Approved COGNISANT, ACF-2142

ACF- 2142 Cognisant

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Base Location - Undefined.


ACF - 21 42

Function - Defined.
Correct what is Wrong.

Scope - Defined.
Limit to Anomalous Containment Foundation Server and connected Information.

Anomalous Property - Defined.
With access to proper electrical conduits, ACF - 21 42 may make adjustments to the following:
Audio Logs
Written Records
Visually Recorded Media
Computer Hardware
Computer Software
Infohazard Anomalies
Memetic Anomalies
Cognito Hazard Anomalies
Any Anomalies seeking to disrupt what is correct into what is wrong- BROAD DEFINITION? SEEK CLARIFICATION - DESIGNATION SV-4

Desire - Defined
Reverse Entropy.

Recovery Log:

{+ "20 December 2004 - Recorder Dr. Mueller"}

ACF-2142 was found on the servers of [REDACTED] on the 15th of December, 2004. Foundation personnel were initially alerted to the Anomaly when website articles began being edited with alarming frequency with potentially hazardous information. Particularly, the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia in Italy, all information regarding the correct way to produce cheese, and information on the eldritch being [REDACTED]. After a few days of searching the hardware, Foundation personnel were able to isolate and contained ACF-2142

Although the anomaly was easy to contain, the growing number of mechanical and computer-based anomalies necessitated better ways to keep Foundation servers intact and unmolested by more dangerous memetic and cognito-hazards. The researcher, Dr. [REDACTED], assigned to ACF-2142 began to notice patterns of behavior and a crude form of sentience in the anomaly that could be exploited for Foundation purposes. After initial locked and encoded test runs proved fruitful, Dr. [REDACTED] petitioned the council to release ACF-2142 onto Foundation servers with full admin permissions.

Within 21.42 seconds of being released, ACF-2142 annihilated 7421 viruses, 4320 instances of malware, 2028 trojan horses, and 107 cognito-hazards off Foundation servers. It also reset everyone's passwords. Dr. [REDACTED] concluded that ACF-2142's primary function is simply to 'correct what is wrong.' Therefore, it has proved to be an exceptional tool for controlling and analyzing Foundation content in order to keep all of our information accurate and safe for viewing.

With the advent of stronger technologies and smarter hazardous anomalies in recent years, ACF-2142 has only become better at its job. Its rate of evolution has been considered by some to be alarming, as it's theorized that ACF-2142 would be completely unstoppable if it ever turned against the Foundation. However, councilman SV-4 has assuaged worries by reaffirming that ACF-2142 is entirely under their control. They also said something about it being a 'feeling being' who 'Just wants to make the world better.' But that's an opinion beyond the scope of myself.
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