RP Experiment #127


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DATE: 7/15/2023
EQUIPMENT: ACF-7823-B sample #52, a microscope, and a flask of acid.
PURPOSE: The instruction and supervision of Intern Mortimer-Smith

Pepper finished laying out the equipment. She’d been tasked recently with overseeing the training and testing of a failing intern named Dahlia, and she was setting her up to repeat a test that she and Dr. Kallie had performed almost five years ago. It was one of the most basic tests that they had ever performed on a sample, and it was important for Dahlia to come to the same conclusions they had. Otherwise, she could be up for amnestics, and that wasn’t pleasant. Especially not with the girl’s… history with them, as it were.

No, instead Pepper was hoping to guide Dahlia through the process and safeguard her position as an intern. Who knew, maybe Pepper would be able to encourage her and inspire her enough that she broke out of whatever funk she was in that was preventing her from moving forward at the Foundation. She’d been with them for nearly a year, and instead of excelling, she was falling far behind her peers. Pepper remembered her own time as an intern, and how she had initially struggled to adapt to the culture at the Foundation. She was hoping that was all the issue with Dahlia was. It wouldn’t reflect poorly on Pepper if she failed, but Pepper would feel poorly about it.

When everything was finally laid out, Pepper looked at the clock on the wall and sighed. Dahlia was ten minutes late.

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The only sort of fashionable Dahlia ever was was late.

Well, unless the sort of fashion you were into was an overlap of thrift store chic, military surplus, and fishnet femme, with a little sprinkling of 'that thing from the dumpster' sprinkled on top. Duct taped skullcandies perched precariously on her unkempt head, blaring Schoolyard Heroes loud enough for everyone around her to hear the tinny sound despite her headphones.

Eventually, she slipped into the room she was supposed to be in - carefully closing the door behind her - and gave a slight nod to Pepper.

"Hey. What's this? We making a bomb?"

She smirked.

Pepper eyed Dahlia up and down. While Pepper was a blatant example of not following the dress code, Dahlia was a violent violation. She sighed slightly and smiled at the woman as she suggested they were building a bomb.

“We don't do that here. This is a simple reconstruction of an experiment that Dr. Kallie and I performed a few years ago. It needs to be redone on new examples. It’s a basic molecular analysis and cellular destruction experiment.”

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Dahlia rolled her eyes.

"No explosions? Lame."

Still, she moved up beside Pepper, idly watching as her supervisor moved around the supplies.

"Molecular destruction is pretty based though. What are we destroying?"

Pepper pulled a tray of samples out from under the table and set it on top. Some of the samples wiggled a little, while others were still. She tapped the glass of one of the wiggling bits and smiled. “These are samples of the ‘earth’ of the dimension that I access when I use my anomalous abilities. We’re in a constant state of testing as I bring samples back from further away from the path that is open to me. Today, I’m having you examine the pieces for their state of being, as it were, and we’ll get to molecularly destroy them after as we test new ways to try to break the components down. So far, we’ve only found two substances powerful enough to break them down.”

She took a step back from the table and gestured for Dahlia to step forward. “I’m here to help you if you get stuck, but this is a test of your capabilities.”

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She really didn't want to have to do this crap, but so be it. Picking up one of the cubes in her bare hand, she gave it an experimental squeeze, then - in a flash of inspired stupidity - popped it into her mouth.

One chew.


With a grimace, she spat it out.

"What, do you travel up some old guy's asshole or something?!" she coughed, wiping at her mouth. "That's fucking - raw meat. Shitty raw meat. Tough as fuck."

Pepper immediately rushed forward and took the girl’s face in her hands. “That’s certainly one way to find out it’s flesh. Not the method I would have chosen, but still. Do you feel okay? We’ve never had someone ingest the flesh before.”

That was true. No one had ever ingested the flesh- partly because it was raw flesh, flesh that still moved even. This gave Pepper horrible ideas for future experiments. Nothing about their testing said it was particularly unsafe to eat after all.

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