Approved "Cleric"; Elric Cradent

Name: Elric Cradent
Alias: "Cleric"
Age: 25
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Brown hair that always seems to be a little all over the place. His hair is long enough to keep in a pony tail, which is how he prefers to style his hair. Choppy bangs, with two longer locks of hair framing his face, with green eyes poking through. Fairly average build, stansing at 5' 8", with no remarkable markings. Common attire consists of casual clothes like t-shirts, jeans, and a light jacket.

As "Cleric", he wears a simple, oversized white robe with gold trim on the sleeves and hood, which is pulled up to obscure most of his face. He doesn't really care about being "found out", as he just wants to help people as much as he can.

(Will give the boi justice later- Simply hate coloring.)


• Immortality: It's questionable as to the full scale of what type of immortality Elric has, but as far as it has been observed, Elric doesn't seem to be able to die from any means. Can confirm that this power has been around since Elric was 14, due to the fact that he was bitten by a venomous snake, and somehow survived without so much as a lasting complication. However, that doesn't mean the bite was any less painful. "What happened to the venom?" Someone might smartly ask, to which the answer is "Ineffective".

• Healing:
- Is able to heal a large spectrum of injuries and "cure" ailments, at the cost of his own bodily fuctions. While he does have the ability to heal lethal wounds, he would have to act fast, as even he isn't able to bring others back from the dead.
-Is able to numb pain that others may be experiencing, and temporarily aid ailments, like poor vision, hearing, and birth defects, but is not able to permenately cure said ailments.
- Is not able to cure illnesses or poison/venom; the latter can be slowed in terms of spreading, but anti-venom or another form of antidote would be required.
- While he can reattach limbs, he cannot regenerate limbs or missing parts. My condolences to those who had a kidney stolen from them to be sold to the black market; you're not getting it back. U-U
- Is unable to heal himself at the same rate at which others are healed, nor numb any pain he experiences. However, has an immunity to poisons and illnesses; interesting how the two things he's immune to are two things he cannot cure.
- While the boi may be able to cook decently, and can add a fairly minor healing element to most of the foods he makes, most commonly acting like a pain killer, or minorly modified per the ailment he's trying to temporarily aid, sTAY AWAY FROM THE FUCKER IF YOU'RE SICK! While, yes, this one particular dish does cure most illnesses faster, most will struggle to keep the food down in the first place. Smells rancid, tastes pretty mid to bland if you can get past the smell, but is it worth it to just get over an illness faster?


• Basic Medkit
• Nothing else but the clothes on his back. Has no sort of combat training, and doesn't trust himself to handle any form of guns.

(BRIEF) Character Bio:

Character thought they were a normal civilian til they were 14, got bit by snek during camping trip, and on the way to the hospital bite wound was almost healed and had stopped bleeding. Found out afterwords it was a danger noodle. Whoops.

At 18, during night shift convience store clerk, there was an armed robbery of two, one holding Elric at gunpoint, and the other holding a knife to a customers throat. Even when they got the money, the gunman fired at Eleic's chest, shooting his left lung, and the knifeman slit the customers throat. Much pain, concussed ass.

Manages to get on other side of counter and help the other person by healing the majority of the neck wound before passing out briefly due to pain. Customer, now in better condition thanks to Elric, does what Elric shoulda done and calls for an ambulance.

Elric is released in like... less than 3 days with a raised eyebrow as to how he became stable and healed as fast as he did, but whatever. Patient fine, all that jazz. Elric, however, wants to try out his healing abilities on more people or animals, and quickly finds that yes, he can heal both, but not without a cost. Yeah, let's just say being temporarily deaf after healing two cats almost definitely didn't end up with him almost ran over that night. Nope. Definitely made it home completely safe. >->

[Will rewrite properly later - lost original due to forgetting to save]​
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