Approved Jimmy Jonnes, Reporter

Character Sheet Template:
  • Name: Jimmy Jonnes
  • Alias: The Speaker of Truth in The Pitts!
  • Age: 44-"But built like a thirty-year-old thanks to our sponsor! GreenNewLeaf supplements!"
  • Appearance:

  • Powers: "The power to influence the hearts and minds of the good people of Pittsburgh!"
    • Not a meta

  • Assets:
    • A studio and studio apartment(Separate locations)
    • A modern printing press for pamphlets
    • A secretary(intern) paid in exposure(minimum wage)
    • Multiple sponsorship deals with less than reputable supplement companies.

  • Brief character bio:
Ever since James Jonnes could remember, he wanted to be a reporter. But not a reporter like Jimmy Olsen or Lois Lane from Superman comics, and not like a reporter on CNN or Fox news(He doesn't care about politics). No, he wanted to be a reporter like J. Jonah Jameson from the Spiderman comics. He wanted to be someone with power, wealth, and influence, and to use that influence to write hilariously slanderous articles about superheroes.

So, as metas rise and become more and more present in the zeitgeist of society, imagine Jimmy Jonnes's joy as his slanderous, often untrue, misinformation campaigns against them not only bring in traction- but also influence and money. Now, all he needed was to write enough articles and publish enough pamphlets to control the feeble sheep minds of those who dared read his content to acquire more power!

First Pittsburgh, then the rest of the world! Or at least the United States. Jimmy Jonnes will be happy once he becomes president.