CS DDC: Witch Compendium



Edith Dépourvu

Magical Girl Alias:

Original Strand:


Edith is a reserved girl, she is quiet and holds no desire to really be in the public eye, and she tends to lock up when suddenly put in the spot in any sort of social gathering. If she doesn't know what to say, then Edith will simply not speak, if uncomfortable, she will simply wilt until the curious eyes move on to more interesting things, if called out she will do what needs to be done to be left alone again.

However, Edith is extremely dedicated to her craft. Challenge her to a fight and you will find a girl far less meek. She takes pride in her craft, finds comfort in her strength, in the nature of combat where she doesn't have to worry about the social ins and outs, only her skill and her skill alone.

Her family never did have much, her parents were poor farmers barely scraping by who owned nothing but the land that they tilled. And when the Grimm came? They lost that too. Edith grew up poor in some French provincial town so utterly unimportant that it seemed as if even the Grimm had for the most part seemed to have forgotten that it existed.

Not that a stray Grimm or two didn't find its way into their home every so often. She had always been fascinated by polearms, a feeling which only continued to grow after her powers began to manifest.

She moved to Maginot with high hopes to better her life at the academy, and signed up with the DDC as soon as she could to start sending her paycheck to them. She received an offer soon after to act as the bodyguard to some rich girl, and the price was something she just couldn't refuse.

Primary Power:
When she Transforms Edith creates a sturdy lance which she can then use for combat. When using this lance Edith is able to skip or bypass any defenses her opponent might have and strike them directly as if their armors were made of little more than tissue paper.

Secondary Power:
While transformed all of Edith’s senses, aside for her lost sense of sight, are greatly increased. Very few things can escape her notice while she is transformed.

Tertiary Skill:
Great administrative assistant

Hyper Power:
Edith thrusts her lance forward, and no matter the distance between herself and her target the lance will extend to fill the gap. Further, as the lance travels towards its destination it will branch and splinter out into a multitude of other lances which seek to impale the target. The further the distance between herself and her opponent, the more deadly the attack becomes.

Clutch Power:

From her body Edith pulls a sword with a wicked edge. When swung this weapon will slice through the waves of light in the air drastically distorting what one can see when they look into the areas that the blade of this sword had just passed through. For example, if Edith were to swing her blade through the air in a wide horizontal arc, then the light in that area would be viewed as split, often with almost a foot of space between the top of the slice and the bottom. Constant slices worsens this effect, and can leave a viewer seeing the world as if it were a kaleidoscope.

The blade also cuts through flesh and bone as if it offered no resistance at all.

Appearance after Transformation
Name: Icare Ubaid

Magical Girl Alias: Flutter

Original Strand: D-01

Age: 15

Primary Power:
Secondary Power:
Tertiary Skill:

Hyper Power:
Clutch Power:

Appearance after Transformation



Fūka Akiya

Magical Girl Alias:

Original Strand:


Has there ever been a person with more knowledge of flora locked up inside of their head? Or more a willingness to be there for someone else? Or perhaps someone more willing to cast their voice out against things that they disagree with? Well probably not, but chances are you also have fewer people giving you odd looks.

She’s a loyal and good friend, and quite cheerful to boot! Become friends with her today and and become a tree!

A cheerful girl who can usually be found tending for some plants. She has been involved with a scuff with the Grimm or two, mostly giving wounded people a chance to survive by having them making contract with her trees.

Primary Power:
Fūka can call one of her trees to her location. To call any tree but her current active one, the dryad that tree is bound to must be near or merged with it for the call to work.
Fūka can direct her trees to do things trees normally wouldn’t be able to do, such as swipe at things with their branches or hug people. Although they’re not really capable of swinging hard enough to injure a person, Grimm struck by their swats suffer disproportionate damage, which often resembles chemical burning.
Fūka’s trees can be compelled to grow fruit. Consuming these fruits give her access to a new suite of powers, which are determined based on the season the tree was grown in. The effectiveness of these powers scale both with Fūka’s popularity and with the age of the tree.

Secondary Power:
When Fūka has no active tree, following the use of her Hyper or Clutch, she can then plant a few tree. Once planted the tree will grow rapidly, reaching a fruit-bearing size within a day. Once the tree has matured, Fūka can then expend her magical energy to cultivate and grow the tree further, she must also trim the tree to aid in the promotion of healthy growth and help the tree produce better fruits. Trimming the tree also helps keep the tree happy, and one always wants their tree to be happy. Depending on the season Fūka plants this tree, both the tree and the fruit take on secondary effects.

When planted in winter the tree causes any nearby Grimm to grow groggy should they draw close to where the tree was summoned. The fruits apply an anesthetic effect to the powers of any witch that consumes them.

Trees planted in this season grow faster and with less magical energy expenditure. When a witch consumes a fruit from the tree her powers will increase as if she had just gotten a large number of fans.

