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My name is Mary Martinez, I'm, I'm recording this so I won't be forgotten.

I think I'm twenty-two, Markus- he used to keep track of birthdays. He's- he ain't doin' that no more.

I'm five feet, five inches tall, and I weigh about a hundred an' fifteen pounds.

I can cook, clean, and play the guitar. These things yus'ta bring me joy, not anymore. I run guns, an' I'm good at it. I say what's on my mind an' I don't give a shit what anyone else thinks. I yus'ta talk to my brothers all the time, they're gone, so, now I don't talk to nobody. I ain't no introvert, nothin' like that. I jus' don't like people.

Ain't really sure where I'm from. No birth certificate an' ain't got no fam anymore. I yus'ta have brothers, they's had names, they mattered. They was Brian Martinez, Harry Smith, Markus Jones, an'- an' lil Jim-Jam, real name was James Korbin but ain't body call him- called him 'James.' They wasn't my real fam, but, they was as close as can get wit' foster kids you's know? We was family, real family, the family we chose.

But good things don't last wit' me. They's gone, everybody I cared about is dead. I'm cursed you's see. I yus'ta think I had super powers, that I was a Warlock outta one of my fam's Dungeons and Dragons games, but that was bullshit. What I am is cursed. People who get close ta' me die. The demon takes 'em. Whatever, ain't nothing I can do about it, so I ain't gonna cry about it no more.

I'm gonna get money, I'm gonna get power, I'm gonna become someone my brothers can look at from heaven and be proud of. I ain't joinin' 'em when I die anyways, my soul ain't mine no more. So, since they're gone, ain't nothin' holdin' me back anymore. I'm gonna get mine, and if anyone gets in my way?

I'll kill 'em.
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Posting separately to keep things organized.

Exactly as it says on the tin, Mary is a Warlock. Or at least, she thinks she is. She believes she receives magic power from a demon that visits her dreams and gives her instructions. While she claims she has access to many spells(abilities), there's really only one that anyone has ever seen her use.

Mary is a Warlock. She has full confirmation now that her powers come from a demonic entity beyond her understanding. The strength of her abilities is dependant on how much pain she is currently experiencing. There are other sources, but she has not found them yet.

Mary has the ability to summon a burgundy beam of force from her hands. She believes it requires both a verbal and somatic component, namely saying 'Eldritch blast' and manipulating her fingers in a weird way. She knew it requires verbal and somatic components unless she is able to transfer pain into energy. She has never tried to use her ability without doing both of these things. The beam is a powerful, fast, small beam of light that hits with incredible force. Capable of breaking bones, throwing humans, and blasting off locks from doors. It is as fast as a bullet, but possesses no piercing power. It is an entirely kinetic use of force.

If Mary is currently experiencing pain, she can 'step' her body up to 30 feet away from her current location. She does not need to see where she is stepping if she has a mental picture, but a line of sight certainly helps the accuracy of her movement and landing. The movement is instantaneous. She is unable to simultaneously cast this spell with any other.

Mary can take pain from injuries and use that as energy to repair herself. It's not exactly healing, as Mary has a mental block that she can't heal right now. However, it is a form of repair, as she can weld broken bones back together, knit skin and muscles, and screw veins together like hoses. The pain in doing so is nearly mind-shattering, and Mary loses a little bit of herself when she does it.

A 2002 Chevy Express 3500 spray painted black.
A Goodwill black trench coat painted with red runes.

A black ski mask.
A small apartment in Section 8 housing.
3 Glock-9 pistols.
Assorted unregistered firearms(4 Tac-9s, 2 Mac-10s, 5 Mp4s, and two ak-47s).
4 brothers/goons - Brian, Harry, Markus, and Jim-jam.
A dark and terrible pact with an outer Demon.


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