RP DDC: A Vision of Light


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Mai dithered outside the door to the fortune teller’s shop, uncertain if she were simply being silly. It wasn’t like she had actually seen anything wrong, let alone have anything like evidence, but she couldn’t help but feel that all the little weird things equaled some big weird thing. Which, that wasn’t how things worked logically, was it? Still, that note she found on her apartment door really did make her feel like all those little things were more than coincidence.

Thanks for the advice.’ was all that had been written on the note and just looking at it made her feel uneasy.

The shop had been the recommendation of a friend who thought a talk with the proprietress would do her some good. Which, maybe just having a talk would do her some good. And if it turned out this was all just a bunch of misunderstandings, maybe she’d be cute.

With that bit of encouragement, Mai pulled the door open and stepped inside. It smelled… pleasantly floral?

Hello? I’m Mai Yato, I called earlier.” She called, cheerfully enough given everything.
She was here.

Of course she'd be, wouldn't she? She always ended up here, in one way or another. It wasn't her Mai. Never was. Never the same Strand, every flicker, just one world after another after another. Here, she owned a shop. A little fortune-teller boutique. It was a quaint way to use her power, a silly little fancy, but she had to hand it to this version of herself -

She had a lovely taste in incense.

"Ah - Mai."

Wasn't her Mai, but the sight of the girl's face that walked into the shop still hit her in the chest like a sledgehammer. She paused for a long second, staring, before she managed to collect herself.


"It's lovely to finally meet. I knew you would come here, you know," Cass said, offering a sly wink. "Come inside, come, tell me your troubles, and I'll see if I can help."
Oh no, she was very cute, and that wink just wasn’t fair.

Closing the door behind her, Mai stepped into the shop. It was a cozy little place, not quite like home back in Tokyo but more relaxing than her own place currently was. Mai took a seat across from the fortune teller, smoothing her skirt with the back of her hand as she did.

Well, I hope I haven’t been making you wait then.” Mai said, a smile finding her lips as quick as her laugh. She relaxed, resting her hands on her lap. She drew in a breath, and held it for a moment.

So, should I tell you about what’s going on?” Mai asked.
"Please do," Cass replied warmly.

It was nice to see a familiar face, at least. Always nice. Despite the differences - she always had the same smile. The same laugh. It was crystalline, the tinkling of a glass windchime on a summer day.


"While I foretold your arrival - the specifics are a little blurry. The winning lottery numbers, perhaps? Or - whether or not she's planning to ask you out?"

It wouldn't be so simple. It never was. She was here for a reason, and Mai - any of the constants, really - were always a part of whatever pulled her in.
Oh, you do love readings? Maybe you can give me a hint about her favorite cafe.” Mai said, leaning forward in her chair. It would be easy to let herself just be pulled along, nice even to pretend her problems weren’t real for just a little while. Still, that flicker was already in the edges of her smile, a restless shifting in her eyes to catch the source of a sound.

Well, I suppose that’ll just be a reason for me to come back.” She said with a wink of her own. Her smile didn’t fade away into a serious expression, nor that spark ever leave her eyes as she returned her gaze to Cass. “This might be a little strange, but I think someone has been following me.