Trees planted during summer are physically stronger than ones planted during the other seasons. The fruits of this tree greatly increase the powers of physical skills. Fruits grown during summer also explode like grenades when thrown at Grimm.

Trees planted during the fall produce fruit at a greater rate than the other seasons. Eating these fruits can restore any lost magical energy to a witch to revitalize them.

Tertiary Skill:
Botanist, friend

Hyper Power:
Causes an individual to merge into a planted tree, or else causes a tree to grow around a person. That person is not harmed in any way; instead, they seem to ‘become’ the tree, gaining temporary access to the powers Fūka would normally have, full awareness of the environment around the tree, and the ability to ‘move’ its limbs much as Fūka is able to. Further, Witches will be able to manifest their powers through the tree, where applicable.
At will, an individual is able to generate a new body for themself and ‘leave’ the tree; any injuries they sustained before merging with it will not be present on the new body. This process has few long-lasting side-effects; there are occasionally minor physical changes (hair-colour changing to match the colour of the tree’s leaves, etc.), but these tend to fade, given enough time. The one exception is eye-colour, which often undergoes a dramatic change after the initial incident; because of the small sample size, no overall trend in eye colour changes has yet been observed, although researchers speculate that it might be connected to the seasons. Mentally, subjects seem to retain a psychic link to ‘their’ tree, allowing them to sense its general state of mind, and to dimly perceive the goings-on in its immediate vicinity. Harming the trees cause subjects to become visibly distressed.

Once a tree has been bonded, Fūka must plant a new tree and she cannot activate her Clutch power.

Clutch Power:
The Sakura tree releases its petals which causes a shower of destruction. Tree is borked in the process.

Appearance after Transformation:
Name: Akino Ishida

Magical Girl Alias: Crimson Empress

Original Strand: M

Age: 18

Personality: Akino is normally fairly reserved and tends to try and stay out of the spotlight. She is soft-spoken and tries her best to be kind to everyone she meets. Due to her solitary nature, she has few friends and tends to be more reserved when being recorded.

Biography: Akino grew up with a distant father and an overbearing mother. Her home was troubled even in her oldest memories, her father leaving spontaneously for work and staying gone for weeks at a time put a serious strain on their family life. She didn't have many memories of her father, but the ones she did have were of her training diligently under him. She picked up the techniques he showed her fairly quickly and after only a few hours Akino could fully learn new forms and stances.

Soon this uneasy home had its bonds tested when the Grimm appeared. Suddenly, Akino's father lost his dojo in a particularly nasty attack, and was gravely injured in the process. When she heard that her father was in critical condition at the hospital, she ran as fast as she could to be by his side. By the time she reached his room, the air was still as three nurses stood over his bed with her mother weeping uncontrollably. She hadn't even gotten to say goodbye. A sharp pain shot through her chest and suddenly the reality of everything started crashing down around her. She was never the same after that fateful day.

She began to distance herself from everything, hoping that her detachment could keep her from feeling the same pain again. She worked through the academy and graduated with middling grades, showing nothing remarkable in any way. She met a few friends along the way, but she always kept them at arms length. Better to be safe than to be sorry. Soon she had an epiphany, her whole life up to this point had been nothing but trying to avoid pain, and in doing so she sacrificed her own happiness. From that moment on, she resolved to change her perspective and try things she normally wouldn't.

After joining university, she was approached by an agent of the DDC, asking if she wanted to protect everyone from the evil Grimm. She was tempted by the offer, a Grimm had caused the death of her father after all, but she had to think about it first. She told the man about her reservations and he happily agreed to give her some time to think about it. As Akino got home she crashed onto her bed in her dorm, exhausted from class and a big decision that needed to be made. That night, she dreamt of her father telling her that she didn't need to do this for him and regardless of what she did, he'd be proud of her. Akino awoke with tears in her eyes and an unwaving resolve burning in her chest. She contacted the agent from before, and agreed to sign a contract...

Primary Power: Akino has incredible strength and speed. Every damaging hit she lands, her fans cheer and increase her physical strength depending on how damaging the blow was; .25x if the blow was weak or blocked, .5x if the blow made good contact but didn't do considerable damage and 1x if the blow was devastating. This multiplier scales to a max of 10x. Her attacks at 1x strength are equivalent to 10kg of tnt.

Secondary Power: Every time Akino hits an enemy, she steals some of their energy, weakening and slowing their movements. She steals energy based on how damaging the attack was. Using this energy, Akino can augment her natural healing factor. Using this healing, she cannot regenerate limbs or organs.

Tertiary Skill: Akino has had some combat training from her father, who was a retired martial artist. One of her favorite past times is playing board games with her friends.

Hyper Power: Burst - All of the energy that Akino has accumulated can be released in a violent burst, resetting her multiplier and doing 5x her current strength in one attack. She can only use burst when her multiplier is at or above 5x.

