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Yellow eyes looked at a poster for some time. He questioned was it real? Head to Stiles Street for a chance to start a revolution could it be that simple?

Noir realized he didn't have the options or time to wait around for someone to answer him. Nobody would come up to him to discuss the validity of the poster. Sure he could inquire them but they might think him a meta if he did such a thing. He wasn't a normal scenario if he was going to out what he was it needed to be more trustable in source. Or confined enough he could get away with burning the evidence. Fine to Stiles Street it was, he was fed up as it asked, and a fiery retribution was what was called for.

It started with a trio of jumps. From ground to top of a dumpster from there to a fire escape second story up. From there to the roof, each jump a powerful lunge. The slightest effort to pull himself up and over the wall to be on the roof proper. From there he took off at a sprint, he did track once, never did he feel as fast now. He liked to think it was do to drive, his previous self was nobody was a victim. Today though he was someone with purpose. The wind rustled his hair as he traveled roof tops the occasional jump to cover the gaps. It was nicer up here, the smell of air and smog was favorable over the stench of people. He tried not to think that way but sometimes it couldn't be helped.

So often when he saw a pretty woman he saw her. When he smelled a perfume he smelled her. When he heard a laugh he mistook it for her. And every thought of her reminded him of the end. He didn't want to speak her name because just the thought of it hurt. People made him remember what he was. As the mind danced around these thoughts his pace quickened. Predatory, eager to race after a mark. Or maybe it was eager to escape. Just run away from the people and the memories that burned in his mind. The rushing act comes to a halt as he reaches a highway. It's to far to jump across.

"'And all I loved, I loved alone."

This was a quote, by today's standards he might have been considered edgy. Noir still liked to read his material though, said author spoke fondly of the mystery of cats after all. And to Noir those words spoken were like those of an incantation. To him the chance to fly away from his troubles was a dream, an idea to still adore. It was a concept to love, but now he always went to rest alone his love a flickering memory betraying the ash left behind. Wings unfurl from his back and with it the rest of the journey is traveled by air. Remaining distance blazed a way by the swiftness only wings could provide.

The building ahead was where the flier said to go. And so a critter lands at the door. He jumps on the handle trying to open the door. A back arching to pull, it got him nowhere. Maybe it was heard but now he was annoyed. Next came trying to force it open. Furiously he swiped at the door trying to push it with a series of strikes. It'd sound like scratching and it got Noir nowhere. A sigh escapes him. Looking upwards would be something that's imposing stature was about ankle high, a black cat. "Mew! for Marry?"

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The apartment building at 3829 Stiles street had a front door, it had a guarded front door with two armed men standing outside, ready to attack anyone who came with ill intent.

But the little Critter did not come to the front door. From fire escapes to rooftops to street alleys, the Critter had made its way toward a large, steel backdoor to the apartment building. He could not be faulted for thinking it was the front door, however, as the 'front' looked barely distinguishable from the 'back' door. The difference between one alley to the next.

It was a good turn of events, however. Instead of meeting two armed men as the Critter struggled to open the door, the Critter would find himself face to face with a skinny, tattoo-covered woman with stringy black hair. Looking down, Mary smiled at the little Critter as it spoke,
"Well look at you's! Ain't you's just the cutest lil' thing!"

Crouching down, Mary rested her arms on her knees and let her unlit cigarette hang off her fingers. She wanted to be closer to the eye level of the Critter, but even while crouched she was still bigger than him. Grinning again, Mary asked, "What brings you's to a meetin' with Mary?"

The feline was met by the very woman he had come looking for. It was a sight that gave him pause. Mary looked so much like her, certainly wasn't identical but enough to give the cat pause. Heavy ink, raven hair, cigarettes each things that reminded him of someone he loved, hated, missed, wished he could kill again. A remark came and a small purr escaped him brief but there. She used to compliment him and it had been the highlight of his day he would have done anything for her. Memories of his paramour hurt but remarks like that still struck a cord. "'I am, though I'd rather be called at least a critter, not a thing."

