Approved Laine Cantrille / ACF-833

Personnel File: Laine Cantrille

Name: Laine Cantrille

Anomalous Designation: ACF-833 "Anchor"

Rank: A-Class-C security agent; L-14

Locations: L-36, L-14

Age: 20 y/o., D.O.B. listed as 5/26/2003

Hair color: brown

Eye color: gray

Height: 1.65 m

Weight: 55 kg

Hobbies: Paperwork [NEW RECRUITS: she does consider this a hobby, you have been warned], puzzles

Anomaly Information

Designation: ACF-833

Date of Acquisition: June 23, 2009

Rating: Low-level "Risky." ACF-833's ability does have potential to cause harm, but the anomaly shows no desire to do so. Current allegiances to the Foundation have the situation in hand.

Anomalous Ability: "Anchor" - allows ACF-833 to hold or anchor items, including living creatures. Strength of ability seems dependent on multiple factors, including mental state and 'attachment value' (as indexed by [DATA EXPUNGED]). This ability can be deployed as a single-target ability or as a generated field effect, though ACF-833 has only been able to display the field effect under significant stress.

Special considerations: ACF-833 does not respond well to travel by car or truck. If it is necessary to move this anomaly from one location to another, train travel, air travel, or anomalous travel procedures are recommended.

Foundation History

ACF-833 was acquired by the foundation on June 23, 2009, following an anomalous incident in Wisconsin [FILE ATTACHED BELOW]. Being a child of 6 years, containment protocol at the time was to ensure ACF-833 did not leave foundation hands, and to provide a suitable enrichment routine. As ACF-833 expressed no desire to leave the Foundation - and, in fact, a strong desire to stay in the Foundation - it was not designated a flight risk. Enrichment routine was designed as ACF-approved homeschooling courses, supplemented with access to age-appropriate literature and devices. ACF-833 showed strong preferences for nonfiction books, as well as puzzles, so long as no pieces were missing. ACF-833 was able to identify if a piece was missing from a puzzle before opening the box.

The anomaly responded well to these procedures. Following introduction to [DATA EXPUNGED] in the summer of [DATE REDACTED], ACF-833 began taking a more direct interest in the workings of the Foundation. It was believed at the time that ACF-833 would take up a position as a Foundation researcher after it had aged naturally to an appropriate point, but following the events of the Breach [2018], ACF-833's interests shifted dramatically towards security.

In late 2020, it was determined that ACF-833 had stabilized enough following the Breach [2018] and loss of [DATA EXPUNGED], and ACF-833 was allowed to take up an internship under strict supervision. No unfortunate events were recorded during ACF-833's internship, and in August of 2022, ACF-833 was officially promoted to security personnel, with location set as L-14.

Date: June 23, 2009

Time: 4:53 p.m., local time

Location: I-39 southbound, just south of Endeavor, WI

Incident Premise: Anomalous "stasis field" reported on I-39 following a multi-vehicle accident on the interstate.

Team A (Leading vehicle) - Agent Foglio (A-Class-D), Agent Vernon (A-Class-C), Agent Siddell (A-Class-C), Agent LePas (A-Class-C)
Team B (Trailing vehicle) - Agent Hatke (A-Class-D), Agent Pierce (R-Class-C), Intern Simpson (A-Class-B), Intern Winick (R-Class-B)
Team H (helicopter) - Agent Sutherland (A-Class-C, Pilot), Agent West (A-Class-C), Agent Colfer (A-Class-C)

V-023194: 1996 Toyota Camry, blue, LP: WI S9R 204
V-097448: 2002 Kia Sportage, silver, LP: IL SM1LE
V-233091: Helicopter, 4-rotor, designation "Channel 39 Local News"

Incident report:

Vernon: Approaching Anomaly Field now. Looks like... couple dozen cars involved, can't get an exact count. Three semis. Severe damage to multiple vehicles, so the stasis field definitely went up after the accident rather than before. No indication if anomaly was the cause of the incident at this time or just an aftermath result. Local police have already cordoned off the area, secondary vehicle stayed back to administer amnestics after we moved through.

Siddell: So, we're just going to drive into it?

Foglio: Up to it, Agent Siddell. Perimeter is nonspecific, so we'll be taking it in 2 meter increments. Sky, anything from above of note?

Colfer: Mostly just wreckage. Vehicle and human. Definitely some dead folks in there.

Winick: Are they decomposing?

Foglio: We save the lab research for later, kid. Pipe down. Sky, I'm not seeing any fires, can you confirm?

Colfer: Confirmed, no fires. Theorize that's due to the stasis field?

Foglio: Yes. Let's go with that as the working theory, which means that if we take down the field things might explode. Agent Vernon, slow it down to 5mph, let's bring it to a stop by that mile marker there and give our people above a chance to get a good look and see if we've got any potential sources.

Colfer: Scanning currently. Taking it slow so we don't miss anything. Hard to look since everything's such a mess. Anomaly could be some trinket on someone's dash for all I know.

Foglio: Do your best. Team Two, what's your status? Amnestics handled?

Hatke: Short term amnestics on the blockading officers, they won't remember we were here. We'll do a wider amnestic sweep with more long term effects on anyone in the area later on to remove memories of the incident as a whole, once the situation is completed.

Foglio: Good. Bring the car up, I want you to stay at least five meters back from us at all times in case something happens.

Hatke: Approaching now, have visuals on your vehicle.

Foglio: Good, that's-

Colfer: There's a kid in there.