Clutch Power: Demon mode- Akino absorbs all of the negative energy she has stolen from her opponent to increase her abilities beyond their limits for a short time. As soon as she activates this ability, her max and minimum multiplier jump to 20x and 2x respectively. Her current multiplier is cut in half when she activates this ability, but she will gain 1x multiplier hit rather than .25x, 2x instead of .5x and 4x instead of 1x. She can use burst while in Demon mode, but instead of a normal burst, it is a crimson burst. This multiplies her current strength by 20x instead of 5x. After this ability she is extremely fatigued and will probably collapse


Appearance after Transformation:
Name: Aria Kuwako

Magical Girl Alias: Foxfire

Original Strand:

Age: 16

Personality: Aria is an easily excitable girl who tends to be very cheerful. She likes to involve herself in as much as possible, before regretting it almost immediately. This occurs in a cycle, where she dedicates herself to seven or eight projects, burns out, then a few weeks or several months later, repeats the process. She’s very mischievous and playful, and can easily be baited into a game or into slacking off. She always gets everything done, however, even if she does it by the skin of her teeth.

Biography: The butterflies rose up from the Grimm as it gave a soft cry. Its body dissolved into the lacey winged insects, floating up and into the air. They would fly out across the island and dissolve into glitter eventually, though Aria wasn’t sure how long that took. She let the transformation fall away as her current partner ran over to her and gave her a big squeeze.

“That was so great! You’re getting stronger! I bet the DDC will recruit you any day now.”

“Oh, I’m only 15. I doubt they’ll do that.” But inside, she smiled. Aria was hopeful that she’d make the cut for being a real magical girl at some point in the near future. She felt like it was meant for her, to fight these monsters and protect her family. She thought of her mother’s smiling face and her two younger sisters, both of whom idolized her.

She had to. They were counting on her.

Primary Power: Foxfire- Aria can produce as many as twenty circular flames. These flames glow bright blue and can be directed mentally. They do damage to Grimm, but are harmless to everything else and feel warm to the touch.

Secondary Power: Foxflies- If her fire proves to be ineffective, Aria can turn all of her fires into butterflies that purify whatever they touch. The transformation turns any Grimm the fires have touched into butterflies.

Tertiary Skill: Transformation- Aria can turn herself into a fox three times a day. She becomes, for all intents and purposes, a true kitsune. It increases her speed, her reflexes, and allows her to jump much further than normal.

Hyper Power: A Thousand Glass Wings- Channeling the emotions of those around her, Aria doubles her flames and butterflies. They turn into shards of glass, which slam forward into whatever she directs them toward. It requires an excessive amount of her energy, and typically is reserved for those she isn’t confident in fighting.

Clutch Power: Wings of Euphoria- Her butterflies gracefully spread out to the people nearby. They land on them and cause them to hallucinate. They dream of beautiful and hopeful things, which gives her the strength she needs to essentially boost any of her other attacks.


Appearance after Transformation:

Name: Celeste Rain Amagiri

Magical Girl Alias: Changeling

Original Strand: J

Age: 15

Personality: Celeste is your average middle school girl, with a penchant for things that are sweet, pretty, and fun! She has a serious streak when it comes to her goal of being a Magical Girl and eliminating the Grimm that seem to grow more prevalent every day. Considered a bit odd by most people because of her apparent tendency to talk to herself, the few that can see spiritual beings in this world would recognize that she is simply very friendly and does not differentiate between the real and the other.

Biography: Celeste Rain Amagiri is half American, half Japanese. Her parents divorced before she could even remember and her brother left with her father for the US. Occasionally she talks on the phone with her estranged family, but generally she lives her life as a Japanese student is expected.

Except for her strange tendency to be seen speaking to imaginary beings and even performing tasks for them. To the average person Celeste is flighty and imaginative, but her head seems always lost in her own world.

In truth she was born with the ability to see spirits. Not the spirits of the dead, mind you. That would be rather creepy. The spirits Celeste can see and interact with are the personification of different emotions and ideas that crop up in the human psyche. Her best friend, Rose, takes the form of a girl near her own age, and represents the act of giving a loved one a rose.

Recently Celeste has learned that she is able to form contracts with these spirits, and has entered one with her oldest friend Rose. After the contract was signed Rose disappeared, he form vanished but her voice still in Celeste’s ear as she explained that she was now a part of her, and would come to her aid against evil if she called her name. Though Celeste is very new to her power, both she and Rose are hopeful that they will be able to make a difference in the darkness that has threatened the light of their world.

Primary Power:

Takeover- After making a contract with a spirit Celeste can then equip them as Takeovers. Part of the spirit’s personality overtakes Celeste’s own, and in turn she is granted skills and abilities she does not possess in her normal state. Despite having the power to see spirits for her entire life, Celeste has only recently made a Contract with Rose for the sale of becoming a Magical Girl.


