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Nat had stared at the paper for a solid minute while standing in line for the register. The Pittsburgh City Paper was one of the best ways to find out about local happenings, and he had been sure to thumb through it to find out what the public knew about the attack on the debate. He had been almost paranoid in how frequently he checked the internet and other news formats for any mention of his involvement, but the last thing he had expected to see was the headline and photo he was so stunned by.

ADA Ava Hunt. Exhibitionist?

It was not only a remarkably unimaginative headline, or shocking only for its bawdiness. No, the image was tame enough, a quick snapshot of the ADA huddled inside of a hoodie that was unmistakably familiar. The article gave little information, the eye popping headline a misdirection to press more of the same information on the attack that all of the other media sources were sharing. That hoodie was enough, though. It was enough to give Nat an inkling of an idea, a smidgeon of hope.

It had taken him a few days and a couple of favors to prepare the next step the information about ADA Ava Hunt had revealed. Some of those favors were bought with his name, others with cold hard cash. Regardless of how he got there, Nat walked into the District Attorney’s office fully prepared for the role he was there to play. He had the wardrobe already thanks to years of private school, though his personal fashion sense had evolved past the checkered sweater vest and button down shirt he had tucked into his slacks. The glasses he wore were fake, plain glass lenses he had debated over until they had become a part of the character he played when he walked through the door.

”Um, yes” Nat played the shy, insecure teen as he stepped up to receptionist’s desk and awkwardly held his plastic badge up for the massive man to read. ”I’m a junior reporter for the City Paper. I have an 11:30 with ADA, um.” Nat lowered the badge to nervously thumb through a small spiral notebook and point to a random line that had nothing to do with the ADA. ”ADA Ava Hunt. My boss said I had to come back with quotes about the attack at the Convention Center.” Nat let his voice climb an octave higher to give a deeper impression of nervousness.

Given her past and her current job, anyone who knew such things might be actually shocked that Ava Hunt was considering the best ways to get away with murdering a photographer.

"Goddamn piece of shit motherfucking slime bag," she seethed, stopping only to take a sip of her coffee before continuing, "I will fucking rip his goddamn arms off, beat him to within an inch of his life, then punt his fucking fat ass ten feet beyond."

A light on her phone interrupted the rampaging thoughts for a brief moment.

"What?!" Ava hissed into the intercom. Andre's voice answered after a momentary hissing sound, "Ma'am, your 11:30 is here."

What the fuck was...was that gargantuan Greco-Gorilla fucking laughing at m...wait, 11:30? But it's...have I just been in here raging for two hours?!

No, it was fine. Ava brushed herself off and checked her hair and make-up in a little mirror she kept in her top left drawer. Ugh...she was getting old...finally. Today's outfit, a simple black business dress with matching shoes, did what they could, but one couldn't expect miracles out of them. Putting the mirror away again, she pressed the little intercom button, declaring "Send them in" as she did.

I hate today...and I hate newspapers.

Pittsburgh, 2023
He would have been lying if he had said he wasn’t a little nervous that his cover wouldn’t hold. He had only just gotten the position as a junior reporter, and had little intention of using it beyond this interview, but had never shown any interest in journalism before. If even a little bit of legwork were done to verify his credentials he would be walking into a minefield of suspicion, and he had things he preferred to keep hidden.

Nat was lucky, though, as a massive hand held up a finger that eclipsed his head and the man called in Nat’s arrival with a barely suppressed laugh. It seemed the ADA was not in the best of moods, and though the big guy that served as her receptionist grinned at Nat with obvious amusement there was a knot of anxiety weighing in the pit of Nat’s stomach. He gulped audibly when the behemoth offered a knowing ”Good luck!” with a thumbs up as Nat shuffled toward the indicated door.

Why was the door closed?

