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A apartment was acquired, the bags were unpacked. It was a rundown little place but Sakura was confident with a little time and a job acquired she could make it home. This was boring however she did not come to the states to play house. That was cringe, she came here to be a hero. Or rather vigilante she understood that her methods may not be to the liking of everyone. Time to change set the look for the vigilante. Hakama pants of the samurai they fit the waist well and left room to move one's legs. On the left hand side a stenciled in dragon print the gold contrasted nicely with the black she thought. Black kimono for the top worn loose, with bandage wrap forming a sort of crop top image. She liked it, she felt it gave room to breathe while giving a sense of style. The back of the kimono had a oni mask stylized art of a dojo straight out of Japan. These were comfortable and she thought a good image but more importantly they were replaceable. Armor and costumes those were pricey she needed to factor in her powers rather.

Stored in her belt were her to sai. Stashed in her belt her left boot wrist guards on either hand were kunai. Three per location allowing a reliable dozen potential projectiles should she need them. Resting on her back to complete the ensemble was Tomoe the katana she'd hopefully put to use tonight.

Two hours later

Her red hair rests in her hands being tied back in a pony tail. A streak of crimson that stood out against the night sky. Winter was settling in, the rain was light with a proposed promise of snow later. Aka smiled breathing it in. The city was a little big to her, overwhelming at times but this was her element. Cold air on the skin and prey in sight.

Across the road from the roof Aka stood on was a warehouse. She for thirty seven minutes had tailed the car pulling into the warehouse now. She had spotted the drug deal on a gas station corner and followed them. Three men one African descent built like a line backer. A heavier individual was on his right, he was built like a sumo wrestler. Sure his diet didn't give off the best first impression but Sakura, Aka could tell he had muscle going for him. Tailing behind Linebacker and Sumo as she was dubbing them was Jade. Her name was likely not Jade, but Aka had assigned this name to the third criminal for having green hair. They had handguns tucked behind their backs. Sure from up here and with the rain it could be difficult to tell. Aka had trained for this though, the hunt it excited her.

The trio wore jackets on the right sleeve of each was a patch. A X on fire, small gang right now this was half its roster if reports were right. Officers had said the FireTen had been doom posting all last month before forming. A group sick of the extra abilities. They were leaning hard into a burn them at the stake tone. Extremists looking to grow into something more. If Aka had to guess they'd been criminals before. Maybe hackers or informed had a better lead on these three than her. She hypothesized at any rate they were planning to use their drug making knowledge to fund their actual projects. Or would if not for her. Aka was a vigilante she didn't need to wait for someone to get hurt before taking action.

They enter the warehouse, vanish from sight. Which also means she was invisible now to those she deemed prey.

Seconds and Aka had climbed a telephone poll. Her stride was smooth, balance perfect the eighteen year old ronin moved along the cable as if tightrope walking was a natural trade. It brings her over a skylight a large window overlooking the warehouse. Lab to the right, north corner. Restrooms left north corner. Crates to the south left, a few weapons resting on some autoparts on others. The south right corner looked to be offices, her angle wasn't the best viewpoint however.

Poised on the wire the ronin waits. Tonight she had chosen violence and soon she could let that dragon loose.

SUmo walks by heading towards the labs it seemed all it took was a step...


Glass shatters the shards rain down like a cherry blossom. For a moment it even might look it as the glass reflects the descending stream of red. A heavy thud sound as a foot lands on Sumo's shoulder and other his head. A lighter thud as a leap off transitioned into a pair of kicks. Three blows around the dome Sumo was dizzy and cussing up a storm. He wasn't thinking just swinging. Wild were the motions and a red tail dances the ronin evading moves as if it were an elegant dance. Left right then under he fumbles and turns on her. The Sumo charges forward the ronin goes into a slide she stands up and her Bolling ball of an opponent hits the granite floor. Her leg comes up then down, speed enough it was almost a whistling motion. Perhaps the peek of human speed and it was shown as an axe kick to the base of the skull.
Sumo was out, blood and drool escaping his open mouth. Breathing haggard.

