Approved Decaying Rose

Name: Sakura Rathlion
Nick Name: Aka, Rose
Hero Name: Decaying Rose/Gensui Bara
Nationality: French Japanese
Age: 18
Height: 5'11
Weight: 170 pounds 11% Body Fat
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red


Sakura soon called Aka by most for her vermillion hair had a childhood free of drama. At eleven she went hiking alone one night, she would have been grounded if anyone found out. She climbed a tree on a mountain side to see the city in full. Though small she was heavier then most kids an athlete for as long as she could remember the branch couldn't support her. It snaps and Aka falls, a searing pain shoots through her knee and looking down she sees red. To messy to know the damage, an impulse to lick the wound clean. A girl hiked home fine.

Fast forward she's thirteen now, she's known in Osaka somewhat for being in almost every kind of dojo her excited green eyes could find. She's winning competitions a lot. Others are getting jealous. They suround her in a alleyway, their older, bigger more numerous. Aka made them pay for any ground obtained but eventually those not broken and bloody have her pinned. Blow after blow, she endures. More after more her will starts to crack, she cries out. There's a sudden crack then another. She knows that sting she felt it at eleven. That was her bones breaking? There's another snap, with it the others pounding on her think this is to far they leave. Her main bully though is still going. She could think of the moves but everything hurt and she couldn't move. Her jaw wasn't broken though, in that moment she was a viper...

Fifteen now and she understands her power. She begins a vigilante career and trains harder then ever. Master more arts, win tournaments in mass she couldn't win them all yet but she needed to forge herself into steel. At this time her family didn't know what she did during the night. By new years eve though they found out. Because a Sakura Rathlion was in the news. She'd fought off seven Yakuza putting a stop to a drug deal before cops showed up. The authorities made mention though that the teen for all her violence dished out surrendered willingly to the law.

She had been off the hook but by time she reaches seventeen the lesson is sown into her mind. If shes discovered as a meta and how it works she may not see a pardon again. The lesson is not to be caught then. This grows on her by a drastic margin, while trying to be polite and respectful of law enforcement a habit forms. It's very cat and mouse to her, she doesn't want to critically hurt officers or heroes but she cant be taken in. So be it squaring up or running away she finds it the utmost fun. She'd argue she may even enjoy it over beating on villains. See she doesn't want to be a monster which the job might take, it's also just more of a challenge. The body is easy to break, she hasn't ended anyone but she knows it'd be easy to. Restraint of the duel with a cape or officer it centers who she wants to be while surfing the red waves of what she needs to be.

Eighteen there's a city booming with meta activity. Her family and herself have the funds for her solo venture. So here she is pulling up to Pittsburg to begin a hero career. She is nobody here, but that is about to change.

Aka is a embodiment of cold resolve of student of her craft. A steel disposition that's tried to build a bulwark to what her occupation will expose her to. She was never the best in academics but was an avid listener. She aims to be unshakable to her fears and someone of a kind heart. While level headed and friendly though if she had one sin it's pride. Aka knows she's good I'm a fight and she's not afraid to brag about it. Of her time so far as a vigilante she has already made a habit of encouraging a ging fights where the numbers aren't in her favor. She believes a samurai proverb summarizes her views best ""a short temper is a disadvantage one who smile rather than rages is always the stronger".

Clothes are not always reflective of gai or the robes of samurai. She does favor these of course but sometimes function wins over style preferences. Her clothes are though always focused on movement. Baggy pants or swets, track attire that kind of thing. Shirts that don't constrict, a form fitting top is fine but moveability is integral to her. Try and get her in a dress or corset those kind of things and the level headed Rose may prove savage. Patterns of her attire are frequently dragon or Oni themed.

A motorcycle property of her dad. She doesn't know the model (voodoo hayabusa). Her dad said she can use it in the US to her hearts content, but he will not pay for damages here. That's om her, a responsibility she must take in.

Funds, her family has wired her college savings into the "vigilante savings" as they call it. This should cover clothes, food and rent. The rest are luxuries that she as an adult must find for herself. They will not spoil their child, simply assure she not starve or lay I'm the cold. They've also promised if she fails to call home, a phone bill she has to pay for; they'll come kick her ass. She doubts they could, but she tells them it is her greatest fear.

"The real shit. Kunai, sais, katana. My own stash forged from a friend in Osaka I've got the classic throwing knives we all know. How many? Let's just say more than a lot. I've used them to climb walls. A kunai can be lost but not these beauties. My katana I've taken to calling her Tomoe. Inspired by the first woman samurai. Tomoe like the sai seems unbreakable so far in use. I do not think her forgery is so astounding though. For the sake of honesty I would say Tomoe would snap if I tried to block say a car from hitting me. That however is why you dodge traffic though not block it. Ive t we o sai which given the design has allowed scaling of walls or piercing sides od a vehicle. These aren't unbreakable though and while it may help puncture a surface it's by no means anti armor."


Aka is rusty in French, Fluent in English and Japanese. She can drive decently. Her education is graduated but hardly top of her class.

What Sakura the fiery haired ronin is however, is a prodigy of physical athletism. Parkour, swimming, running track, gymnastics these clicked for her. None however more so then martial arts. She's eighteen and yet in her apartment is dozens upon dozens of belts of countless classes and styles. Bordering on being a jack of all trades in hand to hand combat. shes even familiar with pressure points to an extent. Sakura, Aka, she's a weapon prodigy almost with a slight exception. While her throwing ability is phenomenal she's only average with a bow and for some reason guns don't click for her. She thinks she might be able to block a bullet while wielding Tomoe, that she could put kunai in a hummingbird at a hundred yards. Give her a gun though and she probably would put the barrel on the target and at the utmost point blank range still doubt she would hit said target.


"I will explain it as I did to my family. They see me still as their daughter may you still see me as human? Beautiful in our flaws what more can any of us be? Our monsters are just reflections of why to strive to be better."

"I call it Carnivorous Restoration, the uncivilized would say cannibalism. I can get by on animals and meat in a day to day sense. In times of duress though I need more. Humans have different make up than the rest of the animal kingdom. So to fix what I've endured, to mend a human I must consume that which is human. I've never killed with this and I hope not to. With a bite taken out of someone I can recover a broken bone, more snapped bones more bites. As a girl blood alone worked not so much anymore. To drink a shot of blood, it'd cure most cuts. I've not lost a limb but I believe it's of similar rules as bone, if I hold a removed bit to the stump and bite down a time it should stitch together. I assume more bites for more limb missing or gone. To regrow a limb I imagine I'd have to eat a limb. I train hard in hopes it never goes there. Additionally my own matter no longer provides a benefit for me. There's probably an interesting scenario there but I've not the science degree to know why th a ts the case simply that it doesnt.

So worse case scenario. The untested hypothesis? Well I'd say I'm confident if stomach is intact and head attached I could survive something as serious as spine damage or heart loss etcetera. The issue being if I'm wounded to a point I can't eat someone has to deceive the body you know? I'd think a incision that places food in me to digest. So what other benefits does this give? None blood and meat to heal, human Heals faster than animal. I can digest food better and teeth are sharper if that counts for something I guess. This also requires someone knowing to do this. How to ressurect you potentially on death isnt a topic im in the habit of having with people."

artist of Inspiration: Hou China, Image Link
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