GOI- Children of the Goddess


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HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY![/div][/font]

[font color="ffffff"]"This is Dr. Mueller recording on the date of August 1st, 2023. The following is an audio recording of a recovered ACF record on a Group Of Interest known as 'The Children of The Goddess.' Original author, Dr. Isaac Holtzheim. The original date is unrecoverable but estimated to be roughly the early 1980s. This article was wiped from Foundation records roughly five years ago, so not all information may be accurate. The Group is known to still be active to this day, so surface teams please exercise increased caution within their areas of operation."

"Beginning log."

"The Children of The Goddess are a group of interest to the Foundation due to their suspected connections with A-C-F one thousand three -oh I see why they wanted me now- and their potential status as a threat to site L-14 where A-C-F one thousand three is currently being held. While the group has no official base, nor any online websites were information on them can be found, they maintain an estimated number of ten thousand members scattered across the globe. The group operates in small 'cells' of roughly ten to fifteen members. Each cell contains, usually, functioning members of society who are otherwise entirely normal were it not for their behavior once they gather together once a week.

"Every Monday night at seven P-M, members of each cell will assemble at a designated member's home, usually a house with a basement or isolated and hidden backyard, and pay homage to large shrines of bone. The bones from recovered shrines have ranged in origin from animals native to the cell's region, to animals entirely non-native, to human. The cell members strip small pieces of flesh off their bodies with sterilized knives and lay them over the shrine. There are no words to their rituals, only strange songs and meaningless chanting that resembles the pitch and style of the 90s and 2000s grunge rock movement.

"Initial testing on recovered cells was thought to show responsiveness among members to amnestics, however, continued monitoring of amnesticized subjects shows that they either revert to old behaviors within a week, or they die in their sleep. Recommended that recovered cells are either transferred to L-9 for testing, or eliminated entirely. -Wait if this article has been gone for five years, have we even continued recovery and suppression efforts?-

"Interrogation of captured cells shows that they all share a single belief system entirely unchanged among different cell groups, despite there being no known contact between them. Every group reveres a being known only as 'The Goddess.' They saw they have felt her presence in their dreams and they are compelled to construct the shrines in order to atone for their 'sins of doubt.' They believe the Goddess will one day come to earth, sparing only those who have paid proper reverence to her and annihilating all others. Not one has been able to describe the appearance of their 'goddess,' but each described the feeling of her presence the exact same way.

"Ahem, they said- quote- 'It was the feeling of being watched, of something dark and terrible beyond understanding hiding in the shadows just beyond eyesight. If we didn't stop everything and devote our lives immediately, she would drive us to madness, then kill us. We are not worthy to look upon her, so we dare not search for her in the night. But if we miss a day in our prayers, if the shrines are built wrong, we feel her come to us in the night. There is nothing like the feeling of her eyes upon you. It's almost like a sense of impending doom, a death that cannot be escaped, but so much worse.'

"Descriptions point to something more eldritch in nature, direct L-9 researchers to interrogate more recovered cultists and see if more information can be gleaned. In the meantime, Surface teams and media watch teams are to keep an eye and ear out for any strange behavior recorded by neighbors or concerned citizens on these cultists. Suggest mass hallucination events to the public when entire cells are captured, or hide capture events as criminal sting operations. Do not release subjects back out into the general population until a guaranteed dose of amnestics is shown to work and prove non-lethal.

"If held subjects at L-9 exceeds 500 individuals, begin eliminating cells on contact. Claim terrorist activity and suppression to the media and local governments. This is Dr. Mueller, signing off." [/font][/div][/div][/div]