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Moto always hated having to explain it to new people, the two bodies thing. It was all the same worries of ‘oh where should I look at you and the ‘oh then what’s your name and the endless permutations of what are you that Moto had heard over the years. It was easier sometimes when people just assumed she was they, but then people would start to notice that she and her ‘sister’ were always just a little too in sinc with one another and start to get weird about that. Moto wasn’t certain what she wanted, but wouldn’t it be nice to just have someone complement her for managing to make two bodies fashionable sometime?

Especially when they had different body types no less!

With a reminder to ‘be nice to the new girl’ Moto found herself being ushered along into a small corner cafe to wait for a girl named Celeste. It wasn’t a bad cafe really, a little too pricy for Moto’s tastes but the DDC was picking up the tab so she ordered some nice tea and a slice of their most expensive cake. Two slices really, but the other slice was for her new partner when she showed up. Moto didn’t eat yet, that would be rude after all when one was waiting for another to show up, so instead she watched a sugar cube dissolve in her cup of tea while she watched the passing faces on the street. Afternoon light reflected off the windows across the street, and Moto stretched a pair of her arms.

She did her best not to yawn, that would just spread to her other self.