Approved Beatrice Waters

Character Sheet Template:
  • Name: Beatrice Alexandra Waters
  • Alias: None right now
  • Age: 18
  • Appearance: image below

  • How strong their powers are: Beatrice can cause visual and auditory illusions. She can maintain them up to five minutes. Area of effect is 25 yards. She cannot replicate persons/ voices that she has not seen or heard. The illusions cannot create tactile sensation, or effect the world around them.
    • Shadow-Self: Beatrice can create visual hallucinations of herself, as well as making her true self invisible, forcing opponents to fight her “shadow-self. This hallucination has the same limitations as normal hallucinations, and only lasts up to 5 minutes, expending much of Beatrice’s energy.
    • Mental discipline: Beatrice learned young that she had to have immense control over her thoughts and mental state, as letting her mind wander often led to her parents hallucinating what she was thinking about, projecting her thoughts as their reality. Bea avoids doing things that would let her mind wander or pose a risk of causing hallucinations, like listening to music or staying bored for too long.

- Stun Batons
- knife

  • Brief character bio:
Born to a wealthy family in New York that owned a pharmaceutical company. Beatrice was always a bit carefree and reckless. There was little she had to worry about. She loved by her family and was regarded as a bright, intelligent child.

No one knows what caused it. LSD usage during her mothers pregnancy. Exposure to illicit health supplements. The tour of her fathers pharmaceutical plant when she was four. But when she was 7 her parents began to think they were going crazy, and between her mothers drug problem and the hallucinations she was experiencing, her mother did spent a a few months in a psych ward before it slowly dawned on them they were subject to the illusions of their daughter.

They were patient, but always wary of what was real or not. More or less her powers were kept secret and under control. Until she was watching Bambi in the car, on the way from a vacation in New York. And Bea imagined a deer. Her father swerved to avoid what he thought he saw (a deer running across the road) and crashed. She was the only survivor at eleven years old.

This left her to be preyed upon by the conniving adults around her. She never lost her carefree whimsy, but also became clever in matters of business and investigation.

Protected by her Uncle Amos until she came of age, she is now 18 and the legal heiress of the Waters fortune. She does manage part of the business and is learning, but upon moving for college in Pittsburg she has realized that meta-human criminals are causing chaos. Untrained and untested, Beatrice wrestles with her responsibility to helping others, and her responsibility to her families legacy.

Extra Fun Facts:

- never drank alcohol or done drugs. She’s worried any altered mental state of hers would effect those around her, causing them to hallucinate.

- wears sunglasses as she is photophobic. Bright lights cause eye pain

- does not have a drivers license.

- Always wears her mothers St. Dympna medal under her shirt

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