Course he also had a name, it was on his caller. Noir took a moment to leap to a window near by. The ledge wasn't a comfortable sit but it allowed at least being more neutral level to Mary. This was also more in petting range. He was not a man who would ask such a thing, but that was a luxury he also couldn't resist. The critter wouldn't be opposed to such attention if efforts were made. "I saw a flier, and let's just say it stoked a fire."

With the wordplay he raised a paw and along the claws sparked a series of flames. His paw a potential lighter if Marry wanted and at the very least a small display of power. "I was turned into this by a meta. All love got me was a chocolate smelling fur coat. Tried my...paws at revenge but that wasn't enough. I get it even a magical cat probably doesn't sound like much help beyond mascot potential. Doesn't change the fact I wanted to be here." Noir wasn't sure what to expect coming here. Sight of someone who reminded him so much of his ex also made him perhaps to vulnerable. For all his self doubts though he did know what he wanted. They were cat eyes they always looked mischievous. Noir though at least new the difference his were burning with malevolent intent. He would gladly scorch anything this group could point him to.

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It- he- the Critter purred! It was small, quick, and quiet, but Mary was sure she heard it! She nearly squealed with delight but contained herself so that she could listen to the little guy talk. He hopped up on a ledge so that she could stand and they'd still see nearly eye to eye as he continued, explaining that he saw the flier.

So the cat could read, and the cat wasn't really a cat at all! He was some sort of person turned into a magical cat. Mary stepped closer to him and placed a hand gently behind his ears, scratching and sniffing his coat,
"Oh god- you's do smell like chocolate! My god! That's so lovely! Looovely Critter~" She coo'ed as she began to attempt to pet him gently.

Mary loved cats, but old rules in her old housing meant animals were out of the question. She fed the ferals when she could, but they rarely let her touch them. If Critter scratched her in response to the pets, Mary wouldn't have been surprised, but it also wouldn't have stopped her. She just loved cats.

"Oh you's poor lil' darlin'. I understand being wronged by Metas, believe me. I could help you's get a lil' revenge, if you's wanted. You's don't seem like just bein' a cat an' sparkin' is all you's can do either- am I right?" Mary knew it had to be more. The way he sparked his paw, it looked a lot like how Mary would spark her own fingers. To demonstrate, Mary held out a free hand a flicked her fingers.

Burgundy sparks, smelling vaguely of rot and insects, flashed from her fingers. Eldritch blast is what she had called it, but it was so much more and so much less than that. Looking at Critter, Mary grinned.

He couldn't not have a pleased sound escape him. Eyes did shift a little to the side though in slight embarrassment. Purring was not the sound of something fierce or intimidating. It also wasn't cool, which he wanted to be. The inferno who would consume metas for the pain they brought to the world was what he dreamed of. Ankle height purring critters wasn't that level of intimidation by any means. Scratches though felt good and Noir couldn't help but lean into it.

His coat was soft to the touch long but well maintained. More attention given though might reveal th see occasional knot. Living in alleyways made his maintenance sometimes take a hit. Sparks spawned and a small nose twitched. The smell wasn't pleasant and his heightend senses only made it worse. He couldn't help but be fascinated however soon slightly leaning in. Noir didn't know if it was who he had been, or who he was, curiosity though could seize him nowadays. Rot and insects, he tried though to see if he could tell what kind of rot and insects. Wad it maggots or worms? Was it flies or beetles? He never liked insects, they were now fun things to hunt. Rodents were more fun but he could sometimes talk to them so that sometimes felt bad.

"'Thanks. Love the ink by the way." He felt it only polite and right to compliment in return. And what came naturally for him was the tattoos. He had loved the a rt work they allowed when a human. He felt like no one of significance until her, for his previous self though getting tatts had been a way he tried to counter that feeling the entire time. They told stories and held memories. They were something that didn't remind him of just his ex but a life he missed. Taken from him, right she asked a question he probably should answer.

