storage closet was the best they had for throwing their stowaway into. Rolling his eyes, the soldier responded to his companion, "He's, counting? Seriously? All that damn Jedi training and all you can do with it is read the mind of someone while they're counting."

The former Jedi didn't respond immediately, reaching out his fingers to try and dig deeper into the mind of their prisoner. Withdrawing his hand sharply, he sighed and spoke, "This is an abnormality, he has to be losing his mind. He-" The Republic soldier interrupted, "Wait, can you hear that?"

The pair of them leaned toward the door, ear to the steel, and listened inside. Within the makeshift cell, they could hear a small scraping alongside the repeating chant,

"One three five seven eight-nine."
"One three five seven eight-nine."
"One three five seven eight-nine."

"He's lost it, let's see if we can pull him out and take him to the medbay," The Republic soldier started as he opened the door. Turning toward the man, he spoke up, "Alright old timer let's-CH-HURK." The Republic's soldier's words caught in his throat, alongside the sharpened piece of durasteel in the old man's hands. The Jedi fumbled for his lightsaber as his comrade's body was flung upon him. Falling to the ground, he barely had time to shout "Wait-!" Before the shiv found his throat as well.

Stepping over the bodies, the old man continued muttering to himself as he approached the back of the vessel,
"One three five seven eight-nine, one three five seven eight-nine, one three five seven eight-nine." Then, stopping at the transport vessel's old, ticking hyperdrive, he gave it a swift kick. At once, it flickered and restarted. Smiling, the man continued counting as he headed toward the cockpit.

"One three five seven nine."
"One three five seven nine."
"One three five seven nine."

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