Approved Eliana; Songbird

Eliana Ariana Rook




96 lbs


Eli is thin, with very little in terms of defined musculature or fat clinging to her bones. Her frame is light, her waist thin, she looks frail and as of she had skipped a meal too many. Her eyes are a distinct silver-gray in color, with long lashes. Eli has a rounded face, with a soft jawline, and sharp, flat nose.

Her hair comes down to shoulder level with bangs that come down to eye level which she keeps slipped to the side with a simple hairclip. She typically leaves her hair loose, or draws it into a simple pony-tail behind her head. Her hair is a gradient running from a golden-blond at the roots down to a scarlet at the tips.


From Wren, Eli has learned basic knife-fighting and self-defense techniques. She is by no means a master fighter, but Eli knows enough to hold an opponent off until she is able to escape or get assistance.

While still learning, Eli is a decent cook, able to scratch together something tasty even from scraps. Whether this is due to a natural talent, or necessity due to Wren’s poor cooking abilities has yet to be decided.


In the space around her Eli can halt the movement of things outside of ordinary in the area directly around herself. Projectiles will dissipate as they near her, and superpowered moves will lose that spark or super that exists behind them. But this protection is not absolute, she is young and this is more reflex than control, and due to this the null can be pushed back and stripped away with enough outside pressure. Further, the null has no real influence against physical attacks, while it might be able to dissipate a shard of ice sent in her direction from beyond, if you were to throw a punch wreathed in meta-human flame, the fire would be stripped away but the fist would not be paused in its travels.

Her power likewise can’t really stop a physiological change in a person, if they have claws or wings she can’t just simply magic those away so long as they are a physical part of the person.

This she has more control over, if Eli focuses then she can collect a portion of something that has been nullified around her and reflect it back to the world around her. She can focus it to some degree, though it’s hard to be precise with the reflection of a power that is not truly her own. Further, how potent this reflection is will be due to how much she has collected rather than the actual power of the thing that entered her area of null.


Eli couldn’t find the will to move. Belv circled her, yellowed eyes constantly shifting, appraising. Eli kept her eyes cast downward, frozen on a stain on the floor, an uneven blotch where the wood had been darkened by a spill. She didn’t want to know what had created the stain. Two fingers curled under her left jaw, tilted her head up with a rough jerk. Belv pressed his head close, yellowed eyes narrowed. Searching her face for any imperfection. Eli’s eyes slid to the right, attempted to escape the man’s gaze. Tried not to cry.

She could see her father, the man stood rigid, arms clasped behind his back, head bowed and eyes closed. His image started to blur, distort, and Eli felt her head being released. Belv breathed an approving grunt, and walked back to his desk. Eli’s eyes returned to the splotch on the floor, as she heard the sound of a pen scratching against paper.

“Thin, but that’ll be no problem.” the man laughed, full-throated, uncaring. “There’s a market for all kinds of freaks.” A shiver ran through her shoulders, a faint quiver.

“Yes, lord.” her father said.

“I’ll give you two years.” His pen finished scratching. She heard both her parents draw in a sharp breath. Something slid down her cheek.

“That is very generous, lord.” Her mother stepped past her, hurried to the desk. Faint words, indiscernible, muffled, before her mother rushed past. Eli’s head turned, her parents hurried out of the room. Neither glanced back. They had their food.

“Jel, take this one away.” Belv said. A muscular man stepped out from a corner, placed a hand on the middle of her back, gently motioned for her to start walking. Her first steps were uncertain, stumbling as she was ushered out of the room. Eli passed two teens talking to Belv’s door man before Jel guided her to the left into a poorly lit hallway.

The next day, she learned that Belv was dead.


She couldn’t stop looking at him. Quick darting glances, she felt uneasy if she looked at him for too long, but she felt as if he would suddenly come to life if she didn’t keep checking. Grab and drag her away. Harvie was binding his arms, but Eli was certain that it wouldn’t be enough. The man stirred, a deep blue eye cracked. Eli felt her body freeze. His head swung back, there was a dull crack as their skulls connected, Harvie pushed the man’s head back. She had a feeling of panic, she tried to look away, but her eyes kept returning.

Harvie rose, dusted off his hands and started to walk away. The man’s head lulled, lifted, his eyes were alert. Eli thought her knees were about to give in, she attempted to find a spot on the wall to watch, and failed.

“Where’s the witch?” Lark spoke. The man’s head turned to her, his gaze caught hers. Her heart fluttered, joints felt weak.

“Hey Songbird, want to see a magic trick?” Eli flinched, inadvertently pulled her shoulders in, attempt to make herself smaller. She raised a small finger, pointed to herself, eyes shifting to the men who stood on either side of her. The light overhead flickered once, and the man addressed her again. “I just need you to count to ten.” Eli nodded.

“Look at me!” Lark spat. His hand slapped the desk. Eli flinched.

“By the time you say ten, I’ll be free of my bindings and everyone in the room will be dead. Ok?” Eli felt the edges of her vision dropping away, she felt her mouth open but no words came. “Ready? On the signal now.”

“Jel! Break his damn jaw!” Lark screeched. Jel stepped past her, careful to not bump into her. Jel had always been careful. There was a pop, and the room was dark.

“One?” Her voice felt strange in her throat. There was the sound of wood scraping against wood.

“Two.” There was a sudden sharp retort. Her voice felt distant, she couldn’t focus. The sharp retort continued, and she felt something wet on her cheek. She continued to count. The loud noise kept chewing through the haze which filled her mind. Suddenly, the light returned. She couldn’t focus her eyes.

“Ten.” She could hear her voice, but felt certain that someone else had said it.

“Hey Songbird, want to join? It’ll be fun.” Her eyes slid towards the noise, but she couldn’t understand the words. The man smiled at her, his left hand outstretched. Smoke trailed from the black mass in his right hand. Her eyes kept moving, but the images felt wrong, dream like. Still forms twisted in unnatural angles, with red starting to pull underneath. She could feel the haze starting to lift, she shifted back to the man. A fragile voice flittered through her mind.


The haze cleared, she felt her eyes widen, and she screamed.

The man gave a toothy grin.