Rose is the first Contract made by Celeste. An embodiment of the act of giving a rose to a loved one, her bouncy, loving, and sweet personality matches with Celeste perfectly, though the latter might be prone to more mischievous ideas than the former. Rose loves to be called upon, much as she loves everything. For Rose, despite the horrors she might see when needed, being hosted is as close as she can come to actually being alive, and that makes the experience all the more pleasurable for her.

Rose gives Celeste many different abilities that are ideal for heroic ventures. Though primarily skilled at healing wounds and soothing fear and anxiety, the Rose Takeover allows Celeste the use of thorny rose vines as an extension of herself. The vines may vary in size and thorns, but are only as resilient as naturally occurring vines might be. Other abilities might be hiding in the newly established Takeover, but only time and practice would tell.

Secondary Power:


Celeste can form a contract with any of the plethora of wandering spirits that she meets, though the ability is far from well tested. An agreement is formed and an contract sealed by traditional means, whether that be by verbal agreement, handshake, paper contract or otherwise could vary. In the case of Rose a paper contract with vague terms, as one might see between two children, was signed to officiate the partnership.

Tertiary Skill: Spirit Harmony- By syncing their wills and intentions Celeste her Takeover can attain a higher level of power through their harmonization.

Hyper Power: Unlimited Takeover- An unknown power only barely hinted at. More information pending.

Clutch Power: The Darkness- Celeste has always felt them, the Dark Spirits, the Grimm perhaps, but perhaps different. They want something from her, and though they have not made their move yet, the realization of her Contract power might spur them to move their intentions forward.


Appearance after Transformation:

Name: Himiko Yamaguchi
Magical Girl Alias: Iris
Original Strand: M
Age: 18
Personality: Himiko is often described as high-maintenance to her face, and as a diva behind closed doors. She believes that there is no place she belongs other than the spotlight, and she'll do whatever it takes to get there. She's not willing to stoop to such levels as sabotage, but there's some who wonder what lengths she'll go to in order to keep the viewers cheering her name.

Biography: Her parents laugh fondly, recalling what a demanding child Himiko was. She always wanted to be held, wanted attention, but only ever on her schedule. They had no reason to believe their daughter was a witch, and neither did she. That was, until her 9th birthday. One of her friends had brought a little toy, a prism, and was shining it around. When the resultant rainbow hit Himiko, she transformed, the rainbow light filling the space as her skin became a myriad of colors. Of course after that she was taken from normal schooling to New Kyoto Academy, where they promised to nurture and grow her abilities. From her first day of enrollment, Himiko had one goal: to join the DDC and perform on screens across Japan and beyond.

You could say many things about Himiko, and many things were indeed said, but nobody could say that she didn't work hard to achieve her goal. Late nights, days spent driving herself into exhaustion in order to harness her powers to their fullest potential. She waited until she was alone to cry with happiness after she finally landed a contract with DDC, and has been with them for almost a year now, doing her best to bring her rainbow spectacle to the grisly fights with Grimm.

Primary Power: Rainbow Canvas - Himiko's body is brightly colored, and this color is directly tied to her mood and sense of optimism. Using her abilities draws from her color, leaving a muddy gray behind in its place. This color recharges in sunlight, but if she completely depletes the color, it takes a while before she can use any of her powers, or even transform.

Secondary Power: Prismatic Valkyrie - Himiko can use her coloration to create simple weapons that she wields with elegance and precision. She personally favors spears, whips, and other long weapons that she can show off with. If she has enough rainbow left, she can also summon a pair of wings that shimmer as though they're made of stained glass, dotting the battlefield with splashes of rainbow light.

Tertiary Skill: Usually using it to show off on and off the field, Himiko spent a few years doing gymnastics and still retains a high degree of flexibility.

Hyper Power: Stained Glass Sunbeam - Himiko extends her wings, every panel of glass glittering and shining, shooting colored beams below her. These beams are harmless to people, but a few seconds will cause burns to appear on Grimm, and the longer they stay in the beams, the more damage they take.

Clutch Power: Shattered Spectacle - Himiko's wings shatter, and all color ejects from her body, hovering in the air as a massive field of stained glass shards. Light filters through them, creating a multicolored maze of rainbow beams that are fatal to any Grimm caught within their web.


Appearance after Transformation:
Original Strand: G

Name: Sei Shirogane

Magical Girl Alias: Black Red Bringer

Age: 21 (Born March 3rd)

Personality: The Black Red Bringer is all too eager to get her hands dirty, and slays Grimm with a fervor in her eye and savage movements that mark her as a dangerous character. Cruel and merciless, but taking on the mantle of a protector, where does this hunter's allegiances truly lie?