LePas: It's an interstate wreck, there's probably a bunch of kids in there-

Colfer: A live one, you twit.

Foglio: Cut the chatter. Colfer, confirmed alive?

Colfer: Yeah. Standing outside one of the vehicles. Vehicle is a silver... can't tell, sorry. Mostly under that red semi, you see it? Kid's not in stasis, looking around a bit.

Foglio: There we go then. Agent Pierce, back me up?

Pierce: Research supports the designation, with the caveat that the kid might not be the prime anomaly, but is certainly acting in a manner anomalous to the situation.

Foglio: Good enough for me. Let's try to extricate and contain and see if that brings the stasis field down. Hatke, you prepped on termination protocol if it all goes south?

Hatke: Locked and loaded.

Winick: You can't shoot the kid-

Foglio: Anomaly, Agent Winick, and I thought I told you to pipe down-

Winick: Sir! Ma'am? Sir-ma'am?

Various Individuals: Agent.

Winick: Agent! But the stasis field is almost certain to stop any bullets passing through it.

Foglio: ... [EXPLETIVE REDACTED]. Hatke, handle it.

Hatke: We'll get it sorted. If it comes to it, I'll radio back for anomalous support and we'll throw things at it until we find out what the field can't affect.

Winick: Oh, can we start with ACF-

Hatke: Starting with the interns.

Simpson: Sir, I haven't done anything!

Hatke: Then you can go second.

Foglio: Moving in again. Two meters, Agent Vernon. And... again, two meters. Once more. Good, second vehicle, close the gap to five meters. Agent Vernon, approach again, nice and slow, and-

Hatke: Agent? Team one, do you copy? Sky, what's going on?

West: Looks like they're stuck, sir. No damage to the vehicle, and it appears that the instant the front of the vehicle got too close, the stasis bubble expanded to encompass the whole thing.

Hatke: [EXPLETIVE REDACTED]. Enacting switch to chain of command protocol, as Agent Foglio is currently unresponsive. This is Agent Hatke, assuming command of operation. Sky, can you contact ops and get us another team sent out, with anomalous support? Have management determine best options from immediate availability.

Pierce: Sir, in the meantime, permission to try something?

Hatke: ...Try what?

Pierce: I want to get out of the car.

Hatke: Explain.

Pierce: If it is the kid and there was a car crash, working theory is that vehicles might be a trigger.

Hatke: And you think just walking in there-

Pierce: Is better than doing nothing at this moment. It will take several hours for support to reach us, and we could at least see what happens.

Hatke: -o need to -sk wh- you interned-.

West: Agent, that cut out?

Hatke: Nevermind. Fine, Pierce, go ahead. West, keep an eye on him. Colfer, you still have visual on the anomaly?

Colfer: Yes, sir. Just standing there. Didn't even twitch when Vehicle 1 entered the stasis field, may not have been aware.

Hatke: So it might not notice Pierce being a [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] obtuse tomato?

Colfer: Er... sir, it would be unprofessional of me to comment on that at this time.

Pierce: Approaching stasis field now. Visual on team one: Aside from being completely motionless, no sign of damage or corpuscular trauma. Moving forward, wish me accuracy. One step at a time. Leaving headset connected for audio recording, but dropping out of the conversation.

Hatke: Noted, go ahead.

Pierce: Easy does it. Can you hear me, kid? Probably not yet. Don't worry. I'm going to help you, okay, try to get you out of here? I don't think you want to be here. I don't think any of us do, but that's- no, never mind that. We'll just stay calm, won't we?

West: Sir, I think he's through.

Hatke: Looks that way to me, too. The rest of you, stay put - that means you, Agent Winick, close that car door. If Pierce blips out, you're our senior researcher. You need to be observing, not interacting. Sit your [expletive redacted] down and put on your seatbelt.

Pierce: Hey, kid. You look scared, huh?

West: He's definitely in visual range of the anomaly.

Colfer: Confirmed. It's looking at him.

Pierce: Hey. I'm Max. I'm not here to hurt you, okay? Is this... did you do this?

[Voice, over Pierce's Audio]: I don't know.

Pierce: You don't know. Okay. Can you tell me what happened.

[Voice]: We were in the car, and there was a loud noise. I don't like loud noises.

Pierce: Me either, kid, that's okay. Who's we? You and your mom? Your dad?

[Voice]: They came apart.

Pierce: They... came apart?

[Voice]: A lot of things came apart.

Pierce: And you... didn't come apart.

[Voice]: No. I didn't want anything to come apart.

Pierce: Are you... keeping it from coming apart right now?

[Voice]: I don't know. I can't put it back together. It doesn't belong together any more but I don't... It's broken. Everything is broken. Except me. I didn't come apart.

Pierce: Yeah. I see that. What's your name, kid?

[Voice]: Laine.

Pierce: Laine- Elaine?

[Voice]: No. Just Laine.

Pierce: Okay. Just Laine. How about you come with me and we try to get you some help?

[Voice]: Can they help put things back together?

Pierce: ...Probably not. But maybe we can help you.

[Voice]: I can't put them back together either.

Pierce: Yeah. Come on, come with me. There's a car waiting, we can take you-

[Voice]: No.

Pierce: Whoa! Easy. Easy. Hey, what's wrong? I thought we were doing all right-

[Voice]: No car.

Pierce: No-? Oh. Oh. Okay. I got it. No car. ... Hey... how about a helicopter?