Approved Dr. Kallie Reed

Personnel File: Dr. Kallie Amanda Reed

Name: Dr. Kallie Amanda Reed

Rank: R-Class-D, Head of Anohuman Studies at L-14

Locations: L-14

Age: 60 y/o.

Hair color: Grey and Black

Eye color: Brown

Height: 1.57 meters

Weight: 50.8 Kg

Hobbies: Does research and paperwork count?

Foundation History
Dr. Kallie joined the foundation after an experience with the "Music Man" anomaly on June 5th, 1989. Through exemplary work and determination, she quickly rose to the rank of an A-Class-C researcher at location L-14. Her promotion came after she finished her research on the genetic disposition of anomalous humans and how to identify its signs in pregnancies. She is also the researcher who was in charge of the handling, examination, and raising of anomaly ACF-7823-A. We have been trying to promote her to A-Class-D for nearly a decade, but she has stubbornly refused the transition. We eventually gave her special clearance for Leviathan-level anomalies. It was only after the Breach, due to efforts from new location managers Isaac Cotta and Cody Redd, that she finally agreed to the promotion, and was made senior researcher at the L-14 location.

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