Approved Location Staff: L-14

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Name: Isaac Cotta

Anomalous Designation: N/A

Rank: A-Class-D security agent; Managerial Head of Security at L-14 [paired with head of research C. Redd]. Former member SV-1 "LEVIATHAN" staff.

Locations: L-7, L-14 [Location Manager], L-28, L-44, L-49, L-72, L-381, and L-499; occasional field work

Age: 25 y/o [D.O.B. 3.14.1998]

Hair color: blond

Eye color: green

Height: 1.75 m

Weight: 81.6 kg

Hobbies: physical exercise; Nintendo video games; credited with the internal betting pool at L-14 [evidence unavailable]

[div align="center"][font size="3"][font color="#568156"]Foundation History[/font][/font][/div]

Mr. Cotta was first brought to the Foundation’s attention in 2016 following a collections mission in [REDACTED], New York as an external asset that had assisted in retrieval of ACF-365 following a breach of containment. [Additional information can be found in file I-365-L-14-B-3, breach report]. Included on the containment team were Dr. Redd, then a Class-B field intern whose interests were not fully decided; and [CLASSIFIED: {REDACTED}], who took on the position of recruitment agent and successfully enlisted Mr. Cotta in the Foundation.

Like Dr. Redd, Mr. Cotta is unusually young for a man in his position. Credit for this can be given to Dr. Redd and [CLASSIFIED:{REDACTED}], who inducted him into Leviathan staff as an intern before the Breach. While this did not immediately result in a promotion, it gave Mr. Cotta the necessary experience to move through the ranks during and following the 2018 Breach as an internal security agent and external collections agent. When Dr. Redd was selected as L-14’s head of research staff, Mr. Cotta seemed to be an obvious decision to act as head of the agency branch at his side following his promotion to Class-D.

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Personnel File: Dr. Georg Eisenberg

Name: Georg Eisenberg

Anomalous Designation: N/A

Rank: R-Class-D; Head of Psychiatry at L-14

Locations: L-14 [Head of Psychiatry], L-9, L-22, L-49, L-82

Age: 49 y/o [D.O.B. 5.6.1974]

Hair color: grey

Eye color: blue

Height: 1.84 m

Weight: 73.5 kg

Hobbies: linguistics [fluent Dutch, English, French, German, Italian; amateur, Greek and Russian]; reading [classical literature, nonfiction]; international travel; tennis; violin [amateur]

Foundation History


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Name: Hope Lucinda Phillips

Anomalous Designation: N/A

Rank: A-Class-C collections agent with limited Class-D access to certain files and entities; handler, ACF-505-B; FCRT-14-3 "WISDOM TEETH" Team Lead [Designation FCRT-14-3-01 "HANDLER"]

Locations: L-14 [Primary], L-5, L-9; often abroad on field work.

Age: 32 y/o [D.O.B. 11.2.1990]

Hair color: brown

Eye color: blue

Height: 1.63 m

Weight: 53.6 kg

Hobbies: reading [prefers mystery novels, urban fantasy, poetry collections]; outdoor activities [hiking, swimming]; extranormal investigations

[div align="center"][font size="3"][font color="#6A3CC1"]Foundation History[/font][/font][/div]

Following the [REDACTED] incident in 2012 [see Incident Report I-441-B-9], 16 civilian witnesses were inducted into the Foundation as interns at various Level-3 locations; due to the incident's supernatural nature, 7 of the interns were inducted immediately into L-9 under former Councilman “Numbuh Five”. These interns became a mix of field researchers and collections/investigations agents, all of whom reflected, in one way or another, the personality of the location's own chaotic nature. Following the Breach and subsequent election of former Councilman SV-5 "Strings", all but three of the related staff members were transferred to separate locations.

Agent Phillips was one of the remaining L-9 field agents until 2019, when Councilman SV-5 was unavailable to respond to a breach of containment [see Incident Report I-3250-L-14-B-2 for details]. Upon request of location management, Agent Phillips was transferred to L-14 to continue observations of the related anomalies and act as leading reconnaissance and retrieval agent for the location’s collections faculty.

[div align="center"][font size="4"][font color="#6A3CC1"]Related Anomalies[/font][/font][/div]

[div align="center"][font size="2"][font color="#6A3CC1"]Access Containment File 517: "Never Northward"[/font][/font][/div]

ACF-517 is a compass of late Renaissance make and design, first discovered in the wreck of the [REDACTED] in the Bermuda Triangle in 1983. The Household-Class object, as its nickname suggests, does not point north; rather, it has been discovered to point wherever the bearer "needs" to go. The specifics of the "need" are unclear, apparently varying from life-and-death situations to Foundation assignments.

[div align="center"][font size="2"][font color="#6A3CC1"]Access Containment File 505-B: "Avatar of the Maw"[/font][/font][/div]

[a href="[URL][/URL]"][font face="courier new"][font color="800000"][See Attached Containment File].[/font][/font][/a]

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Name: Cody Redd

Anomalous Designation: ACF-255-A "Redd Medal"

Rank: R-Class-D researcher; head researcher, ACF-255; Managerial Head of Research at L-14 [paired with head of agency I. Cotta]. Former member SV-1 "LEVIATHAN" staff.

