Div Practice! :D

Test, and hopefully it don't break. :D

Many attempts made... But finally somewhat happy with the results! Now to make one for Saide! \ÒwÓ/

Speech Color for future ref is CFFFFF. Shouldn't forget, but just in case. It's legit one letter off white. XD

KInda like how I managed to shove a sun in the div. Makes it a bit too bright, probably, but it's still fairly neat in my sorry opinion. XD

Filler for testing how the gradient works with the different sized posts.

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Testing Saide's div.

Adding more space to more accurately see div. Might replace outer color.

3c20b4 Vision Color, maybe?
B4208D Speech Color

Testing ledgability

Honestly wish there was a way to add stars to this while still keeping the gradient. :T

Actually a bit of a hard pick on if I want the deep blue to be the narrative, or the deep purple. Both are good colors, but wonder how hard it is to read.

Gotta say tho, kinda like the magenta-ish color with the deep blue.

Gotta say, kinda funny how I managed to get the divs for the two characters kinda night and day in terms of theme- Elric/Cleric being that of a sunny day and Saide/"Info Broker" being the moonlit night.

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