Despite her onscreen persona, Sei Shirogane is agreeable and easy to work with; her previous manager has reported little disruption during their work together. When off air, she can seem aloof or detached, but she claims she's just thinking. Sei does not like to make a scene, and is typically polite.

Biography: Sei has been working as a Magical Girl for over four years now at a different network before they underwent financial trouble, and started working for DDC with the rest of the network after they merged with DDC to stay afloat.

Prior to that, her life was quite normal, with two parents and a younger sibling. Average grades, somewhat athletic, Sei didn’t have to find some kind of special talent or niche. She was content to blend into the background around her, until her powers manifested.

The alley was smothered in overcast gloom as the afternoon sun struggled to break through the clouds above. Logically, Sei knew Grimm could appear anywhere, or what to do in such a situation, but seeing its eyes and teeth firsthand almost froze her in place. For a moment, she thought she would die.

Yet despite this, something inside Sei steeled her heart. She wanted to live, damnit! She glared back into its eyes and the beast flinched, enough for her to bring her fist crashing down on its head. She didn’t let up, grabbing it by the neck in a choking grasp. The Grimm snarled and snapped at her, and some part of her was bewildered that she would even do something so reckless, but the rest of her felt her free hand close around her earlier thought. Sei wanted to live, and she wanted it so badly she drove that will to live deep, deep into the beast’s hide. Her will had formed a sword, and yet she felt it like it was her own arm. She threw the Grimm to the ground and drew her sword from it like some macabre scabbard. She brought it overhead, and down into the Grimm’s skull. Then, silence.

Somewhere in that rush of adrenaline and teeth, it had started raining. A blazing red coat had appeared around her shoulders, and her hair was a sheer white.

Primary Power: Devil Hunter
Sei is a one-woman arsenal, carrying a variety of weapons that, when drawn, sharpen her senses and empower her to strike harder, move faster, kill better. Her coat also dampens blows, but mishaps have still resulted in bruises, fractures and other blunt injuries.

Sei's signature weapon, a greatsword that's almost as long as she is tall. Holding it in her hands, she swings it with more grace than any fencer with such a sword, and to devastating effect.

A set of knives strapped across multiple points on her person. With one in each hand, they quicken her steps and lighten her feet, and agile leaps and acrobatics become child's play.

Three flasks of "Holy Water" which bursts into blue flames when exposed to the air. The blaze is cool to the touch, but Grimm burn and recoil all the same.

A slim, silvered revolver that sharpens Sei's senses to a razor's edge. With its wooden grip in hand, she can see trajectories, weak points, and striking angles, and react to them in a split second as if she could see them a mile away and hours in advance.

Secondary Power: Evil Eye
Sei's eyepatch hides a surprise, red as roses and just as thorny. A brief flash of her glowing red eye will stop targets in their tracks and paralyze them. Even large Grimm may stumble and falter when interrupted at the right moment.
She can maintain the cursed stare, but this power is draining. Sustained usage will cause it to flicker and burn out, and tax her eye.
While still able to use her right eye as normal while transformed, the eyepatch serves as a useful prop to lead an audience's attention.

Tertiary Skill: Two-Faced
Sei is a skilled method actor, and feels natural inserting herself into any role she needs to.

Hyper Power: To Become as Flame
Incandescent wings of flame sprout from the Bringer's back, and her armaments burn with a fiery orange light. Sei's coat begins to burn away, leaving behind a suit of brilliant plate armor. She glides across the battlefield, leaving a trail of flames where her feet barely drag across the floor. Sei can direct her blazing weapons without touching them, increasing her reach, dexterity and firepower.

Clutch Power: Screaming Blood
Something sleeps inside the Black Red Bringer's veins. Sleeping, suppressed. When called upon, it wakes, lashing out in an inky black onslaught of teeth, hands, claws and fire. Not truly solid, the beast flows over attacks and targets alike; acting not unlike a viscous liquid, albeit one that burns with black flame and grasps prey with reaching, clamoring hands. The amalgamation prefers to pull Grimm into its dark maw, but will gladly settle for other living things.


Appearance after Transformation:
Name: Karen Mitsumi
Magical Girl Alias: Tsukuyomi
Original Strand: L
Age: 16

Personality: Karen is not good with people. She is extremely reticent, but beyond that shows several signs of being non-neurotypical. Given the nature of her abilities, it's not entirely possible to classify her neurodivergence, as the presenting symptoms may be related to her abilities rather than anything else. Suffice to say, Karen finds communication extremely difficult. If she speaks at all, it is generally in short sentences or single words - primarily, she communicates via body language or sign language. The more uncomfortable she is in a situation - which often has to do with the number of people present and how well she knows them - the more difficulty she has with words. Conversely, once she trusts someone, she's able to carry on some degree of conversation with them, but this isn't something that happens often. Karen tends to avoid physical contact as well, and is easily upset by things.


Age 3
"Hello, Karen-chan! It's so nice to meet you! Can you tell me how old you are?"

