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Name: ??? “Spork” Fuchs
Age: 25
Gender: Demigirl, they/she
Appearance: A person of average height with blonde hair styled in a mullet. She has heterochromatic green and gray eyes, though they’re usually hidden behind a pair of tinted sunglasses. Their clothes are bright and fun, and they enjoy accessorizing with a custom-made rainbow wolf’s tail. She is rarely seen without her cane when out in public; it is white and red, with a weighted handle and base that pack a good wallop.
Features: Spork was born blind, and their parents never let them forget it. Free from their overly-protective, overly-cautious ways, she swung hard in the opposite direction.

Kitsune& Shiba.pngAlias: Shiba
Powers: None
Alliances: Nine Tails Inc., working alongside Kitsune
  • Back, arm, and leg braces which grant enhanced strength.
  • Scanning and audio relay device which will describe positions and conditions of objects and people within a certain radius.
  • Collapsible baton, able to be electrified with the press of a button.
  • Small, round flash grenades.
  • Suit made from a slash-resistant, puncture-proof durable fabric.
  • Mask with built-in voice modifier and short-range communicator connected to Kitsune's.

Personnel File: Agent Venus Votticelli-Smith

Venus ACF.png

Name: Venus Votticelli-Smith
Anomalous Designation: N/A
Rank: R-Class-B intern
Locations: L-14
Age: 17 y/o., D.O.B. listed as 5/25/2006
Hair Color: auburn
Eye Color: brown
Height: 1.77 m
Weight: 65.8 kg
Hobbies: chemistry, painting, sewing, cooking

Foundation History

Venus was brought to the Foundation's attention following her discovery of Class Household Object ACF-384, "Puzzle Box" on 6/6/2023. Agent C. Votticelli [RANK R-CLASS-C. est. 2011] [adoptive mother of Agent V. Votticelli-Smith, Venus] had been authorized to bring ACF-384 into her personal laboratory for research purposes as ACF-384 was designated completely harmless and possibly nonfunctional within the L-14 facility.

When discovered by Venus, ACF-384 began to exhibit its anomalous properties, leading to deeper questioning. Following recommendations from Agent Isaac Cotta, Venus was escorted to Facility L-14. Agent C. Votticelli insisted upon Venus' recruitment rather than the use of amnestics. Placement and Aptitude tests were conducted [REFER TO: Addendums A & B], and Venus was officially inducted into the Foundation on 6/8/2023.

Background Check

Recovered by CPS and sent to Ms. Harlfas's Home For Girls in 2016.
Adopted by Mrs. Elizabeth Smith & Mrs. Corina Votticelli [AGENT C. VOTTICELLI] in 2021.

No criminal record.
No delinquent record.
All A's in all school records.
Chemistry club member, 2019-2022.

[ADDENDUM A: Placement Test]
[ADDENDUM B: Aptitude Test]

Anomalous Designation: ACF-384 - "Puzzle Box"
Class: Household
Description: A small (4.5 x 4.5 x 4.5in) wooden box. Puzzles on all six surfaces which, when completed, allow one to slide away that surface. No matter how many sides are removed, the box retains its dimensions. Removed panels disappear once no longer under human observation. Replacing lost panels does not effect the box's dimensions, though the puzzles on replaced sides are not the same as when they were removed. ACF-384 seems to have limitless puzzle-generating capacity, as research has yet to yield any repeats.
Addendum A:
As of 5/04/2023, all of the puzzles are the same, and do not change with removal and replacement. Agent C. Votticelli was able to remove all of the panels and completely "solve" ACF-384. There was nothing inside. ACF-384 was then reassembled. Has it lost its anomalous properties?
Addendum B:
As of 6/01/2023, ACF-384 has been approved for removal from L-14, following concerns that interference from other artifacts has overwritten its properties. Agent C. Votticelli's request to study it in her home laboratory was approved. We hope she fixes it, the puzzles were a delight.

[End of file.]
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Name: Adelyn Aspen
Alias: Genesis
Age: 17
Gender: Female (she/her)

Appearance: An unusually tall woman with blank white eyes and white hair with dark markings near the ends. She has a scar above her lip, faded and faint. She dresses in long, shapeless clothing, with large shoes. There is a certain gawkiness about her, as though not quite comfortable in her own skin. Her left hand is the paw of a snow leopard, with long claws.

  • Partial Shapeshifting - she can shift parts of her body to be the corresponding body part of an animal. However, once a part of her is shifted she cannot turn it “human” again - only to other animals. All of the shifted parts of her change to the same animal at once.
  • Currently, her left arm from the elbow down, both of her legs and feet from the shin down, and her ears are shifted. Her eyes are irregular, but they are the eyes she was born with. Her hair color also shifts to mimic the animal, though this is solely an aesthetic change.
  • Animal Instinct - she can sense the “vibes” of the people and animals around her. If someone means her harm she can generally pick up on it right away, so she’s quick to trust or distrust.
  • Endurance & Strength - she doesn’t tire as easily as others might, and she has strength to match the animal she’s mimicking.
Lark Pride Time - Copy.png
Name: Lark Athlai

Age: 19

Birth Date: October 1st, 2003

Gender: Nonbinary (they/them)

Personality: A trickster by trade, Lark likes to play good-natured pranks. Not anything too heinous, just enough to spice up the day. They’re generally friendly with most people, and quick on their feet despite constantly looking like they need a nap… or twenty. Quick to laugh, slow to anger, they’re squeezing every drop out of every day and living life to the fullest.

