Approved Dr. Elizabeth Pepper Krasniqi, ACF-7823

Personnel File: Elizabeth Pepper Krasniqi

This file is restricted to Class-D personnel and higher. Unauthorized access will result in immediate disciplinary action.
Name: Dr. Elizabeth Pepper Krasniqi

Anomalous Designation: ACF-7823-A "Peppers"

Rank: R-Class-C (R-Class-D pending)

Locations: L-14

Age: 25 y/o. (D.O.B. 6.30.1997) [Eternally 22]

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Green

Height: 1.49 m

Weight: 44.5 kg

Hobbies: Sewing, watching horror movies and romcom movies, reading fiction books, rollerblading, and going to concerts

Foundation History
Elizabeth Krasniqi was discovered at the age of five in [REDACTED], California. Her parents reported her missing and she seemingly disappeared for three days, only to reappear right in front of her parent's eyes. This happened once more before an undercover agent reported the anomaly. Agents were dispatched to examine first the location, then the child herself. Upon noticing extremely high levels of [REDACTED], they determined that the anomaly was the child herself. She was taken into custody under the pretense of [REDACTED]. While her parents initially put up a fight, once they were adequately compensated they agreed to visitations only.

Initial testing assumed that Elizabeth was popping in and out of reality at a consistent spot. This was quickly proven incorrect as the child began to pop in and out of reality all across the facilities. Attempts to contain her failed miserably. Multiple containment procedures were attempted, but it was soon determined that it was unnecessary for her to be contained, as she willingly stayed in the facilities with the researchers, who she bonded with. Further testing was deemed necessary. Attaching cameras to her proved to be futile, as the only footage that they recorded was of a black space with a strong interfering sound.

In a stroke of brilliance, researcher Kallie strapped a GPS onto Elizabeth’s wrist for a week. From there, they were able to determine that she was traveling in some liminal space between points A and B. The child herself was unable to explain for many years how and what she was doing.

At age fifteen, Elizabeth was reassessed. At this point in time, she had begun to show great promise with her ability. After years of training and instructions, she had mastered what we have decided to call “walking” between point A and point B through her dimensional rifts in a fraction of the time it takes to physically walk there. Distance seems to be irrelevant. After testing, it was determined that she could also lead others through ACF-7823-B.

It is important to note that no one is to accompany Elizabeth without a blindfold face covering of some kind. Researcher [REDACTED] was the first to attempt to accompany her on a “walk”. It took them two days to return, at which time the researcher immediately put in a request for leave and began to see the in-house therapist and psychiatrist. She requested a transfer of locations. Although it took them nearly a month to discuss the events that transpired, Elizabeth had no problem explaining. “She got scared by one of the shadows and let go of my hand. It’s really dark, so it took me a while to find her again. I don’t think the shadows like outsiders, so it’s not good to get lost.”

Elizabeth appears to be unaware of where she goes, or how she goes there, but she can control it and therefore may prove useful in the future.

Addendum: Elizabeth has joined the Research team, so we have conducted another evaluation. In the 5 years since the prior evaluations, several things have become more evident, which will be listed below.

Elizabeth has an internal map that allows her to go anywhere she pleases. Exp; when asked to travel to a particular city in a country she has never been to, she can find her way there nearly instantaneously. When asked to provide an explanation of how she does this, she shrugs and insists, “I just know. I never get lost.” Being provided with a set of coordinates, she can lead teams to their exact location.

No amount of containment can prevent Elizabeth from going where she pleases. She willingly chooses to stay as she has developed deep, familiar attachments to the Field and Home Research Teams, especially to Dr. Reed and Dr. Fredricks. She poses no threat, so we have given her much leeway, including the recent promotion to A-Class-C.

Over the last decade, through extensive training, Elizabeth has mastered several new techniques. She can now use quick successions of her dimensional rifts, collapse the portals while keeping them active, the transportation of items touched but not traveling with (or simply dropping them into ACF-7823-B for future pick up), and the successful transportation of up to ten people. Amount of people she could lead through is estimated to be as many as she pleases.

