Approved Jeremiah Rowe

“Semper fi, sir.”

Jeremiah “Jerry” Rowe

Alias: Clear Quartz; “Gold Jackal”

Age: 49 years

Hair color: Blond, graying, worn in an undercut; gray goatee

Eyes: Brown.

Distinguishing features: scar over left eye; diagonal scar across nose.

Current employment: bodyguard for “Obsidian”; bodyguard for James Fielding.

Former employment: Bodyguard for a long list of confidential names, ending with Leo Vasquez.

Combat proficiency: Yoshinkan aikido (black belt); firearms; USMC field combat training.

Equipment: Smith & Wesson 460XVR (employer provided; usually worn right thigh), Level IV soft ballistics armor (employer provided); Heckler & Koch HK45 (concealed chest holster, personal armament)

Relationship status: Twice divorced and uninterested.

Technically, Jerry’s an accomplice. A well-compensated accomplice, in his line of work, but he won’t deny that if it wasn’t for the backers he’s had in the past he’s just an accomplice. He’s lucky he’s good at his job, or he’d be a fall guy on top of that. Lucky– lucky is the wrong word. It’s not a bad thing, but it’s not all luck. It’s not even half luck. Jerry Rowe is an efficient man. Straightforward, observant. Skilled. If anything, he’s had some pretty shit luck with the bastards he’s worked for. The last one tried to use him to distract something much, much worse than a bastard.

Right now, Jerry Rowe works for a monster.

It’s not all that different from working for a bastard, except monsters are a little harder to predict. He’s learning as he goes along what’s expected from him. Sure, his official contract for Mr. Fielding (and for Obsidian, since they’re legally distinct) describes him in the position of ‘bodyguard.’ Jerry knows he’s a lot less than that, and a little more. He’s more disposable than Obsidian’s “family jewels,” but not quite disposable enough to be asked to keep his mouth shut on matters of the boss’s security. And given the boss’s apparent distaste for watching out for himself, Jerry’s doing exactly the work he’s paid for.

He has other uses, too, though he tries not to advertise them. As one of the last members of Vasquez’s inner circle, he’s got a degree of control over the remainder of the Jackals gang that he maintains through patience and force in equal measure. He’s got connections throughout the underworld, and a few old buddies from the USMC who’d be willing to give him a hand now and then. He won’t ask without good reason –

But the good reason’s paying well enough he’s willing to risk a few friendships to keep it around, long-term.​