RP Kimetsu no Yaiba: The Golden Era


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At first approach, it seemed like the fort was long abandoned. The wooden posts were rotting, some already toppled, and the surrounding forest was thick with overgrown brush. As the moved closer, however, there were signs of a recent presence. Coals sat undisturbed in a nearby pit, and areas of the thick leaf-bed had been recently overturned, showing the dark topsoil underneath. And -

A body was in one of the trees.

Not a skeleton. Not even desiccated. The skin was still fresh, though the blood on the man's clothes - and running down the trunk - and pooled beneath him - had already dried. He was impaled on several branches, suspended with his limbs splayed at odd angles. His glassy eyes stared at the group, mouth hanging open as if to warn them to leave.

Though his clothes were tattered, they were almost certainly the black gakuran of a member of the corps.

Sumi stared up at the corpse, biting her lip, but didn't say anything, instead silently moving ahead towards the structure of the fort proper.
It was a proper place for a conspiracy of demons to reside, Sayua thought, the gloomy remains of some long forgotten fort decorated with a corpse like the residence of some petty tyrant lord. The man’s death was a shame, though there was little she could offer him beyond a few silent words and a promise to return him to the earth once the work was done.

The death was fresh, that was clear to her eye, late last night if she were pressed to guess. Proof to her mind that the demons had to be within the fort, they wouldn’t have had time to find a different rotting hovel to hide away in after killing the boy, after all.

Sayua slowed her step as she allowed the others to lead the way forward, nocking her arrow as she moved. She turned her attention to the fort, and she scanned the silhouette of the walls, watching for signs of motion.