Approved Captain Jaxon Tavos, a Patriot with a Cause

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Jaxon Tavos

Profession: Republic Intelligence Captain

Age: 34

Force Sensitive: Peace through superior firepower. Who needs the force
when you have access to the Republic’s arsenal?


  • Worn Uniform: A practical and nondescript uniform, the fabric has faded with time, bearing the subtle insignia of his rank.
    Alderaanian Helmet: Sleek, standard-issue helm given to the brave men and women of the Republic Army with a tinted visor and chin guard.​
  • Utility Belt: A well-worn utility belt carries essential tools for his trade. It holds three thermal detonators, a medpak, a handful of combat stimulants, and other miscellaneous items.​
  • Discreet Blaster Holster and Pistol: At his side rests a discreet blaster holster, housing a reliable sidearm.​
  • Heavy Repeating Blaster: A bulky and powerful blaster capable of suppression and sustained firepower.​
  • Combat Knife: Strapped securely to his boot.​
  • Wrist-mounted Holocomm: A wrist-mounted holocommunicator.​


Jaxon Tavos, a seasoned Intelligence Captain of the Galactic Republic, emerged from the crucible of the Mandalorian Wars with a tenacity forged by the horrors of war. Born on the peaceful world of Chandrila, Tavos's early life was filled with dull academia and learning the ropes at a military academy. However, Jaxon’s talents thrived when he was tasked to the field, excelling in both leadership and combat capabilities.

From that point on, Jaxon lived his life according to the status quo. He found himself stationed in various areas and even took a wife. Although he had experienced some live combat, nothing was worth boasting about. Just when it seemed he was fated to gracefully climb the ranks without seeing a major war, everything changed when the Mandalorians attacked.

Jaxon Tavos remembered hearing about the genocide on Cathar, an event that fueled eventual Republic intervention. He had long been a believer in the idea of Republic Hegemony, instilled in him by his parents, diplomats for the Republic. The threat the Mandalorians posed further solidified this idea. They were vicious and unlike anything that had come before, more akin to a death cult than anything. He recalls their fearless charges and bone-chilling battle cries vividly. One memory entailed a lone Mandalorian soldier wiping out a squadron of seven in a matter of seconds. If war was their purpose, then so shall it be for him. The smell of death that littered the jungles of Dxun haunts him to this day. The rattling of his heavy repeating blaster, littering clusters of red energy into the treeline, still lives on in his memory.

It was a miracle he survived. Naturally, his heroics throughout the conflict allowed him to further climb the ranks. Still, the Republic was on the losing side of the war, and regardless of the bravery shown throughout, the Republic was in grave danger. The intervention of the so-called Revanchists was a welcome addition to the conflict. Without simply retelling history, their presence obviously shifted the tide. Few were more heartbroken than Jaxon Tavos upon the revelation of Revan’s treachery.

From one war to another just soon after, the bombastic Jaxon Tavos vows to do his part in protecting his dear Republic. His new assignment and promotion to an Intelligence Captain now finds him working alongside an odd Jedi by the name of Aorri Besh. An unlikely duo, it is yet to be seen how the two manage to traverse through this new galaxy in hopes of restoring peace for good.

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