Aka heard the steps coming behind her. She ducks and a crowbar goes over head. Turn to face Linebacker and he's already coming again. Slide left, left again, right, lean back. A small jump over the next swing lean back again as weapon goes overhead. The lean flows into a back-flip her foot careening below the jaw. Linebacker stumbles back and spits out a tooth. He readies to come at her again, Aka's right hand moves toward a sai. He's quick, she was quicker. Crowbar misses and a downward jab connects. The sai found a knee then it found the back of the knee. The blade pierced clean through the limb and like that the Linebacker was falling forward.

The sound wasn't pretty as the sai was pulled free and the body made a thud. A kick follows striking near the temple.with it the Linebacker was sure to be to dizzy to get back up for awhile. The sound of boot to head helped hide a click. The next sound echoes in that room.

A gunshot a bullet passing from back of her left shoulder blade to pop out the other side.

"Hey Jade. You ever read about vampires?"

Maybe she had an audience elsewhere who wouldn't take nicely to such a line. Also maybe lying wasn't a good habit to pick up. She thought it sounded cool however and it was to late now. A sprint kicked in, she was moving toward Jade almost before another shot came. That second round went wide finding a wall instead of a redhead. A sai slapped at the wrist, harsh blow to weaken hold on the pistol used by Jade. A free hand sought to grab Jade's forehead and slam it backwards. This sharp blow would make ones cranium hit the office wall with sharp force. Jade would be unarmed and unconcious when Aka bit down.

Teeth would sink into a shoulder. And as substance entered the body the gunshot would heal. A soft clatter sounding off as a bullet was pushed from the body. Which for all attempts and purposes likely looked as though a bite into jugular had mended flesh. Jade was very much alive like the other two. Amongst the serenade of violence however it may not look that way. That rather a new monster had come to this city.

From on top of a nearby rooftop, Phoenix watched the fight. She had to hand it to this other redhead– whose hair was more of a true red than her own orange curls, currently held captive in a tight and long braid– she certainly knew how to fight. The experienced vigilante moved across the rooftop and down to the next in a small acrobatic flip. She landed silently thanks to her heat buoying her weight. She looked down off the edge and stood, walking along the building’s edge. She smiled as the other woman took out the first two thugs, and then watched as she engaged with the last one.

Phoenix immediately froze when she saw the woman tear into the throat of the third thug. Her nose wrinkled and the corners of her mouth turned up in a bit of disgust as she watched the gunshot wound heal, and saw the bullet fall to the ground with her enhanced vision. She refocused her eyes onto the taller– was she a vigilante?

It wasn’t unlikely. After all, Todd was a vigilante, and he ate people whole. Still, part of Phoenix’s mind screamed predator as it watched the scene before her. Unlike with Todd, who was hers, and hers alone, this woman had no connection to her. And predators who weren’t intrinsically tied to her soul like knots you couldn’t get out of thread were prey to her. Prey, meant to have the shit kicked out of them and then left behind for the police to capture.

She sighed softly and looked up at the moon overhead. The sky threatened to let loose another flurry of snow, as it was want to do this late in December, but she could still see the moon. The moon, that she saw in her other half, her better half, her predator. Her face and heart softened as she thought of the other night, after they had finally broken down and confessed everything. After they had spent the night talking, among… other things.

If her predator could be good, could do good, and still be a predator, then maybe this one could be too. Maybe this one could be taught better, or maybe like Todd, they had to do this to survive. Phoenix couldn’t go making judgments anymore. Besides, from this angle, with her telescopic vision, the woman looked more like it could be barely a woman. Her face carried so much youth to it.

With another sigh, Phoenix flipped off the building and fell the five stories down. She caught herself with her heat a story from the ground and landed lightly behind the ronin. She eyed her over for a moment, her face expressionless behind her winged mask. Then, finally, she spoke, crossing her arms in front of her chest.

