Approved Dahlia Adelaide Mortimer-Smith

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Name: Dahlia Adelaide Mortimer-Smith

Anomalous Designation: N/A

Rank: R-Class-A probationary research intern

Locations: L-14, Field

Age: 21 y/o

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Green

Height: 1.75 m

Weight: 67.1 kg

Hobbies: Laying in bed awake, laying in bed asleep, browsing forums, still life painting (charcoal)

[div align="center"][font size="3"][font color="#dadada"]Foundation History[/font][/font][/div]

Dahlia Mortimer-Smith was a survivor of the 2022 [REDACTED] incident in Toronto, Canada, and a direct witness to both the actions of [REDACTED] and those of foundation personnel attempting to subdue it. Following the incident, all witnesses were offered class D amnestics, but Mortimer-Smith was resistant to the amnestic's primary effects and showed negative side effects following an increase in exposure. Rather than risking possible harm, she was instead offered a minor position at the foundation in line with her current qualifications and experience.

She is presently a probationary agent stationed at L-14 under the direct supervision and direction of R-Class-C field researcher Elizabeth Krasniqi, though her designation is at the moment open for review due to a record of poor performance.

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