As is protocol, she does have containment rules. She is designated Class Household. She is in no way allowed to be near any anomaly higher than Risky. After an incident where a Leviathan asked her to take it for a walk and she nearly unlocked its containment room, she has been banned from operating anywhere near them. She has no sense of self-preservation, so she must be accompanied by another researcher at all times. She may be used for the transportation of properly sealed and contained anomalies. Risky, Low-Grade.

Recent developments with "Peppers" have required a second addendum. Medical reports have recently been submitted to the staff that indicate radical changes to her DNA. These changes have been studied and the conclusion is that she has stopped aging physically. Furthermore, her cell turnover rate is so high, that it is unlikely she will ever age again. These changes were caused by her current status as a god host. She has absorbed the dying vestiges of what has only been referred to as "The Dead God." She has also taken on part of his consciousness, as it has been noted that she both hears and sees him. At this time, she is to be considered a nonthreat, however, her new designation is that of Leviathan, Low-Grade, as requested by SV-3 Jupiter.

Related Anomalies

ACF-7823-B: "The Dark Dimension"

ACF-7823-B, code name “Dark Dimension”, is the dimension that ACF-7823-A uses for travel. Extensive research has been done on it by researcher Kallie Reed. Although no imagery of it other than “Peppers’” sketches exist, other readings and examinations have been successful. The dimension is completely disconnected from our own, as the GPS stops functioning when inside it. It appears to have oxygen of a higher content than our own atmosphere according to readings. According to “Peppers”, or ACF-7823-A, the dimension is inhabited by shadowy shapes of varying shapes and sizes. They “talk” to her, but anyone who accompanies her reports guttural screaming and ear-piercing frequencies. According to “Peppers”, there is another being attached to the “Dark Dimension” by the name of The Goddess, and the shadows have discouraged her from ever leaving her “paths.” Much is still unknown about the dimension, but as it seems to be isolated from our reality with no way of breaking through, we currently classify it as Class Household.

We have stricken from the record all previously known information. This file has long been due for an update, as we stopped updating it in about 2015. When Dr. Kallie Reed ceased being the lead researcher, we simply added Dr. Krasniqi's field reports to the file. I don't think anyone actually read them. This has been a grave oversight on our behalf. This file is now restricted to Class-D and higher personnel.

The newest developments place ACF-7823-B as the same dimension as the one related to ACF-1003. Our original depictions of the denizens were taken when "Peppers" was roughly twelve years in age. We have compiled images of many of the different species found in the dimension, although "Peppers" and her guide Mikulass assure us there are many other species than just those found within the Cult's encampment. The many different species there were created with eyes that make out shapes based on levels of darkness.

The planet itself is made of flesh, with millions of trillions of smaller organisms functioning as one. The landscape is organic, except where it has been shaped by ACF-1003's hands. Much of the life lives beneath the surface, where large cavernous structures are reported to be. We have no direct documentation of these cities, although "Peppers" has said she's seen some of the caverns and believes her guide's word. Future expeditions are expected to document and explore one of these caverns.

There are two primary religions in the "Dark Dimension". The primary one is devoted to the Goddess, ACF-1003, and is considered a religion of peace and "the one true religion". The second is practiced almost exclusively by the Dead God's Cult, and it follows the belief that the Goddess's religion is one built on lies and falsehoods, and believes the only way to fix what has been done is for total extermination. After much discussion with the head priest, Mikulass, it is our understanding that the dimension has experienced heat death, and they were created after it. This seems to be a major point of contention. The cult claims that the primary religion does not properly acknowledge the Dead God, when he should be a primary figure in their religion. The cult has gained even more followers in the last decade, as "Peppers" has become more in tune with the powers offered to her by the Dead God.

ACF-1003 "The Sleeper" has yet to be seen within the dimension itself, but we anticipate an encounter at some point in the future, if not intentional, at least accidental.

[End of file.]
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