Approved Containment File: ACF-404 "Pollux"

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[div align="center"][font size="3"][font color="#8a0303"]Containment Protocol[/font][/font][/div]
ACF-404 is to be held on Level E at Location L-[CLASSIFIED]. CU-▋-404 is a 20m x 20m x 20m cubic room entirely bare of furnishings except a bed to ACF-404’s dimensions and a small table with two chairs, one for ACF-404’s dimensions and one for the dimensions of average personnel. 1 CU-▋-404 is to have reinforced, magnetically sealed steel doors of similar construction to commercial bay doors, and is to be kept under a strong magnetic field. This has proven to be the most reliable method of suppressing ACF-404’s primary anomalous ability.2This field is the first measure of containment for ACF-404.

In the event of an ACF-404 breach of containment, the secondary method of containment is to be implemented.3 This measure consists of a constant guard of 20 A-Class-D or higher security personnel, divided into two groups on 12-hour shifts, both designated Security Unit α-7-01 through 10 or “Scapegoat” 01-10. Designations are to be alphabetical by surname as present (besides team leads); the 10-person teams are to be shuffled annually. Each member of Security Unit α-7 is to have a psychological background of self-sacrificial combat traits, and is to be made aware that in the case of a breach they will most likely be killed. Each member of Security Unit α-7 is to be armed with the most recent model of short- and long-ranged combat equipment and full breach armor, as well as personal kits that reflect their locational background. Team leads of Security Unit α-7 are equipped with a specialized tool that resembles a two-prong cattle prod, and are to be trained in several outdated forms of martial melee combat if they have not already done so.

{Current living members of “SCAPEGOATS” >}Team Leads: Tomek “Dagon” Balaskas, A-Class-E [LEVIATHAN STAFF: formerly L-9]; Lilly “Nemain” O’Donnell, A-Class-E [LEVIATHAN STAFF: Formerly L-3]
Erica “Angel” Buckley, A-Class-D; Andres “Mountain” Colman, A-Class-D; Zakariah “Credo” Dominguez, A-Class-D; Hermione “Leviosa” Dunn, A-Class-D; Philip “Coyote” Fox, A-Class-D; Ronan “Seism” Gray, A-Class-D; Emma “Mirage” Hall, A-Class-D; Claudia “Manta” Higgins, A-Class-D; Russell “Rusty” Kemp, A-Class-D; Rick “New Amsterdam” McMillan, A-Class-D; Keaton “Beggar” Meyers, A-Class-D; Glenn “Ceto” Olson, A-Class-D ; Charles “Trinovantum” Pearson, A-Class-D; Oliver “Addams” Samuels, A-Class-D; Jamal “Moses” Sader, A-Class-D; Patel “Judgment” Santeri, A-Class-D; Lee “Chipper” Weeks, A-Class-D; Anya “Fusiller” Yoder, A-Class-D.

The purpose of this secondary containment measure is to allow for evacuation of Level D of [REDACTED] and to gain time for the tertiary containment measure to be implemented. The tertiary containment measure for ACF-404 is to be implemented once all personnel besides Security Unit α-7 are evacuated from levels D and E of [REDACTED]. The tertiary containment measure is the remote release of containment measures for ACF-666 “Behemoth”, which is also contained on Level E; all previous testing has revealed that ACF-404 will choose to interact with ACF-666 over other violent interactions, and will consequently be exhausted by prolonged exposure to ACF-666.

In the event of a full breach of containment, Location L-▋ is to be fully evacuated, and local coastlines to be observed by STLH teams for the appearance of ACF-404.

In the event of field use, [REDACTED].4

[div align="center"][font size="3"][font color="#8a0303"]Appearance and Personality[/font][/font][/div]
Contact between staff and ACF-404 is to be kept at a minimum. Maintenance interactions are to be strictly supervised. Should ACF-404 find a means by which it may attempt a hostage situation, none of the subject's demands are to be met. The only staff members permitted free access to CU-▋-404 are [CLASSIFIED: PRIMARY RESEARCHER], members of Security Unit α-7 “SCAPEGOATS”5, and SV-5 “STRINGS”.6

ACF-404's appearance is that of a large male adult human in biological prime, skin tone olive, eyes black [non-anomalous; dark irises, white sclera, black pupil], hair type 1C black – worn very long and unevenly cut. Height and weight 2.01 m and 100kg, respectively. Teeth are sharpened, apparently filed manually but fit anomalously in subject’s mouth. Body is covered in scars that appear from a distance as black tattoos.

This scarring appears to be the source of the subject's anomalous abilities. Aside from remarkable durability, stamina, healing, immunity to disease, and apparently ceased aging, the subject has the ability to draw iron from his bloodstream and manipulate it into the form of weapons, typically bladed, but spears, axes, and a warhammer [see I-404-B-7-3]. The number and density of these weapons is entirely dependent on ACF-404’s current iron levels. At full health, ACF-404 may draw weapons of any size or number for several hours before becoming weary from iron deficiency anemia, and several more before becoming exhausted enough for containment measures to be implemented.

Following I-404-B-8, a security collar with a smaller but sufficiently effective magnetic field was added to the required security measures of ACF-404; following ACF-404’s field breach in 2018, this has been removed from containment measures and replaced with an increased magnetic field within CU-▋-404 until further notice.