“Tell me, do you always eat the thugs you beat up, or is this a special kind of punishment?”

As she hears the patter of bullet on concrete Aka removes her lips from soft tissue. Before she's had much time to process a next step however more sounds come. It was a soft landing first, gentle as it could be if not more so. Aka knew athletism when she heard it that sounded like something more. Another meta than maybe? That was exciting. Apart of her came to Pittsburg for just such a reason, that there was more happening in this city in terms of where the world was going. She wondered if the mystery voice sensed it in any way.

Slight raise of heat temperature from excitement. The brief elevation in heart rate. Who knew what other superhumans could pick up on. For all her changes intenrally though the red head was measured and collected externally. Movement taken to guide Jade down the wall, to make sure the body was at a safe state of rest. The ronin moved carefully in a way that would help show the condition of the woman bitten first. And that covered Aka's free hand going against the belt to retrieve a kunai.

She would turn to face the other woman. A better view of Jade would be granted, the bite clearer now itd been the shoulder not the neck. It moments ago to anyone would have looked worse Aka realized. Perhaps something to work on if chance allowed. The neck or shoulder made the most sense hunting. They weren't as covered. The ronin realized however if she just went for ease she might be in more moments like this. As a victims chest rose up and down a sigh escaped the ronin. The red shinobi was lucky this moment and even this might not go in her favor.

The one speaking was another redhead. More fiery than blood red was striking really. The vigilante didn't make a habit of flirting or going after older women but Aka would describe the hero as pretty. She was honest with herself and found no shame in allowing such thoughts briefly. A hand wipes away the blood the kunai in hand. With one simple motion the ronin had tidied up some yet also positioned herself ready to throw the kunai if needed.

"Bite not eat. Recovery in the field doesn’t allow being picky, but I've rules."

Her English was good, her accent wasn't something she hid though. She was clearly of French and Japanese heritage. Facing the hero hsr features were clear as day. The look the ronin had went with was good for fighting in but it wasnt concealing any identity. To Aka this made sense, she wasnt a killer the Yakuza and the like she fought new her face and she knew theres. To try and turn things to authorities was at best dificulties for both if not mutual destruction. Different people, region and rules however. The hero could probably tell Aka was a fish in a new pond.

"Perhaps introductions. Gensui Bara, or how you might say Decaying Rose. Maybe show me what Americans can do, as you inquire about me?"

A playful gesture of "come at me" was made with the hand holding the sai. Her cadence was friendly not of someone trying to hide anything. For Aka though there was no dodging who she was either. Conflict was in her viens fighting a passion. Be this friendly or turn into a duel of ideological conflict the rose wanted to get a workout in. The stains semi lingering around the lips spoke of a monster. The body language though was that of a warrior.


Phoenix smirked as the ronin gave her a friendly gesture. So she wanted a fight? Well, Phoenix could provide that. She reached down to her holster at her thigh and unclasped the hammer’s cage, pulling it free. She spun the big weapon a few times like a baton, passing it between her hands as she considered her new opponent. She had no idea what the young woman did, with the exception of apparently some healing factor that possibly relied on the consumption of her opponents.

Her smirk broadened into a full smile, teeth flashing below her black and red mask. The mask was designed to mimic the mythical phoenix, from who she had taken her name. Feathers that curled away from the eyes, a beak, and a forehead crest of black hid the majority of her face. It matched the red and black body suit that she wore, which protected her from weapons such as the sai that Gensui Bara carried. As she stretched, preparing to move, the black gore-tex jacket she wore over the suit made a soft creaking sound, the way things made of heavy plastic tended to.

“I’d be more than happy to show you what us Americans can do, Gensui. You can call me Phoenix. Now then–” Phoenix moved quickly, closing the distance between them inhumanly fast, bringing the flat side of her hammer around to strike at the girl’s thigh, the hardest bone to break in the body. She pulled the hit slightly, unsure of how hard she could hit the kid yet. She could heal, sure, but did she have brittle bones that would crack if hit like Phoenix herself? “Tell me, where do you come from? You seem new to the neighborhood.”

