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Mórrígan - The Risen Witch

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.”



They / Them



It all started with a few drops of blood…

Mori comes from a long line of people destined to be a witch of darkness - passed down from parent to child. When it came to their time, due to the modern era; it was hard to teach them the more traditional values. By the time Mori had reached the age where the title was passed - they were different from the witches before them. They were kinder and more gentle - much to the ire of their parents. They wished to help those in pain - no longer be the cause of it, meaning their parents had passed on a power that in their eyes would be misused.

They attacked the Witch, drawing some blood that out of instinct struck back - creating a wall of blood between them and their parents. Seeing the opptunity, Mori ran away; making sure that they could hide from their parents and train themselves more to use their powers for good.

Now - the Witch lives alone, with no contact with their parents; in fear that they will lose their powers by being stripped of them.

Blood Magic:
The art of using one's own blood to create constructs by softening and hardening the blood flow. Mori is able to construct barriers of blood, projectiles and even a sword using this magic. They can even heal someone if they need to. That of course makes them weaker the more they use it - so they can only use it a few times before passing out.

Dark Magic:
Dark magic - magic that draws from emotion and darkness of the soul. This magic is stronger based on the dark intentions of Mori and the one they are fighting. With this magic, Mori can bind people - choke people out with a dark fog or even create orbs that can do damage by slamming into targets. It's a magic that acts like shadow manipulation and can often be confused with those abilities. The range for their magic is five to ten feet; and will not act on instinct. They have to channel it to use it.

It’s mainly based on how creative she can be with darkness manifestation and the magic is more potent based on how badly she wants to harm someone or how badly they want to harm her.

Old Gods Favour:
Old Gods Favour is a ritual where blood of the innocent is used to garner favour from an old god. Sometimes, this makes Mori quicker - other times, it’ll make them stronger. However, this ritual requires someone innocent being harmed - meaning to gain anything meaningful from it; they’ll have to murder countless people - something they’re not comfortable with.
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