Approved Koushhk Bloodfist, Professional Scumbag

Wandering Fighter​

~29 Standard Years
Prize Fighter
It comes in many forms. The female fighter known as Koushhk has known all, and thus works to do what many do when faced with pain: become free from it. To do so, they've travelled the galaxy and sampled just about every narcotic substance known in order to just be free from her pain for even a moment.

Of course, such things cost a great deal of money. Legal and illegal prize fighting has been a great profession for her in that regard. Having appeared only a year prior, none ever really question her seemingly mute-state (somewhat common for Ubese) nor her preference to disappear for days if not weeks on end between fights.

Assets & Appearance:
Mostly ruined Ubese-made armor and robes. Wears heavy wraps around her face under the helmet and mainly fights in these wraps instead of her helmet (as it provides an unfair advantage). Preferred fighting style is hand-to-hand, but has been known to grab whatever is available to her in an emergency (or an illegal weapons-free bout). Routinely carries a datapad or two for both entertainment and less-than-legal activities. Also keeps no less than four various illicit narcotics on her at all times, but this usually involves death sticks, some kind of spice, battle stimulants, and probably a second form of spice.

Presence within the Force:
Not devoid, but not entirely present. Almost a haze. Suspect this may be due to her death stick addiction combined with a few other illicit substances.
Code by Reyn