Karen wasn't sure about this strange woman who was not her mother. Her mother was not worried, though, and so even though Karen ducked behind her somewhat, she held up a hesitant three fingers in answer to the question, since it seemed like the woman wanted to know.

"Sorry. She doesn't talk much around strangers." Her mother's hand was on her head, patting tousled hair in an attempt to smooth the flyaway strands into place. It wasn't an unkind gesture, and Karen allowed it, cautiously.

"That's quite all right. I'm sure we'll be good friends in no time." The woman extended a hand, and Karen shrank back again, tucking her own small hands up into her sleeves.

Her mother sighed softly, petting her child's head again. "It's fine, Karen. You'll be all right. You don't have to hold hands if you don't want to. Be brave for me, okay? I'll be back soon."

Karen nodded. Her mother never lied to her, after all.

Age 7
Mother never lied, but she was lying. Lying on the ground. The strange thing was there, too, creature of bone and otherness. Its face was stained with her mother's blood, dipping into the hollow of her body that had once been whole. Karen watched, because she didn't know what else to do.

The creature was so very hungry, after all. So very, very hungry. Karen understood. She didn't like to touch people, but she reached out a hand to this thing that was red with the blood of her mother, her little fingers tracing over the jointures of the bony plates. They were smooth, almost soft. Not soft like a feather, but soft like silk, stretched tight. She felt the silky softness form into a glove, making its way slowly up her arm, claws at the end of her fingertips. She could no longer feel the softness.

Only the hunger.

Age 10
"Sorry. She doesn't talk. Not since Tsubaki died. We don't know if she can any more."

Karen stood beside her father. He... understood, and yet he didn't understand. He did his best, and she knew that he grieved, too, for her mother. She could understand that grief, understand the guilt that went with it, the feeling that if he'd been there, perhaps he could have changed something, could have stopped something.

She knew that wasn't true. Karen had been there, after all, and she hadn't changed a thing - but they both grieved, in their own ways. She touched his sleeve, two fingertips, barely there, but something. A reminder that she was there, and that she understood, even if she couldn't say that.

He rested a hand on her shoulder, lightly, as if he was afraid she might break.

Perhaps he was right. She glanced down at the hand where she'd rested her fingers on his sleeve, thinking of the softness of bone-silk. Claws rent, tearing holes in the jacket he wore, but vanished again before anyone took note of them.

He noticed later, though, the little tears in the sleeve. How could he not? He'd stitched up those same little tears over and over again, these last few years. A needle and thread couldn't bring his wife back, but they could hold together the remnants of a torn family.

She pretended he didn't know about the claws, and he pretended she didn't know about the stitches.

Age 14
Karen wiped the plate dry with the dish towel and set it carefully on the drying rack as her father passed her the next one from the sink. The television was on, another Doki Doki special, currently cut to an advertisement for schooling for specially gifted children.

Her father said nothing, but they didn't need to speak to understand each other. He glanced down at her where she was drying the plate, his gaze drifting to his own sleeve, rolled up for now, to the tiny fine scar on his arm that neither of them ever mentioned. Karen found her gaze drawn to it as well, in the silence between them, the television advertisements a backdrop.

She set another plate down, letting her fingers rub against the dishtowel. Rough cotton, flexible. Not soft and smooth like taut silk. She swallowed, the words that had always been there, that he'd understood without her saying them - but some things went too deep for understanding. Karen folded the dishtowel carefully, hanging it over his arm, covering the tiny fine-line scar with a white shroud. Some things must be buried, in order to move on.

"I'll go."
Grimm Synthesis Nocturne Fusion:

Primary Power: Lunar Crescent
A sliver, carved from the whole. It is what can be seen, but the rest lurks, in darkness.

Karen's primary ability is the ability to fuse with Grimm, becoming some sort of part-witch, part-Grimm monstrosity. While in this form, she awakens limited versions of whatever abilities the Grimm she has fused with possessed. Often this manifests as physical aspects - claws, horns, sharp teeth, bone armor. Generally, somewhere between thirty and fifty percent of her body is given over to Grimm, and it seems to fluctuate somewhat even while she is actively using the skill. Given that different Grimm have different natures, so too do Karen's Crescent powers. Which one she ends up invoking seems to be a mixture of familiarity, strength, and emotional state. She can always invoke a Grimm aspect again once she's done it the first time, invoking a new aspect seems to require a certain proximity.

It is still unknown what Karen could do with aspects of more powerful Grimm.

Secondary Power: Lunar Path
Do you think the moon does not speak? Listen, and you will hear her. Her words are in your soul.

