Approved Corre Kesyk

Mother, Father.

I believe that Lord Revan has had my master killed. They were given the order to track down a Jedi, of significant rank, and kill him. They were accompanied by the other apprentice, and I was left aside. I believe this was orchestrated by Lord Revan, as by separating the group of us, it opened my master to the Jedi. They were cut down, and the other apprentice was nearly killed as well. They managed to escape, and relay this information to me. With a Jedi, with hostile intent, near, and our group already compromised, we elected to flee the area, to regroup and consider our options.

The Jedi knew our master was coming. He was prepared, and instead of an ambush, as it was meant to be, it was a brawl. They had the drop on my master, by virtue of knowing the attack was coming, and the only way he could have known is if he had been informed. The only person who could have informed him, is the one who gave the order. Lord Revan had my master killed, and I believe he intended for both myself and the other apprentice to perish soon after.

We are both afraid, and on the run. We do not know who Revan has sent next to monitor us, and who can be trusted. We will use this fear, and direct it towards our survival. We will foster it into something greater, given time. We will get our revenge, and I will lay Lord Revan low and claim the Empire for myself, given time. Serve him well, in the meantime. I want him to suspect nothing.

We have been posing as bounty hunters for the last several months, using our training to earn a living, while using the jobs to hone our skills. I grow stronger by the day, the clear goal of taking the Empire for myself always at the forefront of my mind. I will not let Revan sully the Kesyk name, nor will I fall to his assassins. If he wishes me dead, he will do it himself, and he will see the folly in challenging us.

Do not let the courier who brought you this message live. None shall know of our whereabouts, or our plans. Be well.
Corre Kesyk

Name- Corre Kesyk

Profession- Sith

Age- 24

Force Sensitive- Not particularly Force sensitive. Possesses a baseline proficiency in the simple skills any Force-adept individual can lay claim to. Basic precognitive abilities, gained through Sith training to improve and enhance her combat capabilities. Basic telekinesis- push, pull, and other simple manipulation. A passing ability to manipulate the mind, but it is crude and hardly used, instead relying on her own abilities of speech and deception.

Her lightsaber
A singular vibroknife
A light blaster pistol, more for keeping up appearances than for full time use
Light armor concealed beneath her clothes

Brief Character Bio- Born to an older Sith noble family, Corre has always had grand ambitions. In her admittedly brief lifetime, she has seen the fall of the Sith Empire, years of rebuilding, the rebirth of said Empire under the leadership of the Dark Lord Revan. In the depths of her heart, she believes that she can take the mantle of Dark Lord, the Empress of the Sith, and lead them to greatness, a belief she has held even before the newest campaign against the Jedi began. She has dedicated herself fully to her training, ever since she was young, and has become notably proficient with a lightsaber, and consequently, other single-bladed weapons. It is slightly to compensate for her general lack of Force sensitivity, something that originally made her the black sheep of the Kesyk family, and something that nearly had her name stripped, something she is still quite conscious of to this day.

Since the death of her master, she has become largely separated from the rest of the Sith Empire, uncertain of who is reporting directly to Revan, and who may have orders to kill her. The only other of her kind she has spoken to since the incident is the other apprentice, of whom she trusts wholeheartedly (or as much as one Sith can trust another).