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Name: "Noir"
Alias: "Collar says Noir shut up." Is also okay with Critter
Age: "Enter Thirties soon...last year spent as a cat."
Height: "I'm a cat how tall do you fucking think."
Weight: "Ten pounds or so. Not a fat cat just a cat."
Hair Color: "Midnight black, it was her favorite color..."
Eye Color: "Yellow I miss when they were blue..."
Distinguishing features: "The fact I. Am. A. Cat."
Scent Profile: "It's always chocolate. And well cat. I've tried like you would not believe to mix things up. SHE wouldn't let me even change that."

"Spells" known:

Inflame, allows the conjuraration of a flame that can be thrown about five yards, for all the effort to try and improve this cats aren't exactly known for throwing. However the flame doesn't burn the conjurer and Noir has learned do to size he can more or less cast it on himself entirely. Allowing him to attack as a cat on fire. This does not make him fire proof if not using this ability. This is just a pyromancy gene really not a spell. It helps Noir to think of it however in more arcane terms. Additionally when changing size to something bigger it'd just be limbs not the entire form.

Commune, it took a few months to figure out his hearing and adjust his new vocal chords. When changed it became possible to both speak to wildlife and in person. However initially it was information overload. Now he's sorted it out but when waking up might struggle a moment to collect his senses. There actually is no magic to this was an issue of the transformation. The psychological damage runs deep however.

Scorching Strike allows to upon attack shroud the opponent in fire. It's really just pyrokineses to ignite a surface but it helps him to think of it again as said spell.

Shape Shift is an ability to grow or shrink to the size of a mouse or the size of a panther for a few minutes. This can help claw and bite more like a large predator instead of well a house cat, or to sneak into places. The time limit is more a stamina one, the meta who changed his biology let shape changing be a factor but this didn't adjust for every component. Shrinking often feels like he's bloated, and enlarging makes him soon feel famished as the needs of a cat and a panther are quite different. This also is not turn into a mouse or panther, it's worth noting that is a size change not a different form.

Winged Form requires concentration, yet so long as Noir holds concentration on this "spell" he can manifest wings at his leisure allowing him to fly. Noir finds it easier to think of it as a spell. An x-ray however would just show they fold out from his back. Provided he could get around his psychological trauma or it worsens he might be able to sustain flight as this is more justsa biological ability.

Explosion, from pointed claw on paw to somewhere up to fifty feet a way is spawned a sudden up to twenty foot wide ball of flames. An explosion meant to incinerate foes. This is just again pyromancy he might even be able to do better fire related moves if he could just get help getting his mind around things. As for explosive yield its more a grenade then anything to high powered such as rockets or c4.

Spell Limitations: Transmuted from person to animal a lot of comprehensive ability withered. He was a human he wasn't meant to be a meta. He also wasn't meant to be a cat. To adjust to this he's basically undergone psychological trauma to adjust to the changes. Noir also can't grow abilities as quickly with his limitations it should be studied and exercised as a meta gene not the arcane abilities he tells himself. He might learn how to manipulate fires with pyrokinesis in time or develop a fire breath flamethrower if allowed to continue his studies.

Abilities: Can see at night perfectly. Smell is incredibly sharper, it would likely help identify poisons even or track someone down if he wanted. Taste is weaker though, Noir finds he can eat anything do to his dual nature but he finds even best cat or people food just tastes okay. Without giving a deep dive of cat hearing and touch those to are elevated for Noir. These can be incredibly helpful in say detecting changes in suroundings. It also though means loud noises hurt more. Noir has found often sounds louder then a gunshot will completely ruin his concentration, a pivotal factor for a "wizard." This is more a cat being startled then anything arcane. The psychological effects run so deep though that Noir sees it as broken concentration.


"'I was once Nick Nobode I met a woman in a library who was everything I could dream of. The goth book worm so many of us were drawn to in our teen years. And for some reason she seemed into me to. It was a fall that was fast and overwhelming. It was like I couldn't think, I'd have done anything for her. This was all a ruse though a manipulation. The nights were nice and I thought it serious. Things went from seeing eachother every weekend to every day to her basically owning everything I had. And all I wanted was to give her a ring, let her own me. She agreed so long as I try one thing...

I was nervous thought it might be some dom thing that might push my boundaries. Maybe try meeting her parents who she had so many horror stories of. Instead though it was letting her try an ability she had. She showed me over the night how she could transmute things. She was a meta who could turn water into wine and the like. She wanted to test this on a person, everything in me screamed don't. Then I remember that hesitancy entirely gone. I agreed and then I was this...

Turns out she was a psychic to. Those abilities could only push a thought not force it. So she made a habit of playing exactly what someone wanted to then manipulate them. Everything I was had become hers and now I was nothing more than a pet. It was a terrible first week. Senses were scrambled every which way. Upon realizing both her talking and birds chirping for me was just cacophonous noise she went and found some books to try and help me. Some part of her I guess cared, but my care was gone.

She continued to tell me how it was just books on cats of various size. Books on bat's. Her notes on trying to make a pyromancy gene. I saw it as spells. She was probably right but dwelling on it makes the head hurt. And all I wanted was to watch my world burn. My things, my home, who I wanted to be my wife it all turned to ash. SHE took it, so I destroyed it...the revenge felt hollow. There's no getting things back, just preventing it from happening to others. Metahumans I say we burn them. Damn every one of them."

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