It was probably the best place to start. This vigilante was definitely young, but not as young as Phoenix herself was when she had first taken up the mantle of Wildcat. She’d been fifteen back then. She’d spent years training to be what she was now, and had spent the following years continuing that training. She wasn’t sure how much training this kid had, but she was about to find out.​

The costume was a little dramatic for Aka's taste but also something she was envious of. The ronin hadn't really considered stylization while she had sketches at home it required funding. Not to mention her abilities she felt lent themselves to take a hit and be ready to recover than choosing armor. She also just wasn't entirely sure how to stylized her image. Zombies wasn't exactly a pretty look, she had a style to her but it was really just modern samurai or ninja she wasn't sure how to flavor it more. Then a name was given and a slight smile painted Aka's face.

Aka was just the word for red. Sakura when not called by name or called Red was called Rose again based on well hair color. She liked Aka more as a nickname however Rose was what her late grandfather liked to call her. He had in her eyes also been her first sensai so when she looked for a name what came to mind first was Zombie Rose. That didn't roll off the tongue to her, so Gensui Bara it became. Phoenix was an actual hero name with actual weight to it. She was amused by her own childishness, a rebranding wasn't going to happen she took pride in who she was. Aka was also willing however to find comfort in her own failings, on being able to reflect.

"It's an honor Phoenix."

A fight was about to start there was no time for a bow. For the astute the desire was there however. With introductions made a bit more respect was in her demeanor. Her choice of attire showed off arms some of her shoulders and midriff. Aka was someone who had been fighting and training for years. Honed into a weapon respecting opponents when felt right and shaped to try and be respected. Which may have also been a size thing. Aka was taller than Phoenix but three inches taller wasn't much. To earn respect in the ring Aka had to have worked for such status. Time for comparing looks name and somewhat build was over however a fight was starting.

A hammer pulled out heavy and potent in what it could do. Aka had experimented with just about every weapon she didn't like the club or hammer but she had a respect for them. The movement was a speed above hers but marginally so, skill and conditioning assisted the flower of flesh and blood. Step inwards and crouch down. The head of the hammer missed Aka and her sai blocked the shaft her arm pushed against thigh from the force. The blade had the durability to weather the base hit and the positioning spread the rest of the force through arm and leg mitigating what otherwise could have been much worse.

This block came with a retort. While both weapons were still in a bind the ronin flipped the kunai in hand and flicked it outwards. Aka made that adjustment in a blink and you'd miss it motion but she thought that fraction of a second lost a necessity. The kunai thrown was now the hilt looking smack into the eyebrow. A disorienting fast ball of a throw at point blank range. If Aka hadn't adjusted it would have been a over that looked to drive blade into an eye socket. The real thing was almost certainly blinding and was dancing close to death. If she was any less skilled or any more malicious she would already have a body count to her name.

Still in the bind the throw a move as dangerous as it was swift the ronin took right into her follow up. The hammer needed a wind up, to retreat for another swing. Hard to know what the opponent might do but it would most cases need to create opening. And between needing to ready next move and reacting to well a kunai hilt heading for an eyebrow was when Aka would lash out. A jab swift like a viper the sai looked to bite into the wrist of Phoenix's dominant weapon hand. The Decaying Rose would pull the move back before it ever got to far. Any drawn blood she wanted to only be a scratch. This like the kunai spoke of a level of skill. Gloves off the Ronin could have likely impaled palm or wrist of a foe crippling them for the fight and possibly for life. She was at likely the peak of human conditioning and fighting prowess was her home.

"Osaka. Only just got in, more metas here figured more need for defenders."

Sam was a fighter though so maybe she saw it in the other red head. Sure Aka wanted to do good, but there was a competitive air to the ronin as well. Heroism was a lofty ideal but wanting to challenge oneself was human. The teen was a warrior looking to press her skills to their limits. Aka also considered asking from where the Phoenix hailed but she concluded that was rude. It didn't have to be from this city Aka knew, wearing a maks though meant had something to hide. Curiosity wasn't going to override respect the Rose looked to show her current rival.


