Location Cafe Whispers'

This is an in-universe location thread.
Cafe Whispers'

A former bar now renovated into a decently sized coffee shop near the outskirts of the city. With the windows tinted, low lighting, and dark interior, it's fairly cozy and quiet; perfect for students studying or people wanting a place to gossip in a fairly chill place.

When someone first enters, one of the first things they notice is about 6 seats to the left of the coffee bar on the opposite wall, the right side having a "Pick-up Here" sign above a empty section, a barrier between customers sitting at the bar and the work station beside it; a "Pay Here" sign hanging over the cash register to the far right. To the farther right of that, oddly enough, is an additional dessert stand with a stack of papers and a cup of pens on top, a sign hanging down the front of the display reading "Order Here".

On further inspection, there's a taped sign on the lower right face of the display, reading "Place filled menu slip at Pay Here counter. Receipt will contain a nunber at the top, and order at Pick-up will include a number stand to match the number on the receipt."

The menu slip itself is a bit of a a lengthy sheet- Having a decent coffee section of brews, shots, and additional items like whipped cream or chocolate shavings, creamers and the like; further down holding things like smoothies, milkshakes, sandwiches, and a small section of deserts, at the bottom of the slip having a list of potential food allergies.

Booths lined the left side of the entrance wall, with a corner booth and two more booths lining the adjecent wall towards the coffee bar, making 9 booths in total. Each booth seems to be fashioned with maroon, thick sheets of fabric pulled to the sides of the entrances of the booths, a bar at the top of the seats indicating that the fabric can be used to close off the booth from the cafe. Against the walls of the dark-stain wood tables, save for the corner booth, has two small tea candles in a tinted glass jar, some sugar, powdered creamer, and small liquid creamers surrounding the candles neatly, and a lamenated menu closer to the entrance of the booth. There are two small personal lights built into the seats, located near the windows for those who require more light; the center booth having three candles located in the center with it's assortment of items.

As for the right side of the cafe, there seemed to be a sizable stage fashioned for music or stand up comedy, with a few seats folded to the side. The stage had a mic stand set up, two speakers fashioned at the front base of the stage, though other than a piano to the slight left near the back of the stage, it was fairly barren for other instruments and seats for players. On the back right, past the stage, were two doors; the left most reading "Personal Only", and the right most labeled "Bathrooms".

The door leading to "Bathrooms" lead to two more doors that lead to basic, single occupancy bathrooms, while the door labeled "Personal Only" lead to the back of the cafe where the kitchen, staff break room, employee bathroom, manager's office, a door leading upstairs to the far left for private quarters, and two more personal rooms were located.


Saide was always at the establishment it seemed, if not working on the floor when one of her two employees were off of work, then it was chatting with their customers or working on manager stuff. Some days, mostly rainy days when its slow, instead of the soft instrumental music in the background, they could be found playing the piano. Nothing phenominal, nothing poorly played, never a proper song. Just something to do when no one was sitting at the bar to chat or gossip.

Gossip; something people seemed to come for if it wasn't for the coffe and desserts, or the somewhat quiet aptmosphere that was enforced by the owner. The only time for noise was during Saturday and Sunday nights- where live bands or stand-up comedy was held.​