RP Isekai-I am not your father

Ban Bean

Bernadette Catherine Nicholas Snow-Owl Fowler Valerio was having a hell of a day and that was before she was kicked in the gut through a portal.

It hadn't been her first idea to take on the psychopath tearing up shops in a poor barrio in San Diego, but she wasn't keen on turning a blind eye either. Dotty knew Ozzy would get on her ass about putting herself in danger, and certainly her father would too, but they had also taught her, for the most part, how to do the right thing. The villain had also made her miss her train, and that was unforgivable.

She'd squared up and had done well, using the tricks her powers, and Ozzy, had taught her. He wasn't the first villain she had faced either, but there was something oddly perceptive about him that made her invisibility useless. Dotty had tried attacking from above using a hallucination as a distraction, in hopes of avoiding one of his portals, but the man threw her off and things got ugly. The fight started to move fast, and while she reached for one of her concealed pocket knives, his boot found an opening and she tumbled back.

It felt like an optical illusion. Like on of those spinny toys with a bird on one side, and a cage on the other, and when spun, gives the impression of a bird flying into his roost. It also made her incredibly nauseous when all the flashing and spinning passed.

Dotty caught her breath, stood up and dusted off her jacket. She could have laughed. Of all the places the asshole could have sent her, he sent her home of all places.

Not precisely home, but she knew the area well enough to know she was in Kentucky, and her dad lived in the town over. Taking a minute to fix her curly hair, and steal a new pair of sunglasses, she took the bus for thirty minutes before stepping off a block from the house. Not much looked different. Dotty hadn't been home in almost two months, but the most she could tell was off was that the lawn needed mowing. Dad was probably putting in extra hours at the station, she told herself.

He'd be excited to see her though. He always was. Dotty tried the door, but it was locked. And there was no welcome mat where they usually hid the spare key. Dotty furrowed her brows and rang the doorbell
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Cain looked up from his newspaper. No one rang his doorbell. He didn't order packages. Didn't get mail. Saturn contacted him only through his burner phone. No one even knew he used this place as a safe house. Hell he was pretty sure Saturn had him declared dead at some point.

He silently sat up out of his lazy-boy chair and crept towards the door with steps as soft as a cat. Carefully he put his eye to the peephole. It was a young woman, in the fish eye lens of the peephole that's all he could tell. She seemed vaguely familiar, a local he'd seen maybe? Going door to door selling something? Either way Cain didn't feel like there was any danger, and maybe she had thin mints. He opened the door.

Once he got a look at her face Cain froze. Different hair, different style. But it was her. Her. That meta girl. The one he kept thinking about and didn't know why. His chest tightened painfully, confusion and... guilt? Why was she here? How was she here? Cain found himself for once speechless, he stared wide eyed at the girl with his mouth slightly open. He didn't know what to do, was she here for revenge? Here to give him back what he'd done to her.

Strangely, a part of him would be okay if she did.
A familiar face answered the door, and Dotty didn't hesitate to throw her arms around him, hugging her father tightly. All the anxiety about the fight, and being transported across the country and being lost, melted away.

"Sorry I would have let myself in but you don't have the mat out- And sorry I didn't tell you I was coming back home, I'll explain everything," She breathed, still embracing him. For a moment it was all okay...until something felt off. Her father wasn't hugging her back, like he would have, and he seemed more lean than usual, like he lost weight. She let go and looked at him, her heart dropping to her stomach.

It looked like him, but as she suspected, more fit and muscular, his face more angular. But yet still him, blonde and handsome. Dotty regarded him with a mix of fear and confusion, wondering vaguely if he always had that scar. She'd only been gone a few weeks.

Touch was unfamiliar, especially like this. No one touched Cain except in anger, wanting to hurt him, or in desire, wanting to claim him. The simple hug was foreign, alien, and... warm. Cain's entire body was rigid, he couldn't move, his gust was twisting itself into a knot. He barely heard what the girl said, his mind was a mess. Until she pulled back and said the word that was like a finishing blow.


Panic, that's all Cain felt. His mind raced with explanations, an illusion? Drugs? Hallucination? Something more reasonable than the girl he killed, the girl who haunted his dreams, the girl that was destroying him with guilt; that girl standing there alive, hugging him, and calling him "dad." The confusion, guilt, and horror all mixed together. Cain slowly shook his head, as if denying the whole situation. And he stepped back and slammed the door closed.
It was her father but it wasn't. The whole world had shifted into something both terrifyingly familiar but altered just enough to rattle the core of her soul. If he wasn't her father, where was the Marshall? It made her sick to even think about him being hurt.