"I can also speak to animals. They're terrible for conversation. Most my affinity is just fires, those shown, lighting myself on fire. Setting things aflame with a touch." He didn't mean to but that last line ended with a hiss. He was a furious angry little thing excited by the idea of setting someone on fire with the swipe of his claws.

"Then I've what I call explosion. A large detonation of flame. Could probably get better with pyrotechnics but books on magic aren't exactly common and I for some reason can't get a library card. Lastly is a bit of physical changes. Ones bit harder to show but hmm. And all I loved, I loved alone." He made a joke about library cards, something about his comfort that implied made him feel comfortable to showcase more. So he said the same "spell" as he had to get here. He didnt flinch like it hurt, if those had grown though it should of. Was hard to know the story behind those wings but as the "spell" was said they grew. Leathery bat like wings raised from his back, their fluttering providing a soft breeze. Was there any question he was magical though? A fire setting talking winged cat...

He wasn't sure if he could pry on all Marry could do. Noir though was sad, alone, vengeful, and Marry remind him of someone. He didn't mind telling more of what he could do or showcasing some of his abilities such as his wings. The other trick he'd rather be inside for though. It didn't feel right to transform in the open just to show off.

Mary could see the thoughts behind the little Critters eyes as she showed off her power. She couldn't actually read his mind, of course, but cats had a way of showing emotions that Mary had come to understand over long periods of exposure to them. As much as this cat was probably some 30 or 40 year old man, he was also weirdly very, very cat-like in his behaviors.

Mary also found herself surprised by how quickly she believed this talking cat. On one hand, why would a talking cat lie? On the other hand, surely a talking cat could lie if it wanted to- right? Smiling as he complimented her tattoos, Mary continued to pet Critter and listened as he continued speaking.

From what he was saying, he had a certain pyromancy ability. That was fascinating. Then, as he grew little wings, Mary giggled with joy."Well look at those! How lovely~! And you's say little spell incantations, oh that's adorable Critter!" Reaching to gently run her fingers across the leathery wings, Mary asked, "Lil' friend, how would you's feel about bein' a witch's familiar. I mean, I'm not a witch, more a Warlock, but same thing right?"

Mary, as if to demonstrate, pointed a finger past Critter and whispered, "Eldritch blast-" Instantly, a beam of burgundy force shot from her fingertip and slammed into a nearby wall. It cracked a hole into a cinderblock wall and collapsed a little bit of the cinderblock in on itself. Smiling, Mary looked back at Critter expectantly.

It wasn't a pleased enough to pur sensation but little twitches to ease into the hands told that Noir enjoyed the attention. Wings were still a foreign sensation so the pleasure of it hadn't grown on him as much. That said he also had spent a year as a cat the affection he had come to know was so rare and far between. He only actually felt cared for during that first two months beside his ex. A situation that carried to many scars along with it. "'It helps, that ones a quote from Poe was a favorite. I realize now it was a one sided deal saying it is freeing. Wings are freeing."

There was a pain there memories that stung. There was however also a comfort he seemed to find in saying it aloud actually coming more to terms with things. A spell was shown in return a spell cast that demolished brick. Noir got pack to his feet on the window frame a small lean to peer more at the damage done. He was curious, smelled trying to determine if more was heat or force. They smelled different, the distinction of dust over ozone. To see how the magic smell of earlier may have carried over. Was there more bug stench over there or rot. The light was intriguing to him as well that flash was there and gone though so abruptly he couldn't be to inquisitive of it.

A question came, and yellow eyes shifted to the witch.

"As friends, partners, anything but servitude. I may as well have been a slave I don't want to go back to that." His yellow eyes looked to her hiding nothing of his previous self. The cat loved a woman so much he became a victim to mind control. So much he was twisted into nothing beyond a pet. He wasn't saying no, his yes though came with a fear to not fall like he'd done before.