The hammer sailed past Gensui as the teen dropped low. She caught the shaft of the hammer with her blade, halting its momentum in a demonstration of strength that Phoenix appreciated. That meant she could go harder, something that pleased her to no end. She smiled underneath the beak of her mask and started to wind back with the hammer, starting to spin on the spot. Just as her face turned, a small knife hit her in the side of the head, handle first. She winced at the hit, feeling it smart.

She spun, bringing the hammer around in her nondominant hand like she normally would. Phoenix rarely used her left hand in combat, unless someone proved that she needed to be more dexterous or throw harder hits. That’s why when the blade hit her wrist, it hit her right wrist. Thanks to her suit, the blade didn’t pierce, but she still felt it drag across where it normally would have slit her wrist open, though shallowly. She almost lost her grip on the handle, but managed to keep it, though her swing took a moment to straighten back out, slowing her down.

At the last moment, she reached up with her left hand, stopping her full-body swing. She grasped the hammer in her dominant hand and brought it down, aiming straight for the girl’s shoulder. The momentum continued through the arc and downward, carrying the hammer at a speed that something so bulky shouldn’t reasonably move at.

It was then she saw the knife that had originally struck her. It was a kunai. The sight of a kunai, something she hadn’t seen someone fight with since Alice, since Witch, almost stopped her in her tracks. It distracted her for a second as the hammer soared through the air. Alice, showing her how to throw a kunai properly, laughing at Sam’s aim. Witch, throwing them with deadly precision through her bends in reality alongside Phoenix’s swings. And then it came, inevitable like the snow above their heads that had begun to fall in a soft flurry.

The memory of Alice’s death made its way unwanted into her mind. Phoenix’s body hitting the pavement, and watching through blurred vision as the man made of shadows lifted Alice off her feet. She watched as Alice reached for her, and–


No. She couldn’t think of Alice right then. Instead, she smiled and spoke to the young samurai, “You’re skillful with those blades. Who trained you?”

At the last second, Phoenix pulled the hit, softening the blow should it land. She didn’t want to hurt the girl, after all, and the girl was demonstrating that she didn’t want to actually hurt Phoenix either. Hopefully, this would lay an understanding between them. This was a demonstration. This wasn’t a fight to kill or maim, but it would be a fight until one or the other was flat on their back.​

A blade didn't quite hit the mark but was close enough to certainly get a reaction. The Rose was pleased she may have been playing rough but there was few better sensations then knowing opposition could react to it. To have taken own steps to mitigate damage it excited her. Aka was an okay student in most things but a passion had shown in athletics and combat. The sai was next and this to was elation for the ronin. The knife had found armor instead even when recoiling from the previous blow the Phoenix was sharp. Turning a cut into that went for the more exposed hand and bit of wrist to the costume. A scar to fabric maybe even a bruise but no blood spilled not even in a shallow sense.

The hammer raises and the Rose hops briefly to snag the kunai from the air. Rearmed and coming down she was faced to now deal with the hammer swing heading her way. Amidst the fall she leans in some and brings up her weapons in a cross. A thud reverbs through the warehouse as hammer steel meets tempered iron. The force goes into the weapons first knuckles go red stressed by the force. It helps soften the blow th a t had to come next. The head of the bulky instrument slaps against the shoulder blade. Rolled into and lastly blocked and it still got Aka to wence. She could already feel a bit of a welt on her back. Bruising from the impact.

It guides her downward. Stance slightly widened by the force. This at least to Aka she thought a testament to them both. She imagined most would have tripped the impact enough to make the landing botched. The ronin was still standing though a mark of her own talents in a fight. And the tiger of Osaka was already in motion. The hand with the kunai, a smaller blade easy to hold onto while holding onto something else looked to seize the shaft of the hammer. A contest of strength to lock the weapon in place. Aka was honed to peak human levels. She wasn't going to throw a car, there was some arm wrestling contests a five foot six woman wasn't going to win. Pound for pound though the rose was competitive however and the hold was simply for another motion.

