Approved "Information Broker"; Saide Zeliph

Name: Saide Zeliph

Alias: Technically none; Better Known As the "Information Broker"

Age: 27



Saide is a bit on the short side, landing about 5' 3", sporting strawberry blonde hair that reaches midway down her back when down, though usually held up by a sun and moon clip. Their style is mostly celestial and galaxy themed, and uses it to explain away the weirdly shaped sunbursts surrounding her pupils as contacts- the left eye sporting a five-point star and the right a four point star, yellow dotting sunny-sky blue. Occasionally wears a temporary yellow moon tattoo under her left eye, and typically wears some sort of star or moon earring on their right side where her hair is usually tied together. Often wears a moon and sun necklace that's wound her neck loosely.

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-"Future Sight"
-Gets a general feeling of what the future might hold, in terms of a "good" outcome or a "bad" outcome, either from people or words. Less accurate for people they don't know too well, but more accurate for herself or people they're close to. Both passive and on command, but the farther out the 'possible outcome', the less accurate.
-On the rare occasion, gets vauge and/or spotty visions. These are uncontrollable, and happens more frequently for herself and people they're close to, but less likely with people they don't know.

-"Truth Detector"
- Is able to tell a truth from a lie. Well, Kinda. She can tell if someone is lying, half truth, or whole truths, but if someone is lying, doesn't know exactly what the truth to the lie is.

-Heightened Intuition
- Is able to piece information together faster than most, and follows their "gut feeling" more than what would be logical. This is generally used to gauge a person and their intentions a bit more accurately than most conclusions.


- Personal Taser
- SOS Button
-Bear Mace

Brief character bio:

Owner of Cafe Whispers', Saide is usually the one making drinks and serving everyone.

Since birth, Saide had always seemed a little reckless, but things always worked out one way or another. She's kept her powers a secret, something she's felt never should be spoken about for one reason or another, blaming their ability for things going her way as "intuition".

Growing up was fairly normal, and opened Cafe Whispers' after working 5 years at a coffee shop, and 3 from a bar before it closed down from a meta fight. With the rise of villians and heros, vigilantes and the like, having taken away something they enjoyed doing, worked towards and finally opened her own shop: Cafe Whispers'.

Cafe Whispers' is set up in a fairly interesting way, as it's a renovated bar that has been set up for coffee. Those who wish to talk can sit at the bar to sit down and eat, to talk and gossip amonst themselves while those in booths are reserved for those studying or wanting quieter conversations; booths are fashioned with a sort of fabric covering that can close off the entrance of the booth to offer more privacy and act a bit like a sound barrier.
The windows are tinted, lighting slightly dim, and the interier color design is maroon and dark brown, and there are some rooms in the back that can be used, per request, for more secretive and sensitive information trading.​
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