Approved Flora Foster

  • Name: Flora Foster
  • Alias: Fission, Nuclear Witch
  • Age: 26
  • Appearance: Photo below
  • Powers: Teleportation and the ability to dissemble her atoms
    • If the powers have an area of effect, what is the max area? She has a 50 foot teleportation range
    • Flora was a nuclear engineer involved in a nuclear accident
    • Flora cannot use her powers when on painkillers or when she cannot have sight
  • Equipment
    • Disguise involving a gaiter, coat, knives, special boots with quiet soles. Emergency medial equipment
  • Brief character bio
Flora was born and raised with her brother in Michigan, and had a relatively normal childhood. She graduated high school with honors and went to college in California. She got a degree in nuclear engineering before moving back to South Haven. She met her husband, Boris in college and they married shortly after Flora's 20 birthday. Their son, Cecil was born shortly after. They lived happily as a family, all while working at a nuclear power plant.

When Flora was 25, there was an accident involving a near-reactor meltdown. Flora was near proximity in an attempt to shut the reactor down, and her suit was torn. As a result, she was hit by an intense blast of radiation and her atoms disassociated. Flora was declared dead, and no body recovered. Two days later her atoms reformed outside the city. She spent a weeks figuring out how to form and unform her atomic structure, all while hiding from her family.

She was alive, but Flora also is dying. She steals drugs to slow the radiation-induced cancer, but knows her time is limited. With everyone thinking she is dead, and unwilling to reveal herself to her family, and making them relive her death twice.

In an attempt to gain fake papers and restart her life, the forgers realized her abilites and made a deal, and forced her to kill their rival for the fake passport. Flora agreed, and killed the man. Then she killed one, while the other got away. As a result she has begun killing people, utilizing her abilities to teleport and walk through walls to kill for money, a way to support her family.


Wears this with a dark hoodie, pants and boots. Utilizes thigh holsters.


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