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Hello and welcome to the Metasphere! This is our superhero subforum, where capes and ne’er-do-wells run wild.

In this world, metas (people with powers) are not very common. There aren’t any very well-established heroes or villains, and most metas are just trying to survive. A few of them, however, have donned masks and aliases, roaming the streets in search of crimes to initiate or foil.

Pittsburgh (our setting) has been a recent hub of meta activity, be it concerts ruined by flaming valkyries or planes disintegrated mid-flight.

However, as with all good things, there are some rules to follow. If you have any questions, feel free to ask Katpride or HighVoltage (Metasphere’s mods). We’re active in the RPF Discord under the same names, so feel free to stop by the #metasphere-discussion channel to talk characters or threads!

  1. Original concepts only. You can draw inspiration from pre-existing heroes in media, but your character should not be a reskin of them.
    • Don’t use well-known characters as image refs.
  2. Try to keep backstory effects centered around your character and minimal in their impact on the world at large.
  3. Going along with Rule #2, do not create concepts that extend beyond your character. That means no big weapons/tech manufacturers, no branches of military or government, and no secret societies.
    • While these ideas can be fun, they can leave a lot of left-behind canon if people move on and can lead to more confusion on continuity for new members.
    • Feel free to create smaller organizations with other RPers, but keep it at the character level. You should be able to name every character within your organization, and it’s preferable for those other characters to be manned by other RPers.
  4. Characters must have a posted and approved character sheet (CS) before they can participate in RPs. CSes should be kept updated with any new power or technology advancements. Your character cannot use an ability or piece of equipment unless it is mentioned in the CS.
    • If your character has an arsenal or can source equipment, please list what they currently have at the start of a thread. Work with the people in the RP and be realistic about what they have access to and can reasonably carry.
    • Please stick to equipment that exists (or could feasibly exist) in the real world unless your character is an inventor type.
  5. When making a character, look through the other accepted CSes for a gauge on acceptable power levels. Villains can be stronger, as they may have to take on multiple heroes at once, but no one should be planet-breaking.
    • For example, a strong character being able to flip or throw a car is fine. A strong character being able to topple a building with one punch is not fine. A fast character may be able to outrun a speeding train, but not circle the world in an instant.
    • Please mention the upper and lower limits of your character's powers within the CS (if applicable).
  6. All standard RPF rules apply.

When in doubt, ask! Feel free to reach out on Discord to either Katpride or HighVoltage if you have any questions on the rules.

Thread Labels:
  • Open = anyone can join. Open threads with large groups and an impact on the setting/canon are called Events. If the RP has been running for a while you should ask before joining.
  • Limited = there are rules for joining this thread. It may be a limit on how many people can join or on what characters can join.
  • Closed = no one can join unless specifically invited.
  • Location = a thread describing a place where multiple interactions may occur.

Character Sheet Template:
  • Name
  • Alias (if applicable)
  • Age (exact or approximate)
  • Appearance
  • Powers (if any)
    • How strong their powers are
    • If the powers have an area of effect, what is the max area?
    • How/when they got their powers (if not specified, we will assume they were born with them)
  • Equipment
    • Weapons, armor, gadgets
  • Brief character bio
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