Approved Cal Qel-Droma

• Name
Cal Qel-Droma

• Profession
Republic Soldier

• Age (exact or approximate)

• Appearance

• Force Sensitive? If trained, list best abilities
Not Sensitive

• Equipment
Cal has the basics:
Water Canteen
Couple days of Rations
Basic Medkit
His extensive training in survivability, battlefield tactics, martial arts, and swordplay.

• Weapons, armor, gadgets
^Heavy Armor^
Phisk Shortsword
Several Thermal Detonators
Twin S-195 Blaster Pistols
VL-10 ST Rifle

• Brief character bio
Cal hails from the planet Alderaan. The Qel-Droma family is very prominent on Alderaan and has produced many force users through the years. When Cal was discovered to not be force sensitive, you could see the disappointment in his families eyes that he wasn't, despite them not being force sensitive themselves.

As soon as he could, he left home for the Grand Army of the Republic, here Cal devoted himself to training, becoming a better version of himself physically and mentally. He entered bootcamp as a private despite having the option of a higher rank due his family name. Cal wanted to make his own name and glory. At boot camp, he strived to be the best one there, earning higher marks than all the others except one, Moira Skarsgaard, a commissioned officer. In what training simulators the two had together, they both were top scores and were tied or switched between being first. They strived beat the other in friendly competition.

Once the mandalorian war started, the two were sent across the galaxy in separate directions, Skarsgaard was sent to order soldiers into battle while Cal was sent to die in battle. Cal's unit was a skirmisher unit, created in the desperation of the officers for something to fight the mandalorians. It was a light troop unit that would weaken and sabotage the main enemy force and engage any enemy skirmishers. Cal's unit saw alot of rough fighting that often ended up close and personal fighting hand to hand. In Cal's final battle in the war, his small unit happened upon a regiment of Mandalorian Neo-Crusader Shock troops. With no other option but to engage the heavy troops, Cal's unit leader ordered the engagement of the Neo-Crusaders. After a few minutes of exchanged blaster fire, Cal lead a charge into the Neo-Crusader position sword and knife drawn. Bloody fighting ensued and Cal's entire unit was destroyed against the heavy, more experienced, and better supplied Neo-Crusaders. Cal was found by post battle medics, once Mand'alor the Ultimate was killed by Revan, surrounded by several bodies of the Neo-Crusaders. Cal was severely wounded and taken to a medical site off world. In his infirmary room, he would be approached by an old friend, in secret, with a new mission.
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