"Close enough. You prefer to be seen as one or the other? And what does being your familiar entail? I think in games they can die and just come back, I'd rather not. Also is this a sign a contract thing, I can turn the pages of a book but for some reason writing is a tad challenging."
It started with curiosity on just witch or warlock. He thought it fair given how he opened with not wanting to be called a thing. Then to curiosity of just what agreement would allow and ask of him. He was intrigued and leaning towards yes just desired to know. Then he simply ended on a joke. He had tried to write but that was frustrating any moment the attempt was made. He had to sort of bite a pen, hold it with tail and paw just to get anywhere. The effort even then was still more scribbles than anything coherent. He wasn't sure he could sign a contract.

Mary smiled softly as she listened to Critter. Her wandering hands made their way back toward Critter's soft back and sweet-smelling head. Scritches and soft pets, the correct way to show affection to a cat, were given in abundance from Mary's thin, cold fingers.

"Friends, partners, more than acceptable." Mary remarked, nodding enthusiastically to Critter's standards, "I's don't keep slaves, ain't 'bout that life you's know. Familiar as a friend, familiar as a partner, familiar as a cat."

Then, thinking for a moment, Mary continued, "Warlock, preferably." Her face seemed to darken as she thought about it, the smile fading away. "Is- well, it's hard to-" Then, Mary paused. Looking down at Critter, she started laughing, "Oh, well if anyone's gonna understand, it'd be you's! Sorry-! I'm, haha, just so us'ta nobody else gettin' it!"

Stepping back, Mary held out her tattooed arms and introduced herself properly with a bow, "I am Mary the Warlock! Pact-bound by Cicatrix, demon of insects n' chaos. If you's choose to be my Familiar, then you's gonna get treated like my family! As family, I'd ask you's to do thing's for me, an' I'd do things for you's! I might make you's read, but I wouldn't make you's write- hah!"

There Was a pleased nod of the head and swish of the tail at the remark. Noir knew I may have been paranoid or rude, it couldn't be helped however. All his joy and trust had gotten him, was turned intona cat. His instinct and emotions wanted to trust the warlock right away, but he had to use intellect and wisdom. Try and make sure he didn't end up a victim again. Some of that ease easier to dissipate by a following display of trust revealing more of herself.

Bound to a demon of chaos and insects. A brow raised, his left ear perked up to unbeknownst to the critter. Side effect of well being a cat that he hadn't quite learned of. A new tick to replace old ones. The information got his curiosity however, so then demons were real? He believed his ex that magic existed, because metas existed. To him it made sense, and flipping through his ex's remains helped him figure out how to do his magic way he saw it. He wasn't born a creature of fire or caster of spells but upon his change it made the most sense to him. Demons though still had seemed a myth. He related it to fun trashy horror films then reality. Well that and a tattoo he missed, he tried to impress a goth girl I'm high-school and got a pentagram tattooed on his shoulder small but there.

Which gave him an idea. "'Would love to here more, still new to things. Anyway I've no home and nobody left. The offers to good for me to refuse writing if thats what it takes."

His tail swished to eventually point at his shoulder. While his right paw raised. "However while writing may be hard perhaps a contract can be sealed with a brand. Closest thing I could get to a tattoo, if anything it'd be a gift, an honor if my contract came in such a way. And with my own mark I swear it the one and only time to do you harm. Following it you'd be family, only one I've got."

Noir doubted his paw that lit up with the word brand would mean anything contractually. He was agreeing to be a familiar he had no authority in such a thing. To him though the idea of it, the vow it meant something. It showed in his yellow eyes. If this pact was made the critter would set fire to the world for Mary. He might have been skeptical but he was also so alone and vengeful. In the end he wanted this both to have some shred of family and humanity left but also something else. Beyond those sad gold eyes was a wrath burning at almost fanatical. Longing to belong came first, a urge to set fire to metas a obvious second.

His paw would be tempered looking to scar quickly and hopefully burn to hot to sting for long. If done he wouldn't enjoy it and care would be there. With a subtle hint of ears lowered and predatory though. While not wanting to harm Mary it'd be clear he did want to harm others. A growing empathy making him want to incinerate whoever wronged Mary so much she took to this cause.

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