Approved Dr. Evelyn Pearce

Personnel File: Dr. Evelyn Pearce

Name: Evelyn Pearce

Anomalous Designation: N/A

Related Anomalies: ACF-4912 "Biological Clock", ACF-5810 "Sharps Box"

Rank: R-Class-D

Locations: L-1 Pathogenic Research Laboratory, L-14 Temporary Quarantine Location

Age: 27

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Green

Height: 175cm

Weight: 60kg

Hobbies: Listening to music on shift

Personal History


Foundation History

Evelyn works at the Pathogenic Research Laboratory, heading the team "VECTOR"- a rotating group of researchers quarantined in the Laboratory, who research the symptoms, structure, spread, and cure for anomalous diseases of various types and severity. She has been issued exactly two informal warnings, but they have been dismissed, as both times the problem stemmed from her manner of speaking with patients and subjects, and not any ethical misconduct. She has promised to be more polite from now on, but has not been held to this by anyone else in "VECTOR".

Her workflow is usually the same, involving the use of ACF-4912; patients infected with a disease are to give a blood sample, which is then used with ACF-4912 to control the progression of the disease within their body, so that each stage can be observed. Once the symptoms and timeframe are noted, Evelyn uses this information to begin work on a cure, reversing the disease back to its starting point whenever necessary until the cure is found. She has lost very few patients, and has failed very few times. ACF-4912 allows for perseverance beyond what should be physically possible.

The Pathogenic Research Laboratory has strict sanitation policies, which every visitor is mandated to follow, and the quarantine does not lift until the relevant cure has been found and tested. Though unnecessary, Evelyn follows similar sanitation measures when outside of the Laboratory.

Anomaly Information - ACF-4912 "Biological Clock"

A small, plastic stopwatch on a nylon cord. There is space at the back for a replacable hypodermic needle, with a small reservoir behind it. When a blood or tissue sample is placed inside the resevoir, ACF-4912 can be "tuned" to a range of biological processes present within the owner of the sample, including those involving any pathogens present within the sample. Once isolated, the process can be accelerated, paused, or reversed, using the dials on the watch face.

Anomaly Information - ACF-5810 "Sharps Box"

A standard-issue sharps disposal box, housing a pocket dimension with no known exit. Used primarily to dispose of the needles used with ACF-4912, to prevent further contamination.