Approved Islet & Anthony

You wanna know about my sister?

Sure. Her name's Islet. Yeah, her actual name. No, it's not an alias, her mom actually named her that.

Oh, you want an alias? I don't know, call her Drip or something. Heh. She's gonna kill me.

Yeah, she's 18, why? Actually - no, don't answer that.

What's she look like? She's my sister, you creep. Okay, fine, fine. Blue hair - no, it's- No. It's from a jar, okay? And it gets everywhere when she dyes it. Everything is blue. Blue eyes - no, those are natural. Uh... short? A little pudgy? Don't tell her I said that, she'll kill me. But, like, you live on convenience store trash and it's gonna show a little. No, we can't just eat more vegetables, where the hell are we going to get vegetables, hold up a Jewel-Osco?

Powers? Yeah, that's the weird one, isn't it? She's got this... this thing with water. 'S why I call her Drip. Look, you... the rest of you probably shouldn't call her that. Yeah, I call her that, I'm her brother, it's allowed. Anyway, it's not a lot of water, like, no tidal waves or anything. Most I've ever seen her do is like... half a cup. But she can move it pretty well, shape it, shift it.

So, uh, we figured out a while ago she can use it to get into locks. That's, you know, how we left home. I was fifteen and I'd had a little driver's ed, so she just... did her little thing and made a car key and we left. Yes, I know that's stealing a car, what else were we going to do? Stay there? No. That... that wasn't an option, all right?

So we've been kinda on the run since then, but we make it work. Kind of. We move around a lot. I guess that's easier when you live in a car. I kinda miss school sometimes.

No. Islet doesn't. Islet doesn't miss it at all.

Tony? My brother? Oh - yeah, it's short for Anthony, sorry. He goes by Tony. The only one who ever called him Anthony was his dad and... yeah, just don't, okay?

He's about a year older than me. Oh - our parents got together when we were kids. I think he was six. I don't really remember. It... look, it wasn't happy families, okay? But we made it through together. We made it through everything together.

Looks? He's tall - no, like, actually tall, not just comparatively tall. Probably getting pretty close to six feet? I don't know, I think he's still growing some. He's 19 - how long do guys keep growing? He's skinny, I don't think he eats enough, or at least, not enough for how fast he's been growing. I think maybe he'd fill out some if we could get somewhere where he'd get enough to really eat.

Tony? No, Tony doesn't have any powers. He's... look, he's pretty smart, I guess - don't tell him I said that - and he's pretty good in a fight. Not like he's trained or anything, just that he's been in some and I guess he's learned a few things along the way. I wish he didn't have to, but... well, he has to. So there you are.

Equipment? I don't know what you mean - the car? It's a Civic. It's really old and it's got a lot of rust, but it still goes. Tony takes care of it, I guess. He changes the oil, anyway. I don't know what else a car really needs. It's not like we could afford it anyway. There've been a few times when something's busted and then things are hard for a bit, until we can get the money for fixing it. Then we gotta move on, too, on account of getting the money.

I think he's got a knife, too. I see him playing with it sometimes, when he thinks I'm not looking. I don't know if he's actually used it on anyone. I guess he probably would, if he had to. People always say they'd never do stuff, but I think they've just never been in a place where they had to.

Did you... need anything else? You're not gonna snitch, right?