It came in like a streak of silver. The best martial artists had to slow down for the camera they were to fast, and Aka didn't slow down. What came was a slash at the clavicle a swipe of the blade just under the neck. Many opponents of hers had reacted thinking it so close to the neck they were in a greater risk. Many trained or armored even still reacted in such a way in Aka's experience. It was after all still a blade dancing centimeters from the jugular. Following this moved the rose backed up. Her smile was wide.

A laugh escaped her briefly. "By thirteen I had studied most Chinese and Japanese martial arts. Which includes Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Wing Chun amongst others from China. As well as sumo, judo, aikido, the what was it nine jutsu. Includes laido,, kudos, kendo. Amongst others."

Sakura rolled her shoulders relaxing some of the bite from the hammer blow. Her demeanor had no shortness in pride. She had just admitted how while still a child, barely a teen she'd taken up essentially any course of Asian martial arts. And that was skipping over fact there was other styles to learn. And she was skipping five years of information. Combat sports was her love.

"My first sensei however? Karate I was six. And I called him grandpa." Before she was a vigilante, before she was a meta, before she fought bullies, she had been into martial arts. It ran in her veins. And everyday she kept Grandpa's first lesson close to her heart. Always get back up. "And you?."

The ronin was curious but she was still getting a workout in. Multitasking existed and so just as a inquiry came so to did another assault. The kunai launched omcce more. Swift as any pitcher might hurl a baseball and rushing hilt for where sai aimed before. Blade first it was dancing with death, this wasn't the intention however. Hilt first meant this instead became a winding strike. An aim to force oxygen out the body to wind an opponent. Dodging created a opening usually few though were ready though for a fast ball to the throat though.

All meant to assist a rush back into close range. Her other hand was ready with the sai to play defense as the rose got close. A sweeping kick seeking to barrel into the shins of the fiery predator before the ronin. It was a motion that aimed to knock feet from under the target. If not for the well defended costume Aka suspected this move of her foot would have splintered ankles. For her amused disposition her fighting talents were brutal even during these measured moments. Alluding to just how much effort had gone into her training. She had claimed to have studied already so many. Sakura would have thought it bad form to not have tried to showcase she wasn't Bluffing.


he hammer connected, and Gensui managed to block most of the damage. She was strong for a human, but clearly within human limits. Phoenix would keep that in mind as the sparring match progressed. She was stronger than most people, well into meta standards, but she wanted this to be a battle of skills, not of strengths. That was why she didn’t add any more strength to the push as she and Gensui were locked together. Then, a hand wrapped around her hammer’s head, holding it in place while the girl’s other hand lashed out with the blade, aiming for her collar.

Even knowing she had protection from her suit, Phoenix had a moment of startling panic. She backed off, ripping her hammer back and moving away from the swipe. Her free hand went to her throat, the memory of a hand wrapped around it leaving her momentarily cold. She breathed. In. Out. In. Out. By the time the girl had finished explaining her education, Phoenix was back in control. She would not be ruled by this forever. She had spent too long learning to let it go, learning to breathe through it, to let the memory of Obsidian’s touch leave her useless.

When the blade was thrown for her throat, she readjusted her grip on her hammer, grasping the handle near the head. She used the handle to deflect the blade away from her, but was too focused on that to catch the sweep in time. The leg collided with hers, taking her out and knocking her backward. But Phoenix had spent enough time practicing falling. Her hands slapped the ground behind her head, and she threw her weight up, balancing on her hands. She used the momentum to continue into a cartwheel, bringing her back to her feet a few feet away from Gensui. The girl really was good.

“The hammer is all me,” she said, a smiling on her lips. “But I spent a lot of my younger years learning a few tricks. I know a little Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, and Krav Maga. I know a lot of Judo. But what I’m best at is kickboxing.”

