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I don't want to name it this anymore, but after all of these years of having this thread title, it almost feels wrong not to LOL. Here are a couple of Addy things that I wanted to quickly throw up before bed!

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Here's a few more things I've done in the past year or so!

Enigma-14 goes on a rant about...something. Other character is not mine.
Enigma-14 (right) goes on a rant about...something. The character on the left is not mine. I'm not afraid to admit that I used the Valus Ta'auric copypasta or whatever the guy's name is.
addy meets arthur - Copy.png
A bit of an alternate-reality scene where Addy thanks Arthur for taking her in. The line happened in the You And Me roleplay with Miro, but this scene was something different.
illawarra crouch - Copy.pngg'Up-colored - Copy.png
Illawarra (left) is a gnome Blink Assassin rogue that I developed a little while ago. She escaped a cult and is constantly on the move, paranoid about what remnants of the cult might still be following her. I use her as my main Baldur's Gate 3 save! g'Up (right) is a grung ranger and my most recently-made D&D 5e character. I never really finished developing him, but the basis of his character is that he is a scout for his tribe who is searching for new people to enslave to drive invaders off of his homeland. He's certainly a "survival-of-the-fittest" kind of guy.