Locations: L-5, L-7, L-14 [Location Manager], L-28, L-44, L-49, L-72, L-381, and L-499; occasional field work

Age: 26 y/o. [D.O.B. 7.30.1996]

Hair color: auburn

Eye color: hazel

Height: 1.82 m

Weight: 77.1 kg

Hobbies: basketball; practical jokes [NEW RECRUITS: do as he says, not as he does.]

[div align="center"][font size="3"][font color="#9B111E"]Foundation History[/font][/font][/div]

On [REDACTED], 2013, an anomaly was reported in [REDACTED], Arizona regarding a student following a high-school shooting in the area several days prior. The possible anomaly was a senior student by the name of Cody Redd who had been apparently wounded during the shooting. Despite a fatal gunshot wound to the chest, subject stood up and began to speak when rescue personnel arrived. Medical teams reported that the teen recovered instantly after the removal of his jacket. The agents on the scene first investigated the young man under the pretext of [REDACTED], then investigated the jacket. Neither displayed inherently anomalous properties. However, upon searching the jacket pockets, a medallion with a large ruby at its center was discovered in one of the pockets. When questioned as to the origin of the object, Mr. Redd stated that he had found it while cleaning out his late grandfather's attic. He had kept it in his pocket with the intention of pawning it that very afternoon. As it was most likely that this was the source of the strange occurrence, both the medallion and the student were taken into custody under the pretext of [REDACTED].

During the testing of the object, designated ACF-255 "Red Medal" [later changed to "Redd Medal" given its association with Mr. Redd], Cody displayed interest in the Foundation's purpose and procedures. In exchange for this information, he was given the options of Class-C amnesics at the end of his testing period, full containment and classification as ACF-255-A, or employment as an intern under the Foundation. He selected the last, and with Security Council approval he was placed on Leviathan staff.

[At this time {the now former} SV-1 "LEVIATHAN" was already employing ACF-408 "Castor", ACF-404 "Pollux", [REDACTED] with ACF-707, and [REDACTED] with his personal collection. With the addition of Cody, our [L-7]'s status as the branch that used specific anomalies was pretty much confirmed. - Dr. M. Near.]

[Since the former Leviathan staff were scattered throughout the remaining Foundation branches, the Foundation has seen an increase of overall anomaly use in field work, inter-anomaly research, and staff-anomaly pairings. This is all approved and encouraged by SV-1 "LEVIATHAN." –SV-4.]

Since his removal from high school setting and the impossibility to send him to college without interfering with his work, several Foundation personnel have taken it upon themselves to tutor Mr. Redd in their fields, including [CLASSIFIED: SV-2 "BUTTERFLY"]. His impromptu instructors have been from several locations and even other SV-Council staff, and as of [DATA EXPUNGED], 2018, he had instruction in both agency and research fields with an emphasis on anomalous epidemiology.

Following the turmoil within the Foundation and the Breach in 2018, Redd was promoted to an R-Class-C researcher and then quickly promoted to R-Class-D, effectively replacing [CLASSIFIED: SV-3 "JUPITER"] who had been promoted to the Security Council. He has been allowed to keep ACF-255 and has free authorization to experiment with it as he sees fit, so long as the anomaly is not permanently damaged.

[div align="center"][font size="4"][font color="#9B111E"]Related Anomalies[/font][/font][/div]

[div align="center"][font size="3"][font color="#9B111E"]Access Containment File 255: "Redd Medal"[/font][/font][/div]

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Dr. Redd's [hereafter ACF-255-A] primary anomaly is a large medallion worn on a gold chain, designation ACF-255. ACF-255 is intricately crafted from gold with a large ruby set in the center. Testing proved that it was the object that created the illusion that subject ACF-255-A had died in the attack and in doing so most likely saved his life. When asked to replicate the effects of the injury, ACF-255-A may do so at will, as well as any other injury he has sustained or witnessed while wearing or carrying the medallion. Exposure to any disease causes the pendant to immediately replicate effects of advanced stages of said disease, while making ACF-255-A permanently immune to the illness as long as he is in possession of ACF-255. This immunization effect does not apply to injuries simulated by the anomaly. Testing on other subjects has revealed that the medallion only recalls diseases to which it has been exposed with its current wearer, and no other subject has been able to replicate injuries. Testing is ongoing, but at this point in time ACF-255 is classed "Household" and permitted to leave Foundation locations with subject ACF-255-A. Changes in behavior are to be recorded and, if desired by ACF-255-A, experiment with as he sees fit.

[div align="center"][font size="2"][font color="#9B111E"]Access Containment File 921: "Perfect Shot"[/font][/font][/div]

This anomaly is a basketball, with no logo or other identifying mark. When thrown to a distance within approximately three feet of a basketball hoop or similarly shaped hole, the anomaly will invariably defy the laws of physics in order to enter the hoop. The object otherwise behaves like a normal basketball. This anomaly has been identified as that which Agent I. Cotta and Dr. C. Redd had in their possession during incident I-404-L-7-B-8, at which time both staff members were still Class-B interns. ACF-921 is less of an anomaly under Redd's observation and is simply associated with him because of his recreational habit of basketball. He is often found practicing using ACF-921. Dr. Redd and those who join him for recreation will alternate this object and an ordinary basketball for practice purposes and games in which most players are amateurs. Because of its harmless nature it is classified as "Household" and permission has been granted for Dr. Redd to take it between Foundation locations for recreational purposes as long as proper paperwork is filed, so that the current location is known for testing purposes.

[End of file.]