Phoenix bent over and laid her hammer down, falling back into a better stance. She bounced on her heels a bit as she shifted her weight, and then she went for the strike. She sped in, closing the gap between them, and fiend with her right, aiming for her face. Then she threw her real punch, with her left hand, aiming low for the stomach. Hopefully, the girl would go to block her face and leave herself open to a lower strike. She threw herself into the punch, driving it with a little more force than was strictly necessary. It wasn’t a battle of strength, though Phoenix was curious how much Gensui could actually take.​

The move for thr collar did decent. More importantly though it got a pause, a reaction that spoke of more. Whatever the hero's history was it had some bad memories involving the throat. In terms of a fight it was a vulnerability to keep in mind. Not that Sakura would fault the reaction any. Took the vigilante a year to get over being shot. It used to make her flinch with every sound of one, just because she could recover didn't mean she enjoyed the experience. The follow up was blocked well timed and smoothly executed the kunai was deflected. And a smile creeper on to the features of the rose.

Not because she landed the hit. Not because opponent fell, but because it trsnsitioned into a cartwheel and recovery. There was meta humans who were fighters here. Ways to challenge her own ability. The hammer was set down, and some information came. "Jiu-jitsu was my favorite when I was fourteen."

She paused for a moment, was that bragging? She didn't like diminishing others talents, fighting was just her first second and third favorite pass time. There was no time to dwell on this however as more conflict was coming. It started with a blow going for the head a fist flies inward and the Gensui leans back fist whooshing overhead. The ronin same time swaps hands with the sai tossing it to her left hand as Phoenix launched into the follow up. The set up was great, and the speed advantage of the Phoenix made it greater. The Gensui knew she couldn't defend against it.

Her stomach tightens. All that work for hard abs and she could tell it didn't help defend any. Conditioned for fighting and there was a sting. Weathering the stormnas she was Aka knew she couldn't take to many shots such as that. The ronin was moving though just as she was struck. Wrestling through the pain to launch a counter. The right hand looked to lock with the left wrist the samurai free hand looking to ensnare the opposition while the fist still drove into flesh.

This was just a hold, or distraction for the follow up. Three movements that would flow so intimately with eachother it was like a singular one. She was a viper coiling and snapping with a viciousness of any beast but controlled like one of the best students in a dojo. Down, back, up was how Aka would have described it. She thought it almost intuitive but it spoke of tutoring in combat perhaps beyond her years.

A slight turn and stepping in the right hand came down with the sai. On what was hopefully a locked arm it looked to slap the blade against the inside of the elbow. It was something that likely could have turned a hold into a vicious break made worse by intent. Flat of the knife to spark pain was the intent here. Realistically though that would have been a stab. To drive knife where the joint was and an arm vulnerable. Reacting to a hold and heavy strike attempted came the second blow. Just snapping her arm backwards into an elbow jab.

The elbow looked to meet with the sternum of the Phoenix. It was measured just meant to bite, but a serious blow could strain heart and lungs. Drastic hindrance to a lot of important functions of the body. In most cases it would at least provide pause enough. Enough for what? The third motion rotating the arm up into a thrust of the sai. Her river of violence transitioned into an ice pick grip that aimed a pointed weapon for the eye. Right now at worst it would tickle an eye lash, Aka had control to make sure the weapon didn't find actual tissue.

It spoke volumes though she hoped of just what she could do. It could have been a arm breaking, ribs fracturing eye gouge. The sounds of it lethal, the restraint to make it painful, the skill to only tease what could have been. With that she inhaled controlled breaths and a wince the blow hurt soon as adrenaline started to fade some. "Thank you. Feel free to turn things up." She didn't specify on what she was thankful for. Aka wondered if she would need to? Either way the Rose chose to invite more, she would gladly play just with martial arts if one desired. This already excited the ronin, there was good skills with stats to overpower her own. Metas were usually more then just better muscles however. Costumes alluded to possibilities of more skills to bring the table. And at the risk of playing with fire the Rose couldn't help but be curious.