Her secondary ability seems to be that of understanding and communication, though given her nature, most of this takes place nonverbally. For a time, it was suspected that she didn't actually have a secondary; discovery of this ability is recent. Mostly, this ability manifests as an extreme competence at reading body language and nonverbal cues, to the point of seeming almost empathic. Karen is also able to intuit social cues on a cultural scale, even if she has no particular familiarity with that culture. Given her aversion to physical contact, she's often unlikely to act on these intuitions, but she knows what to expect, and is able to communicate her own preferences fairly clearly as well, even without using anything recognizable as language.

It is possible that this understanding is not limited to humans.

Hyper Power: Lunar Tide
Do you feel the closeness? Look upon her, and reach out your arms. She calls you. You must answer.

The ability to invoke aspects of all previous Grimm fusion forms, often in cast-off shadow-forms that she controls like the tide. Wild arms, howling faces full of sharp teeth, blades of bone. They are a fusion of equipage and army, something that is somewhat distinct from her, and yet at the same time is her.

Clutch Power: Lunar Eclipse
If the light cannot reach far enough, perhaps the darkness will.

A fully fused variant of her Lunar Crescent, Karen allows her fusion to take over, surrendering herself to the darkness. She gains strengthened aspects of all her Grimm abilities, and uses them to destroy anything in her path until knocked unconscious, at which point she reverts to her standard form.

Shinju Miyamoto

Magical Girl Alias:

Original Strand:


Shinju is chipper and personable, quick to say hello and try to get to know someone. Or, maybe that’s just a nice way of saying that she likes to stick her nose into matters that don’t concern her, but she likes to make herself hopeful to those around her.

Shinju grew up in a house full of love, but we don’t care much for when her life was going all fine do we? She graduated from the academy at seventeen, and within six months a few days after her eighteenth birthday both her parents died in a Grimm attack. Her younger sister was present during that attack, and that was when her powers awakened.

They didn’t have family in New Kyoto following their parent’s death, so Shinju took to looking after Aoi. Her younger sister transferred into the Academy after the appearance of her powers, and in need of work Shinju joined the DDC, after securing a more flexible schedule for herself given her unique circumstances. She's done her best to make sure her sister has been happy as possible, and she’s managed to keep her smile despite how hard things have been.

Primary Power:
Shinju can bring a dead Grimm back to life so long as it has been connected to metal that Shinju has shaped. This Grimm will follow any order that she has given it with no regard for its own personal safety.

Secondary Power:
Shinju can mold the shape and amount of metal scrap she holds, allowing her to turn it into the complex wiring needed to stabilize the dissolving body of a dead Grimm. Metal will stretch to fill any part of the monster that has been lost. Shinju wears a lot of cheap jewelry that she can use on a Grimm so she can always have metal on hand. When not in use she can pull a revived Grimm into the piece of jewelry she used to give it a second life.

Tertiary Skill:
Shinju is actually quite talented at sewing, why she even made Aoi a new dress! Would you like to see it?

Hyper Power:
Shinju can form an amalgam by combining all of the Grimm she controls into a massive beast of metal and emotion. She often forms them into different creatures pulled from folklore and can grant them powers that are similar to ones that the creatures could possess.

Clutch Power:
Shinju can draw all of her currently collected Grimm back into the jewelry she used to contain them, and in wearing that jewelry she can give herself elements of the Grimm she has captured to directly fight and defend herself.


Appearance after Transformation:
Name: Arisa Shinaga
Magical Girl Alias: Moonlight
Original Strand: N
Age: 22
Personality: On the rare occasion that Arisa goes outside, she's fairly aloof and tries to stay as far away from crowds and people as she can. She's on the quiet side, and struggles to make eye contact, either glancing to the side or slightly down, but tries to hide her silence with the occasional quip or polite filler to present herself as normal. Conversations are fairly stiff most days, almost in an uncanny way, but on the rare occasion of a "better day" she can hold a more natural conversation and sometimes almost mimic whatever positive emotion is projected towards her. Only once the facade has been found out does Arisa act a little more true to how she feels - tired. She doesn't try to force a smile that feels all too wrong anymore, the jig is up afterall, but she does her best not to burden others with her reality.

How long has it been? How long has it been since breathing didn't feel like a chore? That waking up and eating food, getting dressed, going outside, doing something, was something to look forward to? When was the last time she looked forward to something?

She couldn't remember, closing her eyes and turning over, further covering her head with the blanket as if it would help keep the intruding thoughts at bay. The thoughts that still play out, as if she wasn't a caccoon on the floor somewhere in the place she called a "home". The thoughts of eyes peeking in through the heavily covered windows, of arms wrapped around her figure, trying to drag her further into the floor. Of copies of herself painting the floor red by multiple shadows, at times a single shadow, breaking in to make claim of what she had, either items or the house itself. Be it by their hands, with punchs or strangling, or knives and blunt objects, guns or hatchets. And each time the imaginary fight ends with another mess discarded on the floor.