Nat hesitated, standing in front of the wood and glass with his hand half raised to knock. He was expected, had been announced, and yet here he was faced with a question of propriety. An actual journalist would probably know what to do, whether it be walking right in or knocking first. Nat hadn’t a clue, and in those brief moments of confusion he came to a decision at random, in the impatience patent to his youth. With a deep breath Nat lowered his raised hand to the door handle and walked into Ava Hunt’s office with as much confidence as he could muster.

Confidence that faded at her astoundingly irate expression. He seemed to shrink as he crossed the distance from door to desk, the ADA’s aura compressing him into the uncertain teen that he truly was. He had come to interview her, but he felt as if he had just walked into his own interrogation.

”Uhm, hi? I’m Nathaniel Amagiri, Junior Reporter for the City Paper. I was hoping to ask you some questions about the incident at the Convention Center?” Nat’s voice was shaky, and he sounded some years younger with the heightened pitch his nervousness brought. ”For my boss!” he added hastily, hoping to deflect as much of Ms. Hunt’s anger as he could.

Watching the young man entered, Ava already felt something was wrong. For one, the kid was young. However, that wasn't what was bothering her...but...yeah no it's not sticking. Like her thoughts just kept slipping away from her, and thus she ruled that the feeling must not be that important. The damnable article on her desk had her more frazzled than she realized.

Then the kid declared himself and his intentions. Yep, this would happen today of all days.

"Jee...zus....Chrrrrriiiist," the prosecutor half-sighed, half-growled before her voice gained both solidity and volume, "So this is why that goddamn fucking kaiju I call an ASSISTANT was laughing like a fucking idiot. It'''s fine. Have a seat, kid, and close the goddamn door."

Pointing at one of the chairs in front of her desk before sitting back down herself, Ava tried to regain some sense of composure. The image of Andre silently giggling with enough force to cause a damn earthquake seemed to be plastered into the inside of her corneas for some reason, but her sheer will dispelled it.

"Alright, what kinda questions you got for me, Mister... Amajiri, was it?" Ava asked as she planted one of her elbows on the desk as she leaned towards the young man, "And I swear to whatever God, Goddess, or fucking unknowable Force above that if those questions have to do with my attire at the end of the evening, your little press badge will not save you, are we clear?"

Her mental image of herself becoming rather bearlike, Ava was aware that her threats were fairly toothless. Even now, the young reporter's apparent age was wearing down her attempts at a threatening posture.

Ugh...less Grizzly and more Teddy. So very thankful Mom isn't here to see this. She'd never let me live it down.

Pittsburgh, 2023
Stopping in the doorway just long enough to gingerly close the door behind him Nat’s knees felt like jell-o. He had faced gun-toting criminals on a near nightly basis for months without so much as a flinch, but when confronted with the ADA’s foul mood he seemed to wilt. He considered that it might have been due to the vulnerability he faced without his mask, but in truth Ms. Hunt was in possession of a kind of power he had little hope of standing against. His power could protect him from bullets, but if he were to be ousted as a vigilante by someone as influential as the assistant district attorney even his money wouldn’t be able to save him.

He took the chair obediently, nodding in response to the ADA’s outrage. As she loomed over her desk he flipped through the pages of the small notebook in his hand before setting it on his lap and removing his smartphone. ”Th-they didn’t ask my opinion, I’m only a junior reporter after all, but I didn’t agree with the decision to run that particular article.” Nat attempted a disarming smile, pushing aside his nerves. ”That is actually part of why I am here. I begged the editor to come and give this interview. Maybe it will help get eyes back onto the right story.”

Nat set his phone down gently on Ms. Hunt’s desk, the recording app not yet started but opened and ready. ”A sensationalist story that undermines the credibility of the men and women of our justice system is exactly the opposite of what the city needs.“ Nat scratched a line out on the page he had stopped on and raised his eyes to meet the ADA’s. ”While everyone is focused on the possibility of more metahuman based terrorist attacks I thought we might be able to highlight the heroes that work tirelessly to protect us.” Another smile, less forced than the first. ”Do you mind if I record our interview?”