Datapad From The Supreme Chancellor

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Planet leads- Coruscant has many veterans of the war from both sides hiding amongst it's lower levels. That's a good place to start
Nar Shaddaa for the same/better reasons as above, as it's in hutt space
and Corsin- a current frontline for the war effort. Revans' top officers are said to be close by attempting to break through the Republic's fleet
Revan's forces tend to come primarily from the mid rim
Manpower is sent from the inner and outer rim into the mid and comes out with ships
The ships are all of the same material composition and alloys, as if all mined from the same location
Wherever it is, it's in an insanely mineral rich area
His higher ranking officers may know of its location, but none of have been captured alive
The sith have proven to be a complete dead end, they're told nothing
The Hydean way is the most used hyperspace route by Revan's forces.

more to be added later as questions are asked.
DM Note-

All paths lead to victory. I can DM any thread ya'll start, and there are a lot more people who know about Revan's Star Forge than the original canon said there was. Effort and teamwork will bring results, as long as you put in the effort to write and create a good story, you will succeed with this mission. The only option for failure is inaction, or blatant stupidity.
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