Approved Mary The Warlock

Mary Martinez

Mary The Warlock

22(She thinks?)


116 lbs


Mary can cook, clean, and play the guitar. She's also very capable of negotiating business deals so long as weapons and drugs are involved. She's fairly sociable and has no trouble speaking her mind. She's typically more abrasive with her advice and doesn't take shit from anyone. Outside of 'the business,' as she calls it, Mary doesn't really want to talk to people or deal with others in any fashion.

She's not introverted, she just doesn't like people.

Exactly as it says on the tin, Mary is a Warlock. Or at least, she thinks she is. She believes she receives magic power from a demon that visits her dreams and gives her instructions. While she claims she has access to many spells(abilities), there's really only one that anyone has ever seen her use.

Mary has the ability to summon a burgundy beam of force from her hands. She believes it requires both a verbal and somatic component, namely saying 'Eldritch blast' and manipulating her fingers in a weird way. She has never tried to use her ability without doing both of these things. The beam is a powerful, fast, small beam of light that can hit with incredible force. Capable of breaking bones, throwing humans, and blasting off locks from doors. It is as fast as a bullet, but possesses no piercing power. It is an entirely kinetic use of force.

That's all she can do, for now.


A 2002 Chevy Express 3500 spraypainted black.
A Goodwill'd black trench-coat painted with red runes.
A black ski mask..
A small apartment in Section 8 housing.
3 Glock-9 pistols.
Assorted unregistered firearms(4 Tac-9s, 2 Mac-10s, 5 Mp4s, and two ak-47s).
4 brothers/goons - Brian, Harry, Markus, and Jim-jam.
A dark and terrible pact with an outer Demon.


Mary isn't really sure where she's from, or even how old she really is. Without a birth certificate or any living biological family that she knows of, she's a woman without attachments to this world. Ever since a young age she's been taking care of herself with her four 'brothers,' Brian Martinez, 28, Harry Smith, 25, Markus Jones, 22, and lil Jim-Jam James Korbin, 17. None of her 'brothers' are biologically related to her, but they all grew up taking care of each other.

Brian Martinez posed as the group's foster father since 15 when their original foster parents mysteriously disappeared. Collecting government checks every year along with various unemployment from the family members gaining then getting fired from work, they've been able to scrap by in Section 8 housing until just recently. James is graduating High School and the foster money is about to run out. Not planning on adding more mouths to feed or continuing the cycle of bad foster parenting, the group has turned to the only thing they're good at to make decent money.

Illegitimate business.

Now, with Mary manifesting strange new powers and the news telling stories of super heroes, the group has decided to expand their operation by any means necessary. With Mary The Warlock at the helm, nothing can stop them.
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