Approved Catian Valor, ACF-3473

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Name: Catian Valor

Anomalous Designation: U-3473 "The Traveler"

Rank:[Independent Asset]

Locations:[Redacted], L-2, [Redacted], L-14, [Redacted]

Age: Unknown.

Hair color: White

Eye color: Misc. (Subject’s eyes constantly change hues)

Height: 1.80 m

Weight: Appears between 72kg-77kg. Actual weight unconfirmed

Hobbies: See [a href="[URL][/URL]"] Appendix C [/a]

[div align="center"][font size="3"][font color="#000000"] (The information herein contained has been provided by the subject and is largely unverified.)[/font][/font][/div]

Catian Valor professes to being from another world, another reality he has since traveled from and through perhaps hundreds of other realities before appearing in ours. Elusive about personal questions relating to his past or his lineage, he has stated that he travels to worlds to maintain a balance, though the ambiguity of this supposed balance has not been cleared to date. According to the subject he will remain in this reality until such time as he fulfills his purpose and balances the universe and may travel on. The subject states that there have been occasions in which he spent the entire life of a universe unable to affect his mission, and only after its end was he able to move on.

Again it should be noted that the stories the subject tells are to be considered suspect at best, but several tests the subject consented to participating in have confirmed the existence of reality defying abilities such as: absurd superhuman physicality, shapeshifting or body morphing, matter manipulation, dimensional shifting and/or manipulation, and permeance at least equal to the stone apparently tied with the subject’s existence.

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Despite being in Foundation possession nearly since its inception, this seemingly innocuous rock was classified as a “Household” Anomaly in [Redacted] because of its iridescent sheen when handled and its apparent indestructible nature. Considered little more than a curiosity it often sat on desks as a paperweight, though fun to look at nothing else gleaned from its existence for many years.

Initially found by coal miners in the deepest layers of the Earth man had excavated to date, neither strength of arm nor machinery could put so much as a scratch upon the palm sized stone. In [Redacted] Agent [Redacted] revived attempts to damage the rock with more modern methods, and in later experiments even used other anomalies to try and alter its state or position. These investigations led to the discovery that the stone could only be moved by human intent, and was indeed indestructible. Furthermore illusory or even reality altering anomalies (a number of which are considered the most dangerous and classified) do not have an effect on the status of the stone. It seemed nothing could alter it’s existence, but that was not answer enough for Agent [Redacted].

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