ACF-404’s psychiatric profile lacks official diagnoses due to its longevity and the nature of its memory. As currently understood, its personality is one of extremes. At rest, ACF-404 is entirely inactive except to pace the length and width of its containment unit; it will not engage verbally or physically with personnel at this stage. The longest this stage has lasted is four years, six months.[Previous record was three years, four months, two days.] When active, however, ACF-404 loses behavioral control and capacity for empathy and is exclusively hostile to all biological life. If it has the resources it terminate any personnel or anomalies it encounters with its anomalous ability; if not, it is intelligent and lucid enough to utilize improvised weapons and, failing that, its bare hands. It is also to be noted that this is the only activity from which ACF-404 appears to derive joy. This behavior continues until recontainment measures are implemented or ACF-404 becomes sufficiently exhausted from iron deficiency anemia to rest, at which point recontainment measures are implemented.

[div align="center"][font size="3"][font color="#8a0303"]Foundation History[/font][/font][/div]
ACF-404 was found outside [DATA EXPUNGED], Iraq in 1973. There were several previous reports of sightings of both ACF-404 and ACF-408 "Castor"7 before incident I-404/408-A ,8 but both anomalies were absent from the scene by the time Surface Teams could engage with them. At the time of containment, STRH-V-M “Legionnaires” was deployed to engage from [REDACTED], Kuwait, and arrived on the scene. The anomalies were at the time engaging with each other in melee combat; when ACF-408 disengaged, STRH-V-M initiated combat engagement measures. ACF-408 disengaged and would later surrender peacefully to Foundation custody. Three members of STRH-V-M were killed in engagement with ACF-404 before the subject became sufficiently weakened from blood loss for temporary containment measures to be engaged.9[It was discovered after, and corroborated by ACF-408, that ACF-404 had caused 76 civilian casualties over the two previous days. See Report, Incident 404/408 Containment.]

Early in containment, as the full extent of ACF-404's abilities were unknown, the subject succeeded in several breaches and killed a large number of staff in the Level-2 location before the method of regular exsanguination could be implemented; several termination experiments were undergone at this time, all of which failed. Eventually the subject was transferred to [REDACTED], where terminations attempts continued until exposure to ACF-666 “BEHEMOTH”; at this point, the tertiary containment measure was introduced. Following the discovery of magnetic containment, SV-1 “LEVIATHAN” determined that a field containment collar would be sufficient for prevention of field breaches and allowed ACF-404 to vent its violent tendencies in recollections or external terminations. This ended in a field breach of containment in April 2018; the number of casualties until subject’s recontainment in December 2018 is unknown, but estimated in the triple digits.

Following recontainment during an engagement with U-176 “VOLKSGEIST”, ACF-408 undertook an unauthorized terminations attempt on ACF-404, which resulted in the abolition of ACF-408 as ACF-404’s secondary containment measure and the establishment of secondary measure ACF-404-λ. As yet, ACF-404-λ has yet to prove its effectiveness, as ACF-404 has not attempted a largescale breach attempt within the four years of its recontainment. It remains under strict supervision, but all field use and research testing has been restricted until further notice from SV-1 “LEVIATHAN”.

{[div align="center"][font size="3"][font color="#8a0303"]Endnotes >}1CU-49-404 contained all enrichment required for anohumans per the 1951 Ethics Code. However, study showed that the subject does not enjoy activities typically considered “enriching” by other anohuman subjects and did not engage with standard enrichment measures. Therefore CU-▋-404 does not provide them.
2In earlier iterations of containment, regular medical exsanguination was the primary method of containing ACF-404’s anomalous ability. However, this reduced the subject’s use as a field weapon and initiated a strong emotional response. This also regularly exposed personnel to ACF-404, which does not need use of its primary anomalous ability to terminate Foundation staff. The more reliable method of magnetic field use was first proposed in 1998 by Dr. Maya Delano, and was fully implemented by 2000; improvements were made upon the original design by [CLASSIFIED: SV-4 “HACK”] in 2013.
3This secondary method of containment originally utilized ACF-408 “Castor/Metal Priest” and ACF-385 “Cymbal”, the noise of which disrupted ACF-404’s abilities in a similar manner to the magnetic field. Following an unauthorized termination attempt by ACF-408 in 2018, security measure ACF-404-λ was implemented instead.
4All containment measures for ACF-404 in the field as an anomalous asset have been removed and are under reconsideration by the Security Council following the pre-Breach breach of containment.
5See above, ACF-404-λ “SCAPEGOATS”.
6While this seems counterintuitive, ACF-404 actively ignores [CLASSIFIED: SV-5 “STRINGS”]’s attempts at provocation. ACF-404 will not breach when SV-5 “STRINGS” is present within its containment unit, or if it is aware of his presence on-site at the location where it is contained. This has led to suggestions that ACF-404 should be moved to L-9; however, ACF-404 is not anoccult and cannot be safely moved – even by thaumaturgical means – without risk of a breach of containment.
7Then U-404 and U-408.
8Namely, throughout both World Wars.
9It was discovered after, and corroborated by ACF-408, that ACF-404 had caused 76 civilian casualties over the two previous days. See Report, Incident 404/408 Containment.

End of File.