She should get up. She should, yet the arms won't let go. The arms that arn't there, just another figment of her imagination, she knows this. She knows this, and yet struggles to fight against it. There's nothing to fight against, she just needs to get up. Get up. Unburying her face from the fabric wrapped around her, stretching out a hand as far as she can reach just to let it drop with a dull thud. It's not that hard. Just get up.

Yet, she remains on the floor for an indescribable period of time, weighed down by the heaviness in her body and the darkness encompassing her. Not a lick of light shines in the house; it's hard to tell what time it is with the windows covered as they are - a feable attempt to hide from the eyes that arn't there, peeking into the house to observe and watch and judge her for everything she does and doesn't do, for the monsters housed inside of her.

Any more, it's hard to sort what thoughts are a side effect from the Grimm within, and which ones are truly her own. Some of the smaller and weaker Grimm are easier to manage, and burn off faster than those that are stronger. Sure, Arisa is a witch, and they're able to fight the Grimm with positive feelings, but her powers always felt flawed. Her magic doesn't bring "happiness" or "positivity". It's not warm, or bright, or showy. She's able to absorb the Grimm into her being, and that's the last anyone sees of it. Getting rid of the public threat quick is her only use, no one really understands what happens after. No one really needs to. To them, the threat has been neutralized. They don't realize the toll or consiquence, or how long it takes. And they don't need to.

She gets rid of them completely, it just takes time. It takes time to get rid of the Grimm, since it isn't inharently by her magic. It's by granting them the feelings of closure, understanding, and sympathy. That the fears, the desires, the obsessions that rule over them, that make them what they are, it's takes time to widdle them down. With weaker ones, it's simply countering whatever made them with reassurance. More resiliant or stronger ones, however, take longer regardless of the method used.

In worse cases, it's simply the waiting game of letting them burn themselves out faster than they can feed off of her resulting negative feelings. Lucid dreams and maladaptive daydreaming are her methods of combatting them, an old coping mechinism revived from young adolescence.

"It will get better." A weak whisper drags past her lips, hand loosely cluching the air below it; an imaginary hand different from the rest finding it's place there. It wasn't one of the shadow hands gripping her, trying to bury her into the ground, but her other form. The one with untainted, platinum blonde hair and light grey eyes, a false hope that she will get better with time. She was better now than when her parents starved her, so they could eat and have the energy to work, she had rationalized; to release their frustrations, they had a bad day at work, she tried to excuse; or lost money from drinking and gambling, because the bottom of the bottle offered them more comfort than her existance, and gambling held more prize than the child who couldn't work. It will get better, she's a witch - a magical girl. She has to get better.

Though she held the falses' hand, there was no warmth. It didn't get rid of the hands twisting and tugging, trying to merge her with the floor. It didn't get rid of the figments of gore and crimson that surrounded them, an imaginary disaster that dimly illuminated the lightless room. It didn't get rid of the eyes from the window, or encourage her to get up. It simply laid there on its back, staring at her with a faint, empty smile as it held her hand. It wasn't going to save her - it couldn't, she knew that.

She was alone. She was pathetic.

And so, she cried in silence.

Primary Power: Arisa is able to absorb Grimm and negative emotions into her body through physical contact, taking a toll on her mental state. There isn't a limit to how many she can absorb, as storing more Grimm makes her more powerful, but it places her into an unstable, dangerous mindset. The Grimm within her body are slowly burnt off as energy through vivid nightmares and maladaptive daydreams that border hallucinations, or through fighting with Grimm via her Hyper Power. While positive emotions makes the effects easier to withstand and burn off the Grimm faster, it doesn't do much past that. Because of the Grimm and negative feelings stored within her, attacks from Grimm arn't as potent; while fighting other witches is more troublesome.

Secondary Power: She is able to disappear into her own personal pocket space, which is where she spends most of her time when she feels the most unstable. The pocket space brings out the Grimm housed within her, for better or for worse. She has no control of the Grimm, but the Grimm isn't able to physically harm her within the space, and works as a safe way to slowly burn off the negative emotions and handle the more extreme emotions from the Grimm without accidently acting on them.

Tertiary Skill: None that are notable, as she has adapted a hikkomori lifestyle over the years of awakening. While not a skill, a byproduct of storing Grimm to use burn off as energy has fueled some self-destructive habits, has stunted most of Arisa's human needs, and now struggles to seperate perceived from imaginary negative emotions.

Hyper Power: Arisa able to summon out the Grimms she holds within her to fight alongside her. These Grimm are neutral unless attacked, and Arisa has limited control over them - moreso Arisa gives an instruction and it's up to them if they want to listen to a T or do their own thing. After their task is completed, if they weren't destroyed by other means, they fuse back with Arisa.

Clutch Power: When Arisa dies, all the Grimm and negative feelings she had been harboring inside of her fuses and becomes a massive, powerful Grimm. Whether she has control over this new form is unknown.

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Appearance after Transformation:
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