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Hello, welcome to my little shop of horrors. I am Moniker. Now Here are a few things about myself as a writer and a role player. I've been roleplaying on and off for about 18 years. Started with MSN Messenger and eventually graduated into forums. I have a pretty busy life, so I can only reply about once a week. My replies are anywhere between 3 and 7 paragraphs and I am only looking for one or two partners. I love talking about our characters and the arcs we want them to have. I am an avid world builder and crafter of stories and plots. One more thing about this thread in particular. It will contain story-centered plots and concepts. I will have a separate thread for all others. I am a male player but my role plays will feature a cast of characters that can be male or female with their quirks and personalities. I can play both male and female characters. But I am a male player. I am in my thirties so I prefer my partners to be in their mid-twenties at the youngest.

As I've said before I love writing Horror. But that isn't my only bread and butter when it comes to writing or roleplaying. I am always open for suggestions and if horror isn't your thing but you still want to discuss writing together have no worries because I will gladly take part in a chat about a plot for a roleplay. But because I am the Eldritch Moniker. A lot of my plots and concepts will contain an element of horror. Not all of them will have the same level. Some might be goofy jump scares designed to make you get startled into a giggle fit. Others could be Lovecraftian level of horror. And then there are some that only a select few would be brave enough to participate in. That being said I have devised a rating system to help you select your level of fear while we write together.

Moniker's Horror Rating System
  1. Sunshine and Lollipops - This is the lowest level of horror you could imagine there will be no scary parts aside from something like practical jokes. Nothing to worry about everything will be fine. No one gets hurt we all have a merry good time together​
  2. Dastardly and Typical - This rating is the staple for horror. You will find levels of terror from Steven King to Wes Craven. Most people are comfortable with this level of horror. There is no significant concerns about participating in something that would be considered here.​
  3. Nefariously Grim - This level of horror tends to be where most people seem to tap out. If you choose to be within this realm of terror you may experience things like increased heart rate nervous sweat. Spine tingling sensations. Unlike the previous categories this one is something you would expect out of the scariest movie you've ever watched, if you are a horror fan like myself. You hang out here most of the time with other insidious villains.​
  4. Despair - This level of horror comes to a point where even I myself the Eldritch Moniker can sometimes find a scare and impress myself with my abilities to cause terror. Here you can expect that things will escalate to a point where your character experiences true danger. And if you thought you were safe you are sadly wrong. Not for everyone and it will come with a warning/disclaimer.​
  5. Abandon all hope ye who enter - This is a realm even I rarely venture to, as the Moniker I am required to come here once in a while but very few will join me. A requirement for this level of terror is a safe word that a participant can use at any time should things become too much. You will experience triggering situations that are designed to push the very limits of the imagination. Do not consider this level of terror unless you are mentally fortified enough to handle such things as scenes of graphic suffering and grotesque monsters that will haunt your mind even after you find yourself in your safe space. Cue inhuman evil laughter.
All levels of horror will comply with the RPF rules of conduct though the final two may push the limits of those rules. Choose wisely with the path you have been warned.

Adventuring party (2 or 3)
Knight x Royalty
Vampire x Human
Werewolf x Human
Demon x Human
Post Apocalypse Survivors
Detective x Criminal
Killer x Victim
Master x Apprentice
Any others you might be interested in
All of my plots will be categorized with the levels of horror above. You may browse and take a pick of something you would like to discuss further or perhaps you would like to present something new. Either way, feel free to send a message with something you would like. On another note, you may also pick a plot and change the horror level to any of the acceptable levels of fright you may want to experience within the roleplay nothing is set in stone and everything may be tuned to your liking.​

The tale of Two Sisters - Takes place in the setting known as the 9 realms. These realms are categorized as the Higher realms, the Middle realms, and the Lower realms. Each of the three categories has three realms which are connected through the gates. The main races that exist and Angelic, Demonic, and Anthropomorphic. Across the realms, these races are mixed and scattered. The story of the two sisters begins with the angelic sisters Goddesses of War and Justice. War had chosen to face exile when she decided to fall in love with the Hero Liek and Elf man who was the hero of the village Eofa. But the gods did not like that War had so easily left her duties as a god and became jealous of her happiness with Liek and their family. A conspiracy of the gods had destroyed everything War loved. She was sent to serve in the lower realms under the rule of Zonoth. Ruena swore her revenge and one millennium later she returned to the middle realm of Eadonica where the gods rule over the other races from their mountain called Heofan. Can the goddess of Justice stop her sister from killing the Divine Council? Or will she join her sister in the hunt for revenge as she unlocks the hidden secrets of the Divine Council's transgressions? This is a psychological thriller with a rating of 3 to 5
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