The man shook his head and slammed the door shut in her face, disturbed horribly by her very presence. Good. He should be scared. There were a few reasons this might be happening but it reeked of metahuman fuckery. She could create illusions herself, and shapeshifting was an uncommon, but not unthinkable, ability. Her dad was investigating SLATE, and for a horrible moment, Dot worried that had finally caught up to him.

I talked to Dad two days ago.

Dotty, still sore from the fight in San Diego, steeled herself, readying one of her three switchblades before kicking down the front door with a steel-toed combat boot. She burst through the doorway, creating three perfect replicants of herself, glaring down the imposter with a feral rage.

"What did the fuck did you do to Vincent Valerio?"
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Cain reacted immediately, his whirling emotions buried deep to make way for his honed survival instincts. The sudden appearance of the clones of the girl all but confirmed his suspicions of some sort of illusion, of course, she was just trying to get inside his head. Only the name threw him off, Vincent Valerio, and it made him hesitate for just a second. He hadn't heard that name in almost a decade.

He ran his wrists along the insides of his coat where razor blades sewn into the lining opened his flesh. Crimson blood spurt free and immediately solidified into crystalline spikes.

"How the fuck do you know that name?" he didn't wait for an answer and threw three spikes in rapid succession, thew flew through the air at each of the versions of the girl.
Two replicants fell dead as the spikes hit their vital organs. Dotty had to make this look good anyway. She, and the remaining replicant, dodged the attack, rolling quickly out of the way. She had an eye for assessing powers, and this was a fascinating one- organic crystallization of the blood cells. As long as he was bleeding he'd have ammunition. Dotty swore mentally. Cutting him with her knife would only make him stronger, especially if he had a healing factor to compensate.

Dotty changed tactics, and came back up on her feet, rushing the man, jabbing at him with her switchblade, before retreating.

In the distraction of her attack, another replicant appeared behind Cain, wrapping her hands around his neck, threatening to snap it, hissing in his ear, "He's my father, asshole."
Cain brought his arm up, now encrusted with crystals and blocked the blade which slide against his hardened skin with a spark. Somehow this kid had learned how to fight since he;d last seen her. He almost responded with a counter blow but her words stopped him. It was genuine, her voice full of righteous anger, father? What kind of fucked up tactic was this? Was she drugged? How did she know his name? Cain's vest beeped a warning.

"I don't... have any kids," Cain's arm hesitated in mid-motion to toss a blood spike at her. The immediate threat response had faded, now he was looking at that girl again, and he couldn't bring his arm down to throw.
Dotty felt the shock through her arm as their blades met. He was skilled, she'd give him that. But as she retreated, she faltered in her next attack- and so did he. The crystal was leveled at her, but he paused, his voice strangely wounded and pathetic- it could be a ploy but something about it seemed genuine- hurt. It sounded like her father.

But like he said, he didn't have kids.

Dotty was confused, but ever vigilant, keeping her blade ready, "Then would you kindly explain what the fuck is going on...this is..."

She could have cursed herself. Now that she had a moment to observe the surroundings, the furniture wasn't right. The place seemed dusty and unlived. There were no pictures of Vincent, Ozzy and her on the wall.

"This is where my father lives, and you look like him...I can prove it. I just wanna know whats going on."
"Who... your father is Vincent Valerio?" Cain asked incredulously, his arm wavered. Training and experience told him to stop talking and strike, never let the enemy get inside your head. He'd forgotten that lately, let his emotions rule him, that's what drove him into Ethan's bed over and over, what made him lash out at this girl in the first place, that's not what Saturn taught him, not what is father-

Cain blinked, and he reached into the pocket inside his vest. There was the only ID he had with his real name on it. He pulled out the card and flicked it with a spin towards the girl - who he increasingly suspected wasn't the one he attacked in an alleyway.

"Look at that," he said. "I. Don't. Have. Any. Kids."
Dotty watched him carefully, her eyes flickering to every move he made. For a second she was worried he was pulling a weapon, but instead he tossed her, with surprising force and accuracy, an ID card.

She glanced at it for a second. It looked like the man in front of her: her father, but thinner and scarred. And a meta apparently.

Vincent Valario.

Dotty dropped the card at her feet, barely hearing his words. She likewise reached into her pocket, slowly as not to antagonize the man, and pulled out her wallet. She pulled out a folded photograph, and offered it to him.

