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Jan. 13
Re: 'Coldcall' & Pittsburgh
FBI Meta Crimes Unit Internal Memo 52


Crime Scene.pngWe have a serious problem. The new info from forensics on the frozen December DB (Attch. 1). The corpse was mutilated beyond all recognition - no fingerprints left to run. As you know, Coldcall never had a reputation as a killer. He robbed banks, and was photographed with guns, but he'd never been hit with a murder charge, which was what made September stand out. The killing just didn't make sense.

I'm worried we might have our answer. According to Forensics, the December DB shows signs of protracted hypothermia in addition to the mutilation. These symptoms did not recur in any other of the frozen bodies the NYPD and FBI recovered. The leading theory is that our DB is a cryokinetic - it explains the delay in death. And not just any cryo, but Coldcall himself.

We contacted some of Rylands' personal friends and family, and they advised that he had completely cut off communication with them, which was uncharacteristic of him, even while he was pulling criminal ops. Nothing, after months of financial support.

I think we've identified our DB, and it's him.

I know what you're thinking - Coldcall is still active in Pittsburgh, right? I wouldn't be too sure. More DBs keep turning up, frozen solid. That was never his style. This is way more brutal. We had a squad radio in that they'd shot him square in the chest and he just kept moving, like it didn't even matter.

This guy is breaking through walls, shrugging off gunfire, and killing. He might be dressed up like Coldcall, but I think it's Iceberg.

We need more people on this before it gets completely out of control.