Closed RP Between the Lions

This RP is currently closed.


Story Collector

The existence of the library had been an amazing discovery for Adelyn. The grand stone building was home to more books than she’d ever seen in one place in her life!

Unfortunately, she wasn’t the only one who had the idea of visiting the library that day, and by the time she left her jaw hurt from holding it tense whenever someone got too close to her. She decided to come back sometime it was less busy, if only to spare her Gramma’s cushions. In her defense, she didn’t even know that she had the instinct to stress-knead!

Well, this time she’s gonna be more prepared. She’s going into this new Shift armed with all the information a library can hold. If she can figure out how to get in, that is.

See, the last time she visited, the doors had just been open. But now all three sets of double doors are shut, and the lights are off inside. She even climbed up the wall (just a little bit) and checked the ground-floor windows, but none of them were open and she couldn’t really see anything inside that would help her.

There must be some other trick to it! This must be a challenge to prove that she’s really dedicated to reading, and Adelyn is determined not to lose. Maybe there’s another entrance? Or maybe she’s supposed to shimmy in through one of the windows?

Adelyn starts eying the second-floor balcony. If she jumps, she can grab onto one of the light fixtures that stick out between the doors. It seems solid enough to support her weight, she thinks. And there are grooves in the wall that could be toe-holds if she was creative about it. This must be the way! There must be an open window up there!

She doesn’t think about the open road to her back, or how exposed she is, just barely hidden from the illumination of the streetlights. She jumps, and her hands wrap around the sconce. Then she’s left kind of dangling there, trying to get her boots to make friends with the wall. They just keep slipping! “Darn boots!”