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Name: Kellan Rexx, unless you're with the government. Or if you're a bounty hunter. Or if you're one of my exes.

Race: human, actually.

Birthplace: Hell if I know. Some alley somewhere. Go ask my mom when you fuck her.

Age: 34, 35, somewhere in there.

Profession: Shit, we gotta be professional? Screw this job, I'm out. Oh - you just wanna know what I do? Guns. Big guns. I shoot people, with big guns.

Force Sensitivity: I ain't sensitive about anything.

Guns. Shooty shooty. Pew Pew. I like blaster cannons.

Eh. I grew up in a shithole. I moved to different shitholes. At some point, someone said "Hey, we could use a big lad like you" and so I got a job working for the government. You ever work for the government? Fuck the government. You end up on yet another bullshit mission with half the gear they promised you and then you get back and it's "oh thank you for your service, here's a shiny medal" - do they give you any fuckin' money? No! I'm still waiting on my goddamn check, which I ain't ever gonna get because the government's fuckin' broke.

So I retired from active duty, as they say, and now I do the same damn thing with the shooting people, but this time I don't get any fuckin' medals.

And I do get money.
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