Approved Half-Life: Your Friendly Neighborhood Dead Guy

Name: Milton Morris
Alias: Half-Life
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Height: 5'10.5"
Weight: 162 lbs.
Status: Hero

☢From Crook To Cape

Milton Morris was a thief from Pittsburgh tasked with stealing radioactive materials from the University of California, Berkley. The job went sideways leaving Milton and his gang trapped in a shootout with police. In a last ditch effort to save himself he began turning on as many things as he could which caused the Particle Accelerator to overload and explode.

Milton Morris was a physics student from Pittsburgh who was pursuing his degree from the University of California, Berkley. One night there was a robbery at the lab and Milton was trapped. The intruders made quick work of the security guards leaving Milton with no choice. He snagged a gun from an office and made a break for the Particle Accelerator control room. Before he could lock himself in a stray gunshot struck the control console and the machine began to overload. Milton did everything he could but, failed to stop the Particle Accelerator from exploding.

Milton Morris did/didn't survive the Particle Accelerator explosion.

The sudden release of massive amounts of energy at the exact same time in two separate universes could theoretically rip open a hole in space time, even if only for a moment. A moment that, if you happened to be standing in the exact same spot in both universes, could theoretically fuse a dead man and a living one. That is exactly what happened to Milton Morris.

He became Schrodinger's human, both alive and dead, and imbued with unique quantum powers. Their bodies and minds combined giving Milton the combined physical and mental capabilities of a Collegiate athlete and a trained mercenary. He can also create portals which he uses in combination with his Quantum Entangled pistols to fight crime as the wisecracking superhero Half-Life.

With a thought he can switch from his normal human body to the body of his deceased self. Mutated by radiation to have Blue Skin and two horn like growths on his forehead. Rather than use a super suit he uses this form as his disguise.

☢Powers & Abilities

Wormhole Generation
Milton possesses the ability to open short range Wormholes that connect two points within 500 feet of him. The size of the wormhole affects how much energy is takes to open. Small ones are easy enough that he can open as many as he needs but, to open one large enough for a truck or bus to pass through would take far more energy and leave him all but exhausted (He has not yet been able to open a portal larger than this). His wormholes are a primary part of his fighting style on offense and defense. He'll open an entrance in front of a punch and an exit behind your head or make his bullets hit from strange angles. The key details being the space has to be big enough to hold the wormhole and within his line of sight.
Quantum Pistols
The two high caliber revolvers, Lefty and Righty, that were caught in the explosion with him became quantum entangled. When a bullet is fired from Lefty a bullet appears in the Righty and vice versa. As long as he has both pistols he has near infinite ammunition but, there is a quirk. The bullets themselves treat the target as if they have been shot and not shot at the same time. In testing this has lead to targets experiencing he sensation of being shot and are struck by the bullet without any of the penetration or long term damage.
Body Swapping
Milton Morris isn't sure if he can die but, his current hypothesis is that he can't die as long since he's technically already dead. When his bodies are swapped out they return to the base state they were in when he was caught in the accelerator. However, he's not invulnerable. Incapacitation and non-conventional methods of pseudo termination (Blown to bits, trapped in concrete, etc,) seem to be plausible ways to handle him.
Zombie Sense
Milton calls it his Zombie Sense but it's actually just the highly trained instincts of the now deceased version of him that was a skilled mercenary. Its also where his combat skills come from.
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