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Isaiah Walker is a very unknown and low-key young man, most folk tend not to notice him at all, except those who've seen him at local small venue singing gigs where he is known for his talent as an emo rock vocalist. By all accounts, he walks through life unseen and unheard, like a ghost. If it weren't for his closest friend Hazel, he wouldn't have anyone in his life at all. Isaiah grew up scraping by for everything, tossed between foster homes and a few adoptive parents which didn't pan out, most of his childhood was spent making money where he could on the streets of Pittsburgh. Not all of it right, and not all of it clean. This bringing gave Isaiah a rather bleak outlook on life and a keen sense for danger. It would be only after he would attempt, and technically succeed, at taking his own life would he begin to change his life around.

Name: Isaiah Jones Walker

Age: 19 y/o [30/OCT/2004]

Height: 5’9"

Weight: 190 lbs

Skin Tone: White

Hair color: Silver

Hair type: 3A

Eye color: Brown and Green

Diagnoses: Isaiah has been noted with depressive and pessimistic attitudes towards life, however despite previous suicidal ideation and at least one attempt on record, Isaiah now no longer presents any evidence that he wishes to harm himself. In fact, it has been noted that Isaiah expressed a deep desire to go on living and a passionate appreciation for life. Isaiah is hyper aware of anything that could be a danger and is very averse to taking undue risk, despite this he has a talent for being able to appear calm and collected in dangerous and high pressure (despite being nothing of the sort).

Personality: Isaiah is often quiet and reserved, some would say antisocial. He often doesn't say anything unless he has to, or often seems lost in his own thoughts. However, he enjoys listening and is very attentive to those he cares about, and is more than willing to talk to those who take the time to know him. He is very adverse to conflict, and is willing to let just about anything slide in order to avoid a fight. He almost never expresses anger and does what he can to resolve issues with words. The exception to this is anything in regard to his friend Hazel, which he'd happily hurt anyone for if they threatened her.

Distinguishing Features: Isaiah is albino with heterochromatic eyes, one brown and one blue, his long curly silver hair is usually kept longer and unkempt. He needs glasses and wears them all the time because he wants to appear less of a threat. He was a medium and stocky build, well-defined from frequent gym sessions, but all of it hidden under baggy hoodies and jeans.

Poltergeist is the Co-Investigator, Chief Cameraman, and Head of Security of “Panopticon,” a Vigilante-Watch affiliated blog dedicated to the metahuman heroes that seem to congregate in the City of Steel. He follows Arcane Eye, assisting her in capturing footage and assuring her safety.

Alias: Poltergeist

Abilities: Poltergeist's abilities are often debated about, but for certain, four can be defined easily. He is able to turn completely invisible, including any clothing he is wearing, additionally any non-living object he is holding which is at least least 25% smaller than him in mass than he is will be turned transparent as well. He is able to be detected by infrared cameras while in an invisible state.

Poltergeist is able to phase through solid objects as well, be it walls or incoming blows. Just like his invisibility he is able to carry small objects with him and pass them through the object as well. It has been noted that the thicker the object or the larger distance traveling through an object Poltergeist will become more and more exhausted. Usually he does not risk anything bigger than the average wall.

Finally, Poltergeist has demonstrated low level telekinetic abilities, which more often than not manifests by moving small objects. This ability is very imprecise and the most Poltergeist has been demonstrated to do is throw objects, float them, or shatter glass. He often uses this ability as an intimidation tactic and besides attempting to throw objects at people, it has minimal offensive applications. However, when distressed, Poltergeist has been able to enhance these abilities to beyond what he is averagely capable of, the most dramatic example being he can produce telekinetic barriers that cover a limited space, usually no more than the size of a person. These barriers are theoretically indestructible, assuming Poltergeist maintains concentration and has the energy to spare.

The only other abilities of note is that Poltergeist gives off low level EMF which can interfere with some electronics, it is believed he can increase the intensity of this when distressed. Finally, people have noted that when Poltergeist is nearby, and in particular using his powers, a cold chill in the air can be felt.

Equipment: In the field, Poltergeist usually wears protective padding including a stab-proof vest underneath a simple pair of cargo jeans and a hoodie. His mask and goggles are ballistic resistant, but mainly used to hide his face and as an intimidation factor. Poltergeist prefers not to fight and will attempt to scare people off, however should that fail, or someone threaten the people he cares about hes not above using his trusty baseball bat. Poltergeist has been known to carry a switchblade as well, but has only ever used it to threaten.

Affiliates: Poltergeist works very closely with Arcane Eye though prefers not to be in the spotlight, he is the silent protector, the man behind the camera. He is integral to the operation of "Panopticon" but not a face of it.
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