Approved Jun Madell | Child of Mandalore

Child of Mandalore
Name: Jun Madell
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 1.87[m]
Weight: 93[kg]
Occupation: Mercenary
Force Sensitivity:: None
Mandalorian Carbine: Short and lightweight. Good for CQB or longer ranges.
Blaster Pistol: Moderately powered but reliable.
Vibroblades: Two. Fitted with cortosis-weave to stand against lightsabers. The vibrating technology within can make even a slight wound severe.
Mandalorian “Ripper”: A slug thrower commonly used by Mandalorian officers during the war. Can shoot through personal shielding.
Wrist Rocket: Loaded with two small, anti-personnel rockets.
Flamethrower: Another relic from the war mainly used against groups of enemies or force users. Incredibly effective in either regard.
Mandalorian Armor: Once a full set of armor, Jun has had the armor reforged so he can conceal it under regular clothing. As a result, it only covers his chest, shins, and forearms, leaving the rest of his body exposed to harm.
Personal Shielding: A standard issue item halfway through the war. Grants the user protection against energy based attacks, though its usefulness degrades greatly with every hit.


From as early as Jun could remember, life and violence were fated to follow one another. For a child born on Mandalore, such a lesson was to be expected.

A child strong enough to carry a blaster is strong enough to begin preparing for war. Such is the mindset of a Mandalorian. Jun would be taught no differently. The training was brutal, strict, and effective, perfected by the generations of Mandalorians who survived decades-spanning conflicts. And like his ancestors before, Jun was exposed to the horrors of war at an early age.

He was ten when his clan found itself locked into a blood feud in support of a neighboring clan. He was ten when he first felt what the death of a family member was like.

By the time he was twelve, he claimed his first life: forced to defend himself while ambushed on a scouting run. At fourteen, he was known as a competent warrior by his clansmen: a renown earned by enduring the attrition of war and meeting his enemies head-on with courage. By the time he turned fifteen, the blood feud had come to an end. A result not born from a treaty but from decree from the sole leader of his people: Mandalore the Great.

From one war to another. He and his clan, as did any other clan that had been in the midst of a years-long conflict, were given a month of rest. To recuperate their losses and prepare for what laid ahead. And what laid ahead of them was a sixteen year long conflict that spanned the entire galaxy.

For sixteen years, Jun fought. He has seen enough war to last a lifetime.

For sixteen years, he’s killed. He’s killed enough of the enemy to have his name be known in the annals of Mandalorian history.

For sixteen years, he’s bled. He has bled enough to be hailed as a hero by his people.

At the end of those sixteen years, after suffering nearly two decades of unyielding conflict, Jun was rewarded: with the destruction of his clan. Clan Madell, rebellious to the end, who would not go quietly into the night. Who opposed Revan’s victory over Mandalore. Who were turned upon by their neighbors and old rivals.

After all his efforts, he had little more than the battle-worn armor of his clan and a life full of war in his right pocket. With no other options before him, Jun sought out to do what he knew best.

Spill blood. And get paid doing it.
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