It was her and her Dad, standing together in front of a police station, smiling and laughing. It had been taken shortly before she had gone on the road again.
Cain stared at the picture, it was the girl and... him? Nor him though, he was... happier, his mustache larger, his hair longer, he was fat but looked healthy. Not like the slim weapon that Cain saw when he saw himself. And his eyes, brown, just brown, none of the damaged blood vessels that tainted them and turned them red.

"What... who the fuck are you?"
Dotty was hesitant to answer, but the man had seemed to stand down, at least tentatively. He seemed as confused as she was, which had to count for something despite their previous aggression. She lowered her knife, "My name is Bernadette Valerio" Well, at least half my name. "Vincent adopted me when I was ten. He practically raised me...I travel a lot, was in trouble in San Diego...I was fighting a meta and ended up near here and I needed help so I came to find my father."

For the first time a flash of true doubt, true fear, crossed the young womans face, even if for only a second. As brave and free as she was, Dotty was still human. And she didn't know what was going on.

"I dont know what's going on but...you're not him."
She didn't know, she and no idea. She didn't know Cain, and she didn't know he attacked a girl who looked and sounded just like her. Cain realized further, she wasn't a threat, she wasn't here for revenge... but who was she?

"I am Vincent Valerio," Cain said, the name sounded strange on his tongue. "I haven't adopted anyone, and I ain't got the faintest clue why I ever would, so either I got a fat long lost twin brother or there's something else going on here... listen, Bernadette was it? Most folk call me Cain, why don't we both try and figure this out." he was surprised at how soft his voice was, how gentle his tone was. It didn't sound like Cain, it sounded like someone else. Someone kinder. The pressure of the guilt on his heart making him this way.
"I've been telling him to watch his weight, he doesn't listen." Dotty said, as if her using her sarcasm to soothe herself. She listened to the man- Cain, he called himself- and noted the change in his tone. It softened into something kinder, but still retained enough strain and unfamiliarity that it didn't sound precisely like her father.

"Most people call me Dotty," She said. "And...I don't know what's going on. But it's probably connected to the meta I was fighting, and the portal he sent me through..." She was spitballing, but there was very little to go off of otherwise. "I don't know how familiar you are with meta's and their powers, or how to find them. My Vincent is a cop who works some Meta cases..."
Cain cocked an eyebrow and waved around the spike of crystallized blood in his hand.

"Yeah darlin' you could say I know what metas are," Cain said dryly. "A cop huh? That makes sense I guess, well I ain't the law but I do know a think or two about finding metas." Hunting them down like animals was the part Cain elected not to share.
"My Dad isn't a meta, asshole," Dotty muttered. "This is still new to me, alright. And it's fine if you aren't the law, I'm not exactly either..." Not since she broke from Ozzy and went off on her own trying to find Slate, and more importantly herself. She was always holding back and hiding, staying out of trouble to keep her family appeased, but that was before they were keeping secrets from her.

She closed her switchblade, and exhaled, "Well, maybe if we can find the meta that did this we can find a way to put things right, and we never have to think about this ever again."

Dotty figured between her and Cain it shouldn't be to hard. He was clearly an adept fighter, and had at least some way of finding metas. And...she strangely wouldn't mind learning more about him. There was a lot her Dad hadnt told her about himself.

In his hand the crystal melted back into thick viscose blood, it crawled its way back through his open wrist which sealed itself back up. Dotty, he wondered if the other girl was called that, he pushed the thought from his head. The quicker he could get rid of Dot the quicker he could forget about this nightmarish reminder of what he'd done.

"Sounds like a deal," he said. He fished out a cigarillo and lit it. "So tell me about this meta, what're their abilities, hell, why were you fightin' them in the first place?"
Dotty leaned against the wall, crossing her arms. "It was in San Diego. Maybe hispanic- it was hard to tell. But definitely with dark hair. Bigger looking guy. He...made portals. He used them to throw shit it, and it would com out another portal, but some stuff just dissapeaered."

She shrugged, trying to recall more, still wary of Cain. but if he had her fathers investigative talent, he'd at lest be able to get her a lead. She faltered for a moment.

What if the meta couldn't send her back?

She shook the thought from her head and continued. Dotty needed to focus, and it was one of the few things she was good at. "He was a mean fella- volatile."
Cain nodded along, she was shifting into 'work mode' it was much easier to handle everything when he thought of it like a job. Find the meta, subdue them, familiar patterns. He went over the meta files he could remember that fit the description.

"There's a few portal based metas in the city, any of them could be your guy, do you know if he has any safehouses? Anywhere he frequently travels to as a place to rest?"