Time Manipulation
- Lark can travel forwards and backwards in time to create stable time loops (continuity is important). When traveling to a time they already exist in, they can choose to remain where they are or be pulled to where the current version of themself is. They are unable to travel to any time that’s past the time of their death, although they freely venture into the distant past. The activation of their powers doesn't require much energy, but the actuality of living out more time than any human should be able to leaves them drained if they don't return to the present to recharge.

They can also pause time for a few seconds at a time, though that takes more concentration and willpower. Time doesn't like to be stopped, and will fight to restart if they pause it for too long, leaving them with a terrible headache. One handy side-affect of their powers is that, while displaced from time, they don't age, as their body is put in a sort of stasis until they are back in the present. However, they must continue with the main timeline regardless, as much as they would rather live in the past.

They can sense when time is being manipulated, whether it be their own doing or another traveler. This most often appears in the form of faint music only they can hear, emanating from the source of the disturbance. They also have an always-accurate internal clock, but that's a less impressive power.

Lark the Fourth.png

Lark, despite being more of a vigilante than a true hero, has their own ‘hero outfit’ - it’s mostly just a reinforced shirt, gloves, sturdy boots, and a skirt. They are fooling absolutely no one, but there isn’t much difference between them in and out of costume, anyways.
Their favored weapon is the shuriken, though they know how to use several kinds of sword and are a decent marksperson. They don't tend to get into any fights they aren't sure they can win. Usually, they travel light, trusting in future versions of themself to supply them with anything they might need.

Fun Facts:
Lark knows when they're going to die and has accepted it as well as they can. Every loop comes to an end. They plan on using the remaining time they have to its fullest, often running several loops within a single day to stretch it out for as long as they can. You can often spot several Larks hanging around the time of a particularly nice moment.
Growing up as an only child, they would often be visited by future versions of themself, keeping them company and keeping them entertained. Because of this, future versions of Lark often keep that same older/younger sibling dynamic with past versions, no matter how small the difference.
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Lark Links

Expositions (Side Stories):

The Things You Know

Sleeping on the Job

Time Gone By

Rage Against the Dying of the Light

A Soft Prologue

The First and Last Time

Facing the Cliff

Mirror, Mirror


Old Sandbox Appearances:

A Gentle Druid
The first Lark introduction! Who doesn't love mystery milkshakes?

A Matter of National Impact (V1)
Yeet some phones, save the world.

Freakfest 2021
Halloween party, try to spot all the Larks!

Sandbox Appearances:
* = Recommended Reading

*Still Creek
Investigating a Mysterious Town with a few new(ish) faces.

Milk Punch
We don't shoot birds! (Lark's dayjob at the hybrid milkshake restaurant/boxing arena.)

*Hiding in the Crowd
An escaped government experiment, a necromancer, a hero, and a time traveler walk into an alleyway.

*Time For A Talk Ch. 1
Follow-up to Hiding in the Crowd.
Hero vs time traveler: who wins? (No one, the answer is no one.)

Category 5: "Sadie"
Hurricane? What hurricane? Oh, that hurricane.

Perception & Intuition
Lark breaks into a therapist's home.

*Swept Away
Two displaced souls talk about existence.

**Larkageddon (Time for Mischief)

Home Sweet Home
Follow-up to Larkageddon.
What are friends for, if not kidnapping you and taking you to their house while you doze?

Am I Seeing Things?
Follow-up to Larkageddon.
Whoops, sorry about that. Please don't arrest me.

*Lifeline - Phone a Friend
Follow-up to Am I Seeing Things?
One last try. Let's see if the Antichrist knows anything about foiling Time itself.

Protect Your Heroes
Nothing better to start the day with than some light vigilantism. Until it gets to be a little too much.

Time for A Talk Ch. 2
Follow-up to Protect Your Heroes.
You're not allowed to die yet, quit getting your blood on my carpet.

"Mistakes Really Do Catch Up To You"
Neither of us are ok, but maybe we can talk about it until dawn comes.

Devil May Care (But I Don't)
Listen man, if you didn't want me to break into your apartment you shouldn't have made your secrets so appealing.

The Story Continues:

*Minute Magic
A little game of cat and mouse, but the cat doesn't want to catch the mouse and the mouse is much more threatening in its own way.

Songbirds - Ongoing
A retrospective look at Lark fresh off the heels of A Soft Prologue, meeting a shepherdess of the Lost.

Sayonara - Ongoing
Lark meets with an old friend.

*Something to Remember - Ongoing
Who doesn't like playing pirates? (They're lesbians, Harold.)

***When the Clock Runs Out

*Return to Sender - Ongoing
A peek at another side of the finale.
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