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Sam sighed and fiddled with her hair some more. She had been lying when she had said she needed to do errands. She had plans, but it was nothing she couldn’t take Nahual with her to do. She had made the choice spur of the moment, but she would stick by it now. She looked at her curls, tracing their individual spirals. Her hair was almost fully back to what it had been like when she had been a teenager, before she had given up on feeling good about herself.

She took a step back from the mirror and examined her outfit as well. She had finally finished unpacking the boxes of clothing that had been in her mostly empty closet. Now, hues of green and black and browns hung off hangers that jammed the closet almost overflowing. She didn’t need any new clothes. Everything that she had taken out had fit her just fine, had even been loose on her. She was going to have to go back to eating three meals a day instead of just two if she wanted to be that healthy again. That was the only way she’d put that weight back on.

There was a moment where she twisted and turned in the mirror, examining herself. The knitted patchwork sweater fit well over her black turtleneck and bridged the color gap between that and her charcoal grey slacks. The neck of the turtleneck was just high enough to keep her body armor covered. She’d thought, for half a second, about going outside without it. But then she remembered she was going with Nahual and not Todd. So the suit had stayed on under her layers.

She grabbed a black peacoat and donned her usual fuck off combat boots before she walked out the door. She locked it behind her, checking that she had her phone, her wallet, and her keys. Upon reassuring they were there, she took a deep breath and headed toward Todd’s apartment. She felt the vibrations inside the other apartment and nodded to herself. Just Nahual. Todd must have gone to work already. That worked out great. He wouldn’t be able to see all the effort she was putting in until they got back. And hopefully, by then, she would have everything she needed.

She walked up to the front door of Todd’s apartment and tapped lightly on it. “Nahual, it’s Sam. You ready?”

Nahual, infuriatingly, answered the door almost immediately after Sam's knock. She was dressed in the same clothes as the night before, Sam's old clothes, but seemed as fresh, warm, and puffed as if she had stepped out of a dryer herself. Her long white-blonde hair had been done up in twin pinned-up braids and held a tinge of pink to it. A genetic alteration she could do at will with minimal effort, just like the naturally sweet smell that wafted from her skin.

She seemed practically perfect in every way, from her smile to her scent. The only wrench in the look were her shoes, sneakers, still flecked with blood. There was enough that it almost looked like tie dye, but a keen eye would know the difference. Still smiling, she responded to Sam,
"Of course! So excited! We're going out together~ hehe!" and gave a little hop for joy.

Stepping out of the apartment, Nahual would follow Sam wherever she led. Nahual really didn't understand what they were doing, or where they were going, but she was happy to be spending the time with Sam. Maybe there'd even be biomass along the way! Nahual felt she would be perfectly satisfied with a good one or two hundred pounds today, something that gave her enough energy to play with. Her fingers twitched at the thought, her body ready to pounce at any second.

Attempting to relax herself as the pair walked, Nahual spoke aloud as she assumed Sammy would notice her twitches,
"Sorry! Still hungry hehe!"
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Sam led Nahual out of the hallway, locking the outer door behind her. She sighed a bit at the enthusiasm in the other woman’s voice, but it also made her smile just a little bit. The twitching hands hadn’t gone unnoticed as they made their way to the car, but she just nodded at Nahual’s explanation. It seemed that the girl was always hungry. That seemed like it could be a thing, but Sam wasn’t concerned enough to actually pry.

“Alright, there’s some ground rules, okay? The first is you do not eat people. At. All. The second is that you stay with me at all times. Is that clear?”

They got to the car, and Sam unlocked the passenger seat for Nahual, holding it open. She stood in front of it while she waited for the other woman’s answer. Woman. Thing. Being. Whatever Nahual was. Only once Nahual had answered her would Sam step aside and walk around to her side of the car.​

Nahual giggled at Sammy's ground rules. So silly and easy to follow, at least for now, the need for more biomass would need to be satisfied later. A couple of hours? Nahual could go a couple of hours. Maybe there'd be a stray cat or dog along the way... Ah! Focus! Looking up, Nahual had realized they had already arrived at the car. Oh, shit, what was the other rules?

Don't eat people, that's all Nahual remembered, the other rules probably weren't important.

As Sammy held the door open for Nahual, the little friend grinned and gently brushed her hand across Sammy's shoulder. As she did so, Nahual increased the gentle, natural sweet scent ever so slightly. Just enough that when she touched Sammy, it would leave a little scent marker for a few minutes.

"Don't eat people! Of course! So easy, not a problem. Sammy has my undivided attention today~" At that, Nahual slipped into the car with a happy little shake.

Sam’s eye twitched when Nahual touched her shoulder. She could smell that sweet scent again that she had smelled the night before on the girl. Some kind of natural scent, maybe a pheromonal thing. Whatever it was, it was so sweet that it was almost nauseating. She shook her head and closed the door to the car. She walked around to the other side and slid into her own seat, fastening her seatbelt.

With the keys in her hand, she looked over at the smaller woman, and in a voice edged with desperation, she said, “Please, just behave. Okay?”

Regardless of Nahual’s answer, Sam pulled the car out of the parking lot and set them on their way. The drive wasn’t long to get to the strip mall in Ross Park Mall, and Sam spent most of it quiet. She was nervous for reasons entirely unrelated to Nahual. The purpose behind this outing was to make herself, well. Pretty again. But– her eyes flicked over Nahual’s clothes and shoes– they had to do something else first. Because Nahual couldn’t keep walking around looking like that. She was probably an XXS, so Sam had an idea of where to start on clothes and shoes.

“We’re going to start by getting you some clothes. You can’t keep wearing my clothes, and those shoes need to go.”

Nahual giggled at Sammy's pleading, but spoke no more as she settled into the car seat. Their drive was, relatively, quiet. Sam remarked about changing Nahual's clothing and shoes and the little friend couldn't agree more. Nahual had a certain 'style' she preferred and this frumpiness of Sammy's didn't fit her. It fit Sammy well, but Nahual also had enough tact in her mind to not speak her thoughts aloud.

Pulling into the parking lot, Nahual was amazed by the sheer number of vehicles. It was a simple calculation, but if each vehicle was only filled halfway, then there could be thousands upon thousands of people at this location alone! So many! Surely, suuuurely one or two could go missing. Nahual knew how she'd do- no! No no no, Nahual popped the side of her head gently while Sammy parked the car. Sammy had asked Nahual to not eat people and, at least today, Nahual could restrict herself.

Getting out of the car, Nahual stretched with a little noise and spoke,
"My first time around so many humans! How wonderful! How wooonderful! Where should we start Sammy? Do you have a favorite place?" And, again, a giggle. Nahual was nothing if not excited.

Sam had just finished parking the car when Nahual spoke up. She gave a small smile and a soft sigh at the younger woman’s giggle. She really was just like a child. It was hard to hold hostility toward her, at least right then. She didn’t like the almost-girl, not with what she knew about her– predator of predators that Sam was– but she could at least soften her heart toward her. She hummed for a second, then nodded.

“We’ll start in Altar’d State and we’ll go from there. There’s lots of different shops here, but I’ll admit that they’re a favorite of mine. They tend to carry things in my size. We should be able to find things that fit you there.” Sam unlocked the car doors and got out of her Bug, carefully and gently shutting the door.

She looked at it for a minute. For the first time in what felt like forever, and was certainly the first time since Mrs. Shaw had demanded she take it, the car didn’t immediately bring a stab of pain to her chest. Instead, she simply smiled at it. It was one of the few things she had to remind her of her best friend, her soul’s friend, and maybe, finally, she was letting go. Letting go of the pain and the hate and the fear. Maybe she was moving forward.

She waited until Nahual was out of the car before she locked it again, tucking the keys into her coat’s pocket and buttoning it shut. The thoughts melted away like ice under her touch as she pulled herself back into the present moment, and out of a memory of Alice’s smiling face, with her broken nose and jet black hair. She looked over and saw Nahual. In many ways, the girl was the antithesis of everything Alice had been.

She sighed and waved a hand, gesturing for Nahual to follow her. “Keep up, stay with me, and try not to be… uncanny.”

Nahual watched Sammy closely as the other woman paused a handful of times to gaze wistfully at her things, even at Nahual for a moment. Giggling, she flipped her hair and slipped closer to Sammy. Their shoulders were practically touching as Nahual responded, "Uncanny? The only uncanny I am is uncannily beautiful! You're so lucky to be with a girl like little me~"

At that, she accompanied Sammy through the mall parking lot and toward the building itself. Nahual had never actually been inside a mall before, but she had watched the show 'Stranger Things.' So she knew what the inside of one was supposed to look like. She didn't like the show though, the poor Demogorgon just kept getting picked on by the nasty humans with their nasty relationships and their screamy voices. Nahual thought about writing her own end to that show and sending it to the writers for criticism, but the Demogorgon ate everyone in Nahual's superior story.

Shaking her head, she refocused on the task at hand. Looking over at Sammy, Nahual asked, "
Whatcha thinkin' 'bout? Food?"

Smooth Nahual, smooth.

Sam shook her head at Nahual’s antics, but her eyes quickly became far away again as they walked. Until Nahual spoke to her, pulling her from her reverie. She looked across at the other small girl and shook her head. “No, no, I’m… I’m thinking about Alice. I’m thinking about my best friend.”

As they walked, a few people turned to look at them. Sam was used to eyes on her. However, an equal amount of eyes were turning on Nahual next to her, and that was bad. They needed to get her out of those shoes before someone noticed. That determined their first stop. They didn’t need anything fancy, but whatever Nahual wanted as her replacement would be arranged.

And maybe recommended in black.

They pulled up next to a few shoe stores, and Sam dragged her into one that catered more toward women than men. She looked down at Nahual’s feet and brought her over to the smallest sizes, where she herself had to shop. “Before you ask, a best friend is someone who you have a very close relationship with, but in a way that has nothing to do with– mating.”

She lowered her voice a little when she said that, realizing it was likely the only word that Nahual would understand in that description. Or